The Fat Lady Sang; She Even Danced

We have not settled the budget crisis, we’re working on the debt crisis and all I hear are the most partisan comments in my memory from the left and a Republican disbelief at the posture of the White House adhered to religiously and rigorously down the chain of command.

The house is burning and the fire department trains their hoses on the tool shed, a dog house and a picnic table in the back yard.

Yesterday a Fox commentator discovered that if you manage to sign up for Affordable Health Care you can register to vote at the same time. We have transitioned from “you have to pass the Bill to see what’s in it” to you have to sign up to find out what you’ll get…As of October 1st, the official non starter, some wide eyed uninsured liberal faithfuls are finally motivated sufficiently to stop campaigning for ObamaCare long enough to find out what Barak begot. They are in for a rude awakening, but at this late date how can any American admit to benign ignorance of such magnitude that where we see a Trojan Horse they see a pony ride? If it was filled with goodies don’t you think Nancy would have trampled over her underlings to breathlessly bring us the good news? Don’t you think Barak could have eased up on the lies and really let us in on a good thing?

Once more with feeling. Any medical benefits that may lurk deep in the 2500 pages of ideology are strictly unintended consequences. The two lumps of sugar, pre existing conditions and 26 year-olds covered under mommy and daddy’s policy, were served up before the official launch to suck us in before reality soured the milk. If you like your coffee sweet, stir like hell…two lumps to a country for a lifetime, that’s it.

If that’s the case, (and it most certainly is, my dear duped patriots) what purpose does the Bill serve, you may ask? You, we, all of us…just sold our souls to the company store; that’s what. The government now controls, or will, 17% of the economy…With over 50% of the nation now or soon to be dependent and illegal aliens given the vote, America for all intents and purposes, is irrevocably changed fundamentally. Barak kept a promise. The rest of the transformation, eliminating the Bill of Rights and negating the Constitution is strictly academic. Barak will not back away from the coup. Not to restart the government, not to pay off the national debt, not even to give Israel to the Muslim Brotherhood for sport. If he could he would build a victory Mosque in the Rose Garden.

I expect that one evening very soon some nearly enlightened Fox anchor will astound us with another discovery; Barak has his private militia, at least legally; it’s in the Affordable Care Act! The police state is more a reality than Americans could imagine in their worst nightmares. Actually with the transformation now a fait accompli, Israel stands alone in the world as the last bastion of freedom and democracy. Surrounded by their enemies Barak is confident that their fate is sealed anyway. My money, which won’t be worth much anyway, is on Israel. They still believe in God and are not politically intimidated into not displaying their faith publicly. Therefore and for other historically accurate experiences, it is not safe to be overconfident if you are fool enough to make an enemy of Israel.

So for most Americans life goes on. The sun comes up in the morning and the sun goes down at night. On an individual basis, to the average American, Washington might as well be on the moon. Just don’t cross the man. You can complain but keep it generic and not in public. You can go to church but not during a shut down. You can go to college and be glad that the government will tell you what to study and where the jobs are. Changes are not as gradual as they once were but when you decide to go in business, sell your home, buy a house or stand on a street corner with a few friends you may notice that things have changed.

Are we offended yet? Are we getting angry feeling misled, outraged betrayed? Not yet? What is it going to take? I am all of the above and have been for five years now, too bad I didn’t wake up twenty years ago or fifty. And that my friend is how we got in this mess. Here’s how we get out of it. Rebel. Get angry. If you are invited to a civil disobedience thingy, step out of your comfort zone and go. Speak up speak often and speak loudly. Pray.

America is worth it.



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