Counter Intelligent

Barak has the effrontery to come to our country to tell us what our faults are, then presume to tell us he will transform us into a model more to his liking, then be offended if we demur even the slightest, then punish us for real or presumed objections. No Marxist he.

You can’t blame the guy when half the country runs interference for him, defending the indefensible, explaining the inexplicable and condemning his detractors. I like to call these sycophants counter intelligent. Svengali never had it so good. If you don’t like Barak’s ideas you are a nitwit and if you don’t like Barak you are a racist, even if you’re black and if you don’t like either you’re an un-American subversive. If you support the Constitution you are radical, if you support the Amendments you are a terrorist; of course if you happen to be a terrorist you are entitled to every one of the Rights Barak thinks Americans hide behind; besides our religion and our guns.

Barak is smart. He usually stays out of the fray and lets his lap dogs call us names and praise his record when he screws up. Barak says the economy is recovering and across the board, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, economists on the left and economists on the right all agree we are in a recovery; albeit too slow, perhaps the slowest recovery in history but if it’s a recovery we’ll take it. If you had a cold for five years would you say you were recovering for five years? If so I amend my definition of recovery; if you ain’t dead yet you must be recovering.

If you crave statistics you’re apt to wander into the weeds and lose your perspective on how we’re really doing. We’re doing lousy and I don’t need statistics to tell me that. More people are no longer statistically relevant than any time in my life time; that would be since the Great Depression. Part time workers are counted when we count how many Americans are gainfully employed in America. We don’t differentiate for statistical purposes or you might confuse this post recession economy with the real thing if we were told things in ways we would understand. If you are unemployed, want to work but have run the gamut of your options and are no longer eligible for assistance and every month you become less employable, you are undoubtedly in a depression; the rest of us are recovering.

Barak has a record of bad decisions, if you are among those who refuse to hold the man accountable; and a record of great patience and resilience if you see nothing to hold him accountable for. Then there are those of us who see his decisions are inimical, purposeful and counter intelligent…that is to say they make no sense to anyone unless you
assign Barak the title of mole; as in double agent.

Most recently his decision not to negotiate or even hold discussions with the Congress regarding the budget, resulted in a government shut down. Although he escaped blame for the shut down it was only he who decided that shutting down meant punish the most vulnerable, hurt small businesses and make a mockery of the process. The White House is still closed to school groups and visitors, Barak’s response to sequestration. But he accepts full credit for the benefits gained by curtailing the spending he fought tooth and nail.

He began his responsible stewardship by bailing out the auto industry and in the process confiscated ownership from legitimate bond holders and transferred their equity to his friends. Dealerships that were identified as pro Republican were closed…shuttered without apology, rhyme or reason. Lest we forget.

There is no reason or logic to Cash for Clunkers which sent millions of much needed, still serviceable used cars to the crusher. Five years later used car prices are still higher than logic would dictate. Our used parts dealers, legitimate junk yard operators, were barred from potential profits when the order was given to render every motor unrecoverable. Where did the scrap iron go?….check your friendly Chinese bridge builder who enjoyed super contracts in a town near you.

The oil spill in the Gulf? Let’s not belabor the point. Insult 1) Barak refused timely cleanup help from nations ready and willing to send heavy duty equipment for the job, prolonging the agony as long as possible. Insult 2) Drilling was halted; rigs left the Gulf and millions of jobs in three states were affected. Add injury) Barak gave funding and permits to foreign companies who sell their new production to China.

When he ran out of excuses the Keystone Pipeline deal was nixed “because I said so”, is the best I can make of it at this point. Bad judgement? Legitimate difference of opinion?

Fast forward to the indefensible, unconstitutional Affordable Health Care Bill. The Supreme Court went far afield to put this square peg where the sun don’t shine. It wasn’t dubbed Obama Care for nothing. There is plenty of fodder to shovel regarding the effect on the economy, the efficacy of the care involved, etc. But why, for the life of me do we not discuss the Trojan Horse aspects which reveal a far more cynical and unsavory purpose and is the only logical explanation to why Barak defends the ungainly failure at all costs…totally illogical if you hold with the concept that Barak just makes bad decisions. If only those who have not read the Bill are forced to sign up it will be successful; at least from a registration purview. If no one were permitted to sign up unless they can recite every add-on that has nothing to do with health and only to do with empowering Barak and depressing the economy, we would be freed of this Marxist monstrosity…maybe.

In his spare time, Barak the hapless Chief Judge and Executioner who means well but makes bad decisions, has busied himself with purging the military of Admirals and Generals for spitting on the sidewalk, burping in public or being in strategic positions and not holding with bad decisions.

We are being subjected to the most egregious confiscation of wealth since FDR became the sole arbiter of the price of gold. Savings and nest eggs are eroding for retirees at mach speed as normal living expenses dig into their interest lacking principal. The Fed printing presses are smoking as billions go to waste bailing out the undeserving, propping up our enemies and gifting private companies. We might as well air drop truckloads on Mars. When these kids who are cajoled into signing up for health care they may never need they should pray they don’t break a leg waiting on unemployment lines; their copay will give them a concussion. How do you spell confiscation? Easy. Encourage kids to live home until they are on Social Security so they can stay on Mommy and Daddy’s health plan; it will come to you.

A massive Right Wing conspiracy is what we need in America. So far as I can see the Right wing is not bright enough to have a conspiracy.

How smart are we if we, as conservatives, with all that implies about God and Country, don’t recognize and rebel violently against religious persecution? How smart can we be if for all these years we allowed the Liberal Left to interpret the First Amendment for us so that kids can’t say a short prayer before class in a public school? The agnostic liberals and atheistic, Marxist Left have misinterpreted the Constitution so that every religious icon is a personal affront to them and a “violation of Church and State”; the term doesn’t even make sense. And when we have a president who says that America is not a Christian nation, or the sweetest sound on earth is the Muslim call to evening prayer…that we should recognize the great contributions Islam has made to our development as a nation and civilization…Who presides as Commander in Chief over a military threatened with court martial to men of the cloth who dare to offer the religious rites during a government shut down…or officers who might display a Bible on a desk while serving the country…What do we say in response? When Muslims are exempted almost automatically from Obama Care because insurance is against their beliefs but the Catholic Church is refused objection on the basis of their basic religious tenet, the sanctity of life? When our Universities are required to hire Imams and reduce the number Christian and Jewish Chaplains and our Military is ordered to do the same, why are we silent?

This man, Barak Hussein Obama has left Israel to her own devices and imperiled them as they have not been since 1947. Why do we not see on our media that Israelis are preparing for war with gas masks, air raid drills and intensive training, both military and civilian? This same man has, with “poor decision making” made the Muslim Brotherhood stronger and more empowered than they have ever been in the Middle East and they are not the least bit apologetic over their open hatred of Jews and their stated intention to annihilate all Jews and “push Israel into the sea.” Jihad includes all infidels, if you were wondering.

We who remain silent will have the blood of Jews and millions of humans on our hands if Barak isn’t opposed immediately. His agenda is clear; our once great nation is diminished, economically, militarily and most importantly morally. Barak is not guilty of making bad decisions; he is making decisions that further his agenda and will result in this great nation falling from grace; our republic in shreds and our Judea Christian heritage washed asunder by an Islamic Muslim regime.

Act to save America. Our Constitution not only gives us the right it demands that we honor our obligation to rid our government of all enemies and it specifically states from out and from within.

Review the record. I have given you only a few of what I call counter intelligent decisions. He is bare and exposed for hundreds more, similar “bad decisions”… Demand that Barak be removed for cause…we have more than I can recount.

God bless America.



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