Pass the Pepto Dismal

After listening to O’Reilly’s tortured elicitation of the elements required for a statement to qualify as a lie I want to throw the book at him…Webster’s Dictionary or Roget’s Thesaurus or both and be done with it. Barak, the lyingest human being ever to have mastered the power of speak, has not yet crossed the veracity line according to O’Reilly. Is O’Reilly guilty of not lying according to his own definition? Or is he innocent by fabrication?

In my comic strip visualization I would pound every talking head denier, hesitant or unable to call a lie a lie, upon their heads with great tomes of definitions and English translations, until they were at eye level or butt to cheek with the common earth worm or burrowing to safety with moles and other subterranean rodents.

When Bill Clinton created reasonable doubt as to the meaning of the word “is” I thought my head would explode. But the august panel of elected, professional bifurcators took the testimony in stride and sat attentively with hands clasped, while the lyingest President in history (until that time) held class on English definitions for idiots. To top it off I think they all flunked the course and opted to repeat.

Nixon was impeached, of all things, for what? For lying. He told one lie too many, was called to task and resigned for the good of the country. How many lies did Nixon tell in his entire presidency? Nobody knows because lying wasn’t his worst trait, or his forte.

When Bill Clinton dismissed the class he too was held to account…for lying. Admittedly Clinton was no piker in the art of prevarication but once again; it wasn’t his worst trait or his forte.

George Bush on the other hand, told the truth and was immediately besmeared and besmirched by Democrats and yellow livered, trained seals of the liberal left media with “Bush lied, people died”. It is part of his legacy that will be with him forever and the irony there is that those who labeled GW a liar had to lie to do so.

FDR didn’t lie to the best of my knowledge (I was only 10 when WW 2 made him a fabled heroic leader). He didn’t have to explain why he denied 3000 Jewish immigrants safe harbor for their own good. He just did it. He wasn’t politically incorrect to hire Joe Kennedy to watch the bankers and brokers because “it takes one to know one”; he meant it. But he neglected to tell us why he established 100 government agencies or at least the real reasons. He lied.

So why, not all of a sudden, is it ill advised, in bad taste, inappropriate and unpatriotic to call a liar a liar when he has eclipsed all other pretenders to the throne and runs an administration that survives on lies? Think about it. Like a thread on a cheap shirt, once you decide to pull on it the whole thing unravels; that’s why.

Barak campaigned on a platform of lies; He lied about his religion. He heard not one sermon in twenty years in the pews of a notorious hate spewing Black Liberation Church; he ran as a Christian then threw the Rev. Wright under the bus. He lied about his birth, contradicting his own grandmother. (Don’t disrespect me by waving me off on that one!) He has two certificates and he’s not twins, both attested to as forgeries by competent experts. If he isn’t lying I’m dying and who spends millions of dollars to hide stuff if it doesn’t contradict his official version for public dissemination? Barak is so deceptive and deceitful that his presence is a lie even if he isn’t moving his lips. When Barak told the truth, boldly I might add, half of us didn’t understand the message, half of us didn’t believe he could be so bold. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical to him but he had no problem swearing an oath to defend and uphold those sacred documents. He lied with his right hand raised and his left hand on….well we’re not sure; he had to do it twice.

Most of us were taught not to lie and that George Washington was the exemplar of morality for his refusal to lie. I was taught that if a person lies once you can never again rely on that person’s word. I was taught that lying is a sin and they came in degrees of iniquity. We had white lies…which enabled us to avoid hurting some one’s feelings or protect them from unnecessary pain with no consequence to ourselves…more likely a nod of appreciative approval. White lies are okay if you don’t overdo it. Barak does not lie to protect us and believe me he is not the least bit concerned about our feelings. His every word and deed is an expression of his ideology and intended to further his agenda; an agenda that can never find acceptance with an aware, well educated and properly informed society unless he lies about his true intent. An agenda that betrays Israel, supports her Islamic enemies and ours, does almost irreparable damage to our military readiness and is shredding our economic infrastructure.

