If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join’em.

So we have ourselves a dictator. You may not be fully aware of the new order but is there an American left who doesn’t sense the fundamental change in our country? Actually we have two systems competing simultaneously at the moment; a toothless Republic, a remnant of the once proud Constitutional Republic and an authoritarian, anti religious cabal. Congress continues to convene, ask questions, hold hearings and pass laws as they believe they should but the Democrats mostly find fault with Republicans and ridicule their efforts rather than engage them. Barak and the White House act independently, staying above the fray, issuing edicts and running the economy by agency enforcement. Both sides look forward to the next election; the Republicans because they live in hope of winning on merit and the cabal, prepared to win by any means necessary.

No one wants to recall that Barak came into office with the self assigned project to fundamentally change America. No one notices the religious persecution, the military decline or the hostility toward business and Americans who still believe in self determination and individual productivity. The decline of the middle class, the absence of opportunity and the stubborn unemployment figures are viewed as the result of failed policies by the Republicans, hapless and clueless that the White House views these same socio-economic realities as progress.

No one recalls Barak’s diatribes against the Constitution and Bill of rights or his senseless elevation of Islam or his protection of terrorists and Muslims suspected of terrorism at home and abroad. No one connects the dots to analyze the list of unresolved scandals except to get a little face time on FOX at 7 pm. And the clock ticks relentlessly toward the new doomsday deadline on the budget. Ho hum and la dee dah, now let’s talk about immigration. Barak has become an expert pretzel maker and he knows all he has to do is name the topic and the Republicans will begin to contort, twist and wriggle ceaselessly, like earth worms washed onto the pavement in a heavy downpour, hopelessly trying to outdo one another with a plan that will sweep them into contention in 2014. Barak is for open borders and amnesty and he is magnanimously willing to discuss any sensible ideas anyone has to offer on how to give him what he wants. Republicans are unreasonable and they have no fresh ideas. All they want is to punish the poor hard working immigrants and their children and spend billions of dollars closing borders that Janet already fixed and her replacement traitor-to-be-named will have a cake walk ignoring sovereignty considerations too. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…who will vote for me…

There is no accountability from the autocracy because they will not give the opposition the impression that their opinions matter or that they can influence decisions. America is being afforded a front row seat to the transition and a lesson on how the three branches of government are unnecessary and no longer viable, when one has all the answers. When Sibelius tells Congress to hold her accountable she is making a mockery of their authority and insulting our intelligence. We all know as well as she does that Congress is helpless to hold her accountable and Barak will give her high praise after she testifies. Besides; didn’t Marilyn Tavenner take the fall yesterday? Before you know it there will be a line around the block of unknown liberals ready and willing to fall on their papier mache swords, gaining favor with the exalted one, but the law will remain the 800 pound Trojan Horse in the room. It never was and isn’t now intended to or capable of delivering medical services to anyone. It’s about transition, transformation and the new order in America.

The only changes to the Affordable Care Act were made unilaterally by Barak for his own purposes and no efforts by Congress to delay, postpone or amend will be taken seriously. As Harry Reid is fond of saying, those ideas are “dead on arrival”. Not one Senator, Congressman or Supreme Court Judge has suggested that Barak has crossed the line of constitutional propriety and the law is null and void in its current configuration. Where the hell are the governors of states who claim 10th Amendment sobriety? The charade has been elevated to complete disdain, chaos and abject obedience to a deity that declared his own words and deeds supreme in the land. If Barak has the audacity to change the law as he sees fit with not even a wink to Congress, what does that make him? Dictator! What does it make the Constitutional Republic? Obsolete! It is not now and never was about providing medical insurance to anyone; it is and was about the most powerful central government in the history of Communism, headed our way on a runaway unirail.

The transformation is going well. We are almost 86% transformed and 87 and 1/8th fundamentally changed. I did my best to avert the catastrophe but now I am switching sides. Sometimes you have to go along to get along. You know how it is. I have been offered a position by the powers that be in the administration. I will have job security par none and a health care plan that can best be described as par excellence, at great cost to you. You didn’t care then; why would you care now?

My new boss is concerned that once he drops the pretext and assumes the role he was groomed for there will be confusion among you on how to behave in the new order. To that end I have offered my services and an agreement has been reached whereby I will organize a training program to avoid future embarrassment and unnecessary punishment. Enrollment will be voluntary but those who do not enroll will be subject to a modest $2,000 fine per day until enrollment is consented to. The Supreme Court will rule on whether the fine is a fine or a tax and we will all be advised accordingly.

When I get done whipping the authority-bucking, religion-clinging, gun-loving, Constitution sticking, radical right wingers into line they will bow humbly with abject deference to the esteemed leader just as Barak did before his betters; real heads of state and Emirs in Muslim land, immediately after his anointment. Good manners and proper protocol will be stressed in the school, in addition to the requisite heel-clicking and boot-licking techniques that will assure survival in the new regime for converted capitalists. I will be teaching from the Alinsky text book as I have no actual experience or knowledge on the subject. I do have vivid memories of times gone by…When America came to the aid of Europe and liberated prison camps. But I digress.

There will be some changes necessary. To assure the regime that proper respect will be accorded to your new ruler I have been appointed Czar of Reeducation and Attitude Adjustment. My appointment was made and announced during Congressional recess in order to expedite this most important undertaking. The Obama Department of Correction and Rehabilitation for Confirmed Conservatives, (Right Wing Activists) (ODCRCC.gov), has been established and is now the law of the land. The web site is under construction with Michelle’s capable direction.

My dear fellow patriots. It requires courage to oppose a dictator but to prevent one from taking control only requires that we get out of our comfort zones. If you take the time to peel the onion you will recognize, to your horror I suppose, that America is far off course, and unrecognizable as the blueprint for liberty it was forged to be. It is the culmination of 100 years of neglect on our part that brought us to this point but the concerted effort of one man right now will tip the scales perhaps forever; a man who has repeatedly told us that his mission is to destroy what God has created and whose every act as president betrays our sacred trust, our heritage and our faith; sometimes he actually speaks the words but more often he is the architect of the policies and treasonous acts that transform us.

If you do not fear for your country, for your children’s future, for your own security and the safety of Israel and Jews the world over I pity you. Do not stand in the way of those who refuse to let the great American experiment fail without a fight. Join Americans and demand that Barak be removed and held accountable in the true sense of the word.

God bless America.


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