Coming Attractions

If you happened to have travelled around Europe during some of their harsher economic times you may have thought that villagers in the town square, drinking coffee, sipping grappa, having animated conversations or just milling about was part of the European charm. It is not uncommon in Italy, Spain, Greece etc., to have children come up to tourists to ask for a few American pennies in certain cities and byways.

When you travelled during more prosperous times, while employment was higher, these same village squares would swell with more tourists than locals, enjoying the local ambiance, buying souvenirs, taking pictures, gorging on local fare with gusto and abandon, spreading cheer with the almighty Yankee dollar.

Did you ever wonder what the locals were discussing with hand gestures, dramatic flourishes interjected with whispers and furtive looks, otherwise seemingly oblivious to their surroundings, during the bad years?

The odds are and it was my experience that during poor economic times and excessive government intervention, these people generally talked politics; concerned, frustrated, opinionated political discussions, assigning blame passionately.

They are more like Americans than we thought. As a matter of fact Americans have a golden rule; among friends, especially new acquaintances, don’t talk religion or politics; you can lose a friend or gain a shiner. But in the new transforming America, since Barak Hinsane Obama stepped forward, Americans are talking politics and religion constantly. Town Hall meetings overflow and citizen discussion groups meet regularly to discuss what divides them, often dividing them further. America is in a prolonged recession, feeling the pinch of a free market based economy devoid of entrepreneurship. In Europe and in America and probably wherever humans gather to form communities, we always have it backwards. If we took an interest in politics before our pocket books are squeezed and before our liberties are doled out from on high, we would not find ourselves unemployed, over taxed, called to task and dictated to by our inferiors. We invite oppression and bemoan our fate alternately with astonishing repetitiveness. “In sooth I know not why I am so sad. It wearies me; you say It wearies you. But how I caught it, came by it or found it I am to know. And such a want-wit sadness makes of me that I have much ado to know myself.” The affliction is older than Shakespeare, more common than bad manners. Too late ve grow smart, too soon ve grow oldt.

In Europe, socialism, Marxism or Communism is what they get no matter how they vote; it’s just a matter of degrees. They have government sponsored health care, early retirement and most of the failed programs we are now being spoon fed to put us on a par with Europe; a very low bar indeed. In America we used to have a choice. We thought either choice protected our liberty and cherished our values. Some Americans actually proclaimed proudly that they never voted for a party, only for the “best man for the job”, regardless of party. We elected FDR 4 times, most presidents twice and Congressmen stay until we name a bridge after them or their own party ostracizes them or they are forced to leave in scandal ridden disgrace. We were no better informed or educated than the old Italian woman, admiring an Italian Navy war ship, who proudly boasted to a friend that she also owned that great ship. She just voted for a Communist and the fish hook was still in her cheek.

We voted for Democrats and sometimes Republicans, who found justification in giving us government programs the Constitution specifically left to the States or the people. We regularly elected politicians, who through ignorance or arrogance or ideology incrementally introduced socialism or socialist inspired programs to a Republic that by definition and original intention was designed to function and prosper on Capitalism. It was like putting Regular gas in a high powered race car. Over the decades we lost power, prestige, freedom and self determination. We, the only people on earth who really did own the war ships, relinquished our control of government by default. Lack of interest or the willingness to take our responsibility seriously in good times changed the nature of our nation and we never complained until the ship sailed. Here we are, a nation transformed and fundamentally changed while we worked two jobs and drove as many cars, suddenly pointing fingers at each other, arguing vociferously between democrat and republican, liberal or conservative, desperately assigning blame as if we have suddenly discovered what is really in the Constitution, or not; and the Marxist in the White House is basking in our ignorance, spouting poetic patriotic euphemisms he knows we love to hear, while turning down the screws to punish us for our success. My dear, fellow citizens; it is no longer Democrat or Republican, elephants and asses…Now it is only asses and we need only look in a mirror to know of whom I speak. Autocracies give lip service to any party you want to swear allegiance to but in an autocracy your party has probably sworn allegiance to the guy that controls their destiny. If you don’t think America has become an autocracy, you may be right technically. But if you also think that our system of checks and balances or the division of powers is still effective or that our Constitution is the guiding law of the land your Kool Ade is cooler than mine.

We already have new laws or recently interpreted laws that define Congregation; it may be two of us in the former privacy of our homes. The Right to Bear Arms has been interpreted anew for us by the amazing Attorney General, Eric Holder, a repeat offender held in contempt of Congress twice and by me a thousand times; we don’t have that Right and he is working tirelessly to make gun ownership in America a thing of the past. No government or Congressional investigation is ever concluded. People charged with the most reponsible positions in the free world, to defend us, represent us or govern us, have all developed selective dementia. We not only have religious persecution we have persecution and subsitution; welcome your new Imam to a school near you. You will need a million monks with a million abacus’ to keep track of the lies, the scandals and the coverups just to get a glimpse of the magnitude involved. The arbiter of justice and equality sits in the White House like a 10 year old nerd with an electronic game, picking winners, assigning blame, issuing edict upon edict, inflicting pain and punishment, rewriting history and watching and directing the winds of change; fundamental change and the transformation of a successful nation to mediocrity and dependency.

Now is the time we must say to ourselves we have argued the fine points of political preference long enough, considering it is a topic on which we are sadly misinformed and uneducated, and take action. We are singularly successful among nations when we take action because our guiding document, the greatest blueprint for self government, still exists in its original form. The deviations and interpretations by political hacks for decades has not changed one word. It is our God given duty to take back the country and restore our proper authority.

Demand that Barak be exposed, removed and held accountable. We are transformed without a doubt. We are governed according to alien whim by an opposing ideology; but the fundamental change Obama espouses requires that a new Constitution replace the original. Unless and until that event actually takes place I will abide by the Constitution our forefathers crafted with reverence for the Judea Christian principles they adapted and defend that sacred document against all enemies, foreign and domestic.                                                                               

United we stand divided we fall. Abandon partisanship and ask what you can do for your country.

God bless Americans.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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