Truth and integrity are the bedrock of an ethical society. Christianity and Judaism extol the virtues of honesty and punish the liar; at least we used to. It is vitally important to remind you now that Islam, in contrast, celebrates liars and lies that advance their political intentions. Islam encourages their followers to lie for political gain or religious expediency. It is written in the Koran. It is also written that Jihad is the way to convert all infidels to Islam and kill all Jews.

Barak is a petty, compulsive liar; his father served in the military during WW 2. Really? He hasn’t had a cigarette in five years because Michelle would kill him. Really? Every time Barak speaks in public for more than 2 minutes he lies. That is pathological. We all suffer the acquaintance of harmless liars and usually add a grain of salt and let the lies fly by. Barak is not an acquaintance; he is our representative on the world scene and the laughing stock of world leaders. His word is unreliable at best and his petty lies confounding to serious international dignitaries.

Barak is practicing the political, far more dangerous version of lying and his methodology stems from his religious training. He was educated by Muslims and speaks fluent Arabic. His lies are intended to mislead and perpetuate a long term ongoing indoctrination of people who are accustomed to self determination and free market economy; they (we) must be transformed and our nation, in the process, fundamentally changed. His lies are accompanied by actions that have the exact opposite effect of the lying narrative. His lies contribute to the agenda of our enemies who long ago decided to defeat America from within, by turning our strengths against us. His lies continue the Communist legacy of deceit and unrelenting propaganda continues to turn Americans against the incomparable system that made us invincible by direct opposition.

The narrative used to transform us and the theme of the propaganda never changes. We have been told by America’s enemies, we can call them the Left for now, for decades, that the grapes we love are the cause of rotting teeth, sour stomach, faulty thinking, hair loss and cross gender impotence and only the rich could afford good grapes. The rich could afford good grapes because they made their money selling bad grapes to poor people. While the Left repeated their lies they poisoned the vineyard and slowly we began to agree that our grapes were not all they were touted to be and slowly we accepted more sour grapes and grapes not fit for consumption but available to all free for the asking. Older folks remember when grapes were plump, sweet and nourishing but younger generations won’t give up their free grapes for mythical grapes.

When did we as a society become so accepting of lies and liars surrounding us? We only decry lies that contradict our point of view and find ways to justify the lies of those we support or agree with. Part of the poisoning of the vineyard is the lowering of moral and ethical standards. In my book there is little difference morally when we allow lies as when we utter the lies. Republicans pounce on their colleagues not for lying but more often for telling the truth, especially if it is an inconvenient truth, and that amounts to moral hypocrisy. Democrats not only defend liars and lies but are perfectly willing to expound on the lie of the day and take turns repeating the lie with parrot-like repetition; and they punish their colleagues who break ranks.

The First Amendment doesn’t protect lying but it can’t avoid it and my point is that the left has been able to exploit our “weaknesses” which in many cases are also our strengths. The Second Amendment may soon be the only defense left to us to protect the First and all other Rights. The constant lying that guns make us unsafe when every statistic and the evidence of the highest crime rates are in States that have the strictest gun laws do not dissuade a government that fears and armed electorate. Only a government that oppresses its population has reason to fear the people.

By lying, bribing and political gamesmanship the Left have developed a sympathetic audience in a conservative nation. They have successfully enacted laws and socialist programs by being patient, persistent and diabolically dishonest, despite our insistence that we are a country that thrives on free market economies, self sufficiency and individualism. We believed prosperity achieved by freeing men to reach their highest potential would never give way to opposing systems that punish success and reward mediocrity. We were wrong. When failure is institutionalized and rewarded, blame assigned to victimization and responsibility transferred to the state there is little incentive to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take another turn at bat.

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice and I’m beginning to see a pattern…We are the victims of the big lie. The Left we are dealing with will inevitably introduce us to Islamic Marxism unless they are lying about that too…oh…they didn’t tell us that; it’s just pathetically obvious.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Demand he be removed from office and held accountable. Let’s not go down without a fight.


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