A Crisis for Our side

An agreement not to agree is not an agreement. The antagonist that prevented the opposition from realizing any of their goals is a pathetic, arrogant winner; there is no stalemate. The loser declares a stalemate to save face. The winner graciously announces there are no winners as he savors the sweet fruits of victory.

Republicans are going back to the drawing board only to find that they have no chalk…they barely have a board. Just as Democrats and Republicans betrayed the nation by agreeing not to agree the Republicans have not solved the rift in their party either. Some congressmen, a minority to be sure, are willing to end the procrastination and face the inevitable today, while the majority are praying for rain when they haven’t sowed a seed or planted a crop.

The Democrats are smugly confident that delay equals an incremental victory and virtually assures success in the next round. Debt limit raised, the budget funds their pork and the holy grail of socialism is intact and unruffled…the deal changer masqueraded as health care can limp along, misfire, wield chaos and most importantly confiscate wealth and impose hardship on the most vulnerable members of society. Dependency will expand and elections will be corrupted by illegal aliens’ votes.

What did the Republicans gain? Are they waiting for a congratulatory pat on the back for losing the most important ideological battle in 200 years? Are conservatives to be indebted to the Republican Party for avoiding a pivotal showdown? Will the Republic be saved when the next deadline rears its ugly head because we didn’t have the courage to fight for it now? Will Barak be willing to put his sacred cow on the auction block in January, February, June or July? I think not. Will the lull in confrontation give pause to Obama’s penchant for spending and find him apologetic and reformed when next we face shut down or shut up? Will Obama crawl back in the womb and reemerge as a fiscally Conservative American patriot, born in the USA? I think not. Obama has assumed authority and powers not constitutionally authorized and America has suffered the indignity of fundamental change without even the threat of violence or the merest sign of stubborn refusal to keep our freedom. The shot heard ’round the world leaves the world less secure and America less American.

Perhaps Ted Cruz saw his duty clearly; to defend the constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign now, not next year when we will refuse to engage once more and the Marxist will infect us with even more socialism, burden us with more debt and further weaken our infrastructure and resolve.

Barak is now more confident than ever that he can beat up an entire Republican cadre with one hand tied behind his back. As a matter of fact he did the dirty deed without having to dirty his hands at all. Just refuse to engage, withdraw, ridicule, blame and wait. It is a stare down in which the loser doesn’t blink, he faints. Faint heart does not win fair maiden’s hand and sure as hell doesn’t make the bully change religions. The emboldened Barak has laid down the gauntlet for his renewed priorities; guns, immigration, redistribution the Marxist formula for victory. Unlike our hapless politicians on both sides of the aisle Barak knows that one day there will be a crisis of epic proportions to quell the American appetite or self determination once and for all. He knows if we are armed when that happens he will lose and all he has worked for will give way to the rebirth of a nation.

Cruz chose a lonely path but a courageous one. He was willing to let the fur fly and chips fall where they may to start the restoration process. Republicans just don’t get it. It is not just about a citizen’s right to health care. The vaunted but already tarnished Affordable Health Care law will not improve the amount or quality of care for any American; perhaps for a few million illegal aliens and most Americans understand that now. An Affordable Care law, the debt ceiling raise and inflated budget are the chess pieces strategically played to capture our King…the constitutional Republic. Game over. The inane, ridiculous strategy to let the Health Care law fail by its own unsustainability has not one example to point to of a government program gone wrong that was ended voluntarily. To suggest that will be the fate of this law doesn’t even begin to address the real Marxist purpose of the law and shows a morbid lack of awareness.

Our founders pledged their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor so that we could live lives with no impediment to our potential. The concept of self government was the prize they sacrificed for and won with the blood of our youngest and finest left on the field of battle. They made that choice willingly and the tyrannical government they rejected objected with condemnation, violence and punishment, to no avail. 140 years later we squandered their legacy with ineptitude and lethargy and let the bankers print our money. This week we refused to see the error of our ways or take a stand for our principles when opportunity knocked. We feared a crisis we desperately need.

It would have been at least some small comfort if Republicans would have united and admitted that Ted Cruz is right but they don’t have the courage to fight or the will to win. Instead they insisted that his was a losing strategy and they preferred to lose without a fight…Does anyone believe that the Republican leadership strategy had a better chance than Congressman Cruz’? Not really; it is the war that would have ensued that they feared and I maintain that we cannot avoid that war if we want to restore the Republic. Without the second American Revolution we will not have the second Constitutional American Republic.



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