Fibber McGee and Folly

It’s not the lies that are killing us, it is the truth doing us in.

 So far 5 million and counting have lost their existing health care insurance and the number may go 10 or 20 time higher. Put them all on Obamacare and voila! The most successful roll out in the history of Communism, fascism and socialism in action.
The greatest scam in the history of mankind will provide free health care to 30 or 40 million unproductive people, system navigators, Muslims and illegal aliens, at the expense of America’s productive society. America’s taxable society is being coerced to provide insurance and health services to a very few deserving but a multitude of unqualified, undeserving people, including undocumented immigrants. Here is why. Transformation and fundamental change cannot proceed as planned without massive wealth redistribution and control of the economy requiring wealth and income confiscation and population control and that is why Barak clings to his precious plan harder than we cling to our guns and religion. If we would learn to cling to our guns and religion half as tenaciously as Barak does to his enslavement plan he wouldn’t have a plan. Until we do the middle class in America will be taxed, expensed and victimized by confiscation along with retirees and pensioners living on fixed incomes. If you were wondering what total transformation and fundamental change feels like you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg but you should be getting a hint by now. Free stuff is already subject to runaway inflation.
I am amazed at the pundits who are amazed at Barak’s lies. I’m amazed because none seem willing to connect all the dots and act as though they expect Barak and his minions to come clean just because they are exposed. Foolishness. Exposure is an annoyance that motivates them to lie better. Weak links are intimidated and silenced. Liars and bifurcators rewarded, promoted and protected. We are dealing with an authoritarian ideologue not an incompetent Democrat.
The Conservative message should never deviate or compromise. The free market is the American secret to success and there needs to be mandatory classes on Capitol Hill to teach Republicans how and why the free market is the only answer. We are a Republic and no other economic principles apply. Our Representatives have a responsibility to their constituents and to the Constitution for the preservation of the Republic, even when constituents stray from the country’s best interests to pursue their narrow self interests. It is not only okay to disagree it is patriotic and required when principles are at stake.
Obamacare is a device in the form of Trojan Horse diplomacy. When the hordes abandon the wooden horse they are coming to get us; not insure us or cure us. Obama should never have been sworn in as president once he revealed his intentions to transform the nation. It is impossible to swear an oath that is in total opposition to your beliefs and intentions. If he actually took the oath to defend the Constitution and defend America from all enemies from within and foreign, that was the first lie he told in office. After that it would take an army of editors to keep track of the lies numerically, topically or generally.
Our responsibility was never more clear. As Americans it is our inherent duty to defend and preserve this country. If elected officials fail to carry out that most urgent duty it remains for us to remove that official. There is an enemy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and American heritage actively engaged in our demise; it is demonstrably the President himself. Remove him or suffer the consequences.
The truth will not set you free. What you do with it will determine if you deserve to be free.
God bless America.
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