October 1, 1013 Fundamental Change Day

Fundamental change cuts to the heart of our assumption that we are a functioning, democratic, constitutional Republic. Total transformation was promised to us by a total stranger who learned his politics early from communists, Marxists and dictators. He developed an ideology that is foreign to our belief system and is now intent on imposing his will on our heritage. He is not alone; his entourage and superiors are many.

If you are beginning to sense a growing division in Washington and among Americans it is not your imagination. Nothing that has transpired since the official launch date of the Affordable Health Care Act, October 1, 2013, is typical of our normal political discourse. The government is not shut down over a budget dispute, it is shut down over an ideological tug of war. Perhaps some Republicans in Congress are laboring under the illusion that spending is at the center of this controversy but Democrats are more aware that our future will be determined by whether the ACA is challenged successfully or not. If conservatives fail to derail the law now the transformation will be virtually irreversable. We are witnessing, or receiving, a lesson in Marxist authoritarian government population control. We are also seeing one branch of government, Congress, removed from the democratic process. Instead of assigning blame and scoring report cards Americans should rebel against tactics that destroy our faith in government and the structure that made this government worthy of our faith.
Today the people’s opinion is not part of the equation. In the next few days we will see papal smoke and we will be told what our future holds.
All Americans were charged with the responsibility to be involved and informed in government or lose the privilege of self government when our forefathers chose to entrust us with a Constitutional Republic. We failed to live up to our responsibility and so we can now wait while Republicans and Democrats decide if we will be free.
Liberals and democrats who claim they are informed are merely indoctrinated. Conservatives who leave government to others were misled. You weren’t taught and you were discouraged from learning. Now we are paying the price.
“We are five days away from bringing total transformation and fundamental change to America.” Barak Hussein Obama, 2008. In 2012 Barak will not be held hostage by the opposing party who will not succumb to his demands before he will hear their pleas for reason.
I intend to have a good weekend with as little politics interfering in my thoughts as possible. I recommend we all do the same and get ready for a real battle that will be upon us no matter how the current debate ends.
This is still our country and I am still willing to die for what I believe. I also believe that I am not alone
God bless Americans,
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