Undoing the American Dream

The open road was inviting and exciting; it was new and well lit, paved, clearly marked and straight as an arrow as far as the eye could see. We traveled confidently and joyfully, working as we went, a road less travelled but envied by all. Soon we let others lead the way while we enjoyed the scenery and the profits of our labor. The road narrowed…we travelled on; the road became rutted and unfamiliar but we forged forward. More help to plot the course is all that is needed. The road became dark and dangerous; still we ventured forth and paid the ever growing tolls. The road was unrecognizable and we finally asked, “When did we take a wrong turn?” A Voice answered, “You failed to slow and stay the course when the destination became unclear; you lost faith in Me. You gave the reins to strangers who promised a better destination at no cost; it was they who turned and you refused to question their judgment. You did not maintain the road you were given. Now your regrets fall on deaf ears. The road back is also clear and well lit but will you take it?”

The willingness to ease Iran’s sanctions against conventional wisdom, logic and peaceful considerations is only one more proof of Obama’s loyalty to Islam, Middle East culture and the Muslim Brotherhood. John Kerry is the perfect foil to send on this fool’s errand because Kerry is no stranger to betrayal. His disdain for Israel’s safety and sovereignty is evident in the deal he supports and his words to the contrary are only typical of the administration’s negotiation techniques. Iran has a loyal advocate brokering their cause; the mole in the White House and his messenger make fine-sounding speeches about supporting Israel and being tough on Iran but in fact Iran could not ask for a more loyal advocate to play interference while they play for time, delay, lie and stir the atoms toward nuclear proficiency. When Iran produces their first nuclear bomb it will have Israel’s name on it; the stencil will be provided by Barak Hinsane Obama and delivered by the yellow-livered John Forbes Kerry; (I think of him as John Fritz Kohn)…Kerry has proved long ago that he does not know or care how America’s best interests are served for he has never had any interest in that pursuit.

Cracking down on Iran by easing sanctions when his political fortunes are dropping like fly dung in an African outhouse, Barak serves the antagonist’s interests by exposing Israel to the highest jeopardy they’ve known since 1947. It looks like the puppeteers Barak dances for are not pleased with the potential set back the Obama Care fiasco presents for America’s transformation. Therefore Barak is kissing up by doing his part to keep the wolves away from the Iranian door to nuclear proliferation. Even if you don’t like the way I arrive at my conclusions, you can’t argue with results. P.S. Dictators seldom worry about popularity polls and usually punish pollsters who get erroneous results.

Say what you will about France; but know that the French came to our aid at two critically important times in our history and two critical times for Jews. The Revolutionary War may have turned in our favor after the French came to our aid like a midwife at the birth of a nation and the French underground was responsible for saving at least hundreds of Jewish lives during WW 2. When France stood up and denounced Barak/Kerry’s efforts to let Iran slip another one past the UN Israel knew the significance of France’s ethical integrity, even though Kerry was obviously displeased. While Kerry and Barak privately got their drawers up in a knot, American and Jewish patriots owe France another hat-doff. Barak was going for a purposeful set back to Israeli/Western civilization and France was alert and appalled; the second significant time for both Jews and the US that France’s conscience kicked in at a critical time.

French PM Fabius said Iran must suspend construction of its Arak heavy-water reactor and halt uranium enrichment to a concentration of 20 percent to win a relaxation of the sanctions, consistent with their ongoing posture; not spoilers as they are being portrayed, just consistent and rational. Even socialists have had it “up to here” with liberals and ideologues coddling Muslims to the detriment of all the French hold dear.

At this stage of our introduction to Islamic Marxism I believe it is fair to say that as Israel goes, so goes America. If Israel, left to her own devices does not survive this demonic effort to eradicate Jews, America will not stand long after…nor deserve to. It is a betrayal of humanity and civilization to abandon Israel; twice evil to assist her enemies. If we are insensitive to our Judea Christian religious heritage our quest to restore America will not succeed, even if we survive. Barak is betting that Israel, isolated and betrayed, cannot and will not take preemptive actions to save herself. Preemptive? How many times must a sovereign, ethical nation be slapped, kicked, insulted and threatened before the world takes the Muslim threat seriously? The shameful truth is that the cowardly, self absorbed world community knows full well that the Muslim threat against Israel is far more than an idle threat, yet Israelis’ long overdue response would be preemptive. The nations of the so called civilized world are poised once more to stand by and enable, then witness the wanton murder of innocent Jews and will not object or act until they are horrified to discover that the murderers will next turn their attention to them; and they will, God help us all. Jihadists have no allies…Israel has been set afloat in a leaking canoe on a sea of treachery and hateful deceit, the bonds of friendship strained beyond endurance and only a blood soaked treaty for a paddle.

The cowards and politicians of this world ignore ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass murder, human bondage and other human atrocities selectively but will usually respond with great empathy to natural disasters. We have eyelids like camels; the injustices of the world that directly threaten our security, sanctity or financial interests are like grains of sand our eyes do not feel or see.

I am my brothers’ keeper; so are you. I know many dear friends and valued acquaintances who are concerned for the welfare of others as well, and I can easily extrapolate that number to include the silent majority. Conservatives do not beat their chests when they provide for the less fortunate; it is an individual responsibility, not to be assigned to others. The world is not devoid of goodness but for now evil pervades the world and the meek await the promised outcome apprehensively. I say to all of these good people, the meek among them, that God helps those who help themselves. We can no longer afford to pray and wait for divine intervention for America and Israel; we must act to save what the Lord entrusted to us. We should begin by seeing to the removal of Barak Obama, the friend of my enemy, the enemy of the Constitutional Republic.

The undoing of the American dream has claimed many casualties and will claim many more…many have paid the price already for our failure to preserve the Republic, abide by the Constitution and to reject the diminishment of Christianity in favor of Islam. Lack of awareness is bad enough but lack of interest is inexcusable; especially from those who take our liberty for granted.

As our military readiness has been compromised, diminished and feminized distinguished key military careers have been truncated…An Ambassador tortured, mutilated and killed, our embassy attacked, his staff slaughtered, all apparently sacrificed intentionally and all investigations hampered, delayed and denied by the White House, then Secretary of State and gagged witnesses. Only the authority and power of the White House can make or condone decisions that allow these atrocities and then ignore the public outcry.

26 Navy Seals, our bravest and finest Special Forces members, have been used, abused and murdered…Pakistani Dr. Shakil Afridi, betrayed by this administration, languishes in subhuman prison conditions for fingering Bin Laden.

Entire industries and small businesses have been inundated with senseless, draconian regulations, impossible to navigate or comply with and still remain competitive. Iconic businesses and innocent people have been raided by heavily armed, intimidating government agents for minor or fabricated offenses or while practicing their preferences and beliefs.

Millions of Americans have lost hope for gainful employment in an economy that lacks the infrastructure to encourage and develop entrepreneurship; the infrastructure that was surgically removed to enable socialism to replace individualism…they are no longer useful statistics…or the true, unvarnished employment statistics might demoralize those who are statistically viable…

Suddenly Obama’s lie that we can keep our doctors and insurance plans seems superficial and almost inconsequential, as we realize his has been a progression of lies and misinformation to achieve his goals. Our Republic is and has been the target…America is being methodically changed fundamentally and the world is being transformed as we debate the policies and issues that are merely symptoms of an historic purge.

The dragon will not suffer the loss of an eye or claw…to kill the dragon we must attack the heart. Cling to your guns and you will defend your religion. Cling to your religion and you will defeat the attack on morality. Cling to the Constitution and you will preserve the Republic that succeeds over all challenges to self determination, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God bless America.



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