Atlas Shrugged

Atlas shrugged only once as far I know; actually we have no evidence that he ever shrugged. Barak shrugs every time he sees a microphone, so he’s no Atlas. As President of the United States of America, once the uncontested leader of the free world, one might say that Barak has the weight of the world on his shoulders (just like Atlas) but we have no sense of that. Judging by his dismal track record, bleak performance and the state of world affairs since his presidency, Barak should have the weight of the world on his conscience; but we have no sense of that either. There is no indication that Barak even has a conscience.

Barak has assigned the most sensitive and critical positions in his administration to incompetents and while he doggedly protects their appointments he hardly ever defends their records. As long as they follow the script and don’t stray from the party line their jobs are secure and when they screw up badly enough they are eligible for promotion, convenient transfer or honorable retirement. All they have to do is shrug on cue when Barak shrugs. Nobody knows nuthin.

Actually these incompetents are highly competent people whose political and ideological views are identical to Barak’s, which means their performance is always contrary to Americans’ and America’s best interest. Their concept of government, like Barak’s, is in direct opposition to ours, which for our purposes makes them hopelessly incompetent. Put another way they are the ultra liberal elitists, avowed Communists and closet Marxists who have shown a decided willingness to betray our values, principles and standards of behavior for ideological purposes. To a man or woman they have exhibited a proclivity to lie with impunity, punish those of us who disagree with their views and sacrifice the brand, sweat equity and investments of capitalists, no matter how small, to achieve their goals and contribute to the transformation of America.

Because we do not deny free speech even to those who would deny us the same right, we are losing the war of words and a foreign concept of government is replacing our beloved Constitutional Republic. I would have no objection to Communists or other dictator-prone bullies attempting to indoctrinate our electorate and youth with their dialogue if we were also presenting an accurate account of American ideology at the same time. It would be no contest. But to impose their un American will on us the media has been corrupted. Criticism of Conservatism stands and is repeated with regularity, no matter how vile or baseless. Any negativity of the administration and its policies are glossed over or not aired and objections and counter arguments to all the inequities are muted or ridiculed with no effective response ever acknowledged. America’s great and proud heritage and noble purpose has not been passed down successfully to our everlasting shame and to our repentant regret. The First Amendment is working for the Left as intended and reinterpreted by the Left to deny us its true purpose. It is time for us to acknowledge what they have known for many years and carry the battle to them. We are the enemy that is intentionally and irrationally deprived from identifying Leftists, terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood or rogue nations as our enemies. Yet they have toiled unchallenged in our government bodies and institutions, wantonly murdered our citizens and military and destroyed our assets opportunistically at home and abroad for many years, unambiguously stating in word and deeds their intention to defeat us. But because they are highly sensitive, defensive and vindictive we dare not offend them with politically incorrect statements or highly volatile and charged accusations that would name them as our enemy. We have as president, a man who reminds us too often that we must not jump to conclusions or offend Muslims and we must provide terrorists with the protections afforded American citizens when captured; and he is every bit as sensitive, defensive and vindictive as any Muslim Terrorist in the field.

As far as I’m concerned anyone who tells me that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are flawed documents and he must work around them to bring about total transformation and fundamental change in America is the enemy; how anyone can dispute that simple truth is beyond me. Anyone who tells us that America is not a Christian nation and Islam has a long and distinguished history of contribution to the founding of this nation is my enemy. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

Barak is not defending his Health Care Bill. He is defending the Republic-changing amendments in the Bill which essentially change the character of this country and give the President extraordinary powers. Perhaps the choice of a Canadian company with almost no record of success in building web sites was an intentional strategy as some suggest. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps the hundreds of millions of dollars paid for ineptitude is really a bribe. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it will remain the law of the land in defense of the items totally unrelated to health or care, insurance or socialism. You cannot put smoke back in a fire. Barak will shrug, deny his intentions, defend the product and let the chips fall where they may. So far our chips are stacked in front of the man with several birth certificates, several names, several social security numbers and no accountability to anyone for anything….he simply shrugs and his peons shrug with him.

Demand that Barak be removed. His is a legacy of war against America, Christianity, Judaism and freedom. Remove his guns not mine. His are meant to protect his chips; mine will deal us a new hand.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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