The King and We

A manufactured crisis of these proportions serves one Alinskyism; in this case to accumulate power to one branch of government…one man.

 Five years ago a major problem that had been festering for 50 years came to a head when Barack Hussein Obama emerged from obscurity and was elected president of the United States. As president-elect he boldly disclosed his true objective as president. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

If anyone was listening, on May 14th, 2008, five months earlier, Michelle disclosed their ideological, sinister agenda; “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — “We’re going to have to” is the language of authoritarian government.

That should have been the clarion call to circle the wagons and reject the president and Mrs. elect with vitriol and animus for America’s exceptionalism and heritage; before he put his feet up in our Oval office and she commandeered AF One to take her friends, family and help on flights of fancy…or fancy flights; the Barak’s version of the family car. There is still an astounding lack of buyers’ remorse after five years of escalating racial division, diminishing fiscal responsibility and flagrant disrespect for the rule of law and Constitutional rights.

Barak is using this drama to put a higher barrier to communication between the presidency and the people. In various ways, since the advent of Affordable Health Care, Barak has been reasserting his supreme authority. He is spiking the ball, doing the hootchie dance and trotting up to the winner’s circle expecting John Boehner to greet him with a wreath of red roses. His is a victory lap meant to punish his opponents and every conservative American in his path, just when his adversaries think he might be concerned over a failed presidency. In his world this presidency demonstrates the epitome of success and couldn’t be more successful. On October first, 2013 the Republic of the United States unofficially capitulated to socialism and probably will never again bask in the glory of self determination and a government of the people.

Now that America can no longer lay claim to the things that made this the greatest nation on earth for most of our existence, like a free market economy that allowed our citizens to achieve their highest potential and the Judea Christian belief in the sanctity of man, Barak will use the remainder of his presidency to further demean and discredit our system of checks and balances, our religious heritage and any notion we may harbor that he is not the supreme ruler. If not in his term then in his life time he envisions an America that succumbs to Marxist rule, Islamic equality and Sharia Law at least on a par with our civil law.

We will witness in the coming days and months egregious militant enforcement of draconian laws and draconian concepts enforced as strenuously as laws in a police state. No more Mr. Nice guy if you object to EPA standards this administration deems more practical than current rules and regulations; ditto for almost every other government agency that may be self administered but the leash will be held ever more securely in the white House or the Department of (If you will excuse the word) Justice. Not that we haven’t been subjected to many of these indignities already, with armed raids on Gibson Guitar and farmers sharing their wholesome food with their neighbors. It will become commonplace for seemingly minor offenses by radicals (ordinary Americans to you and me), to be dealt with sternly and major offenses swept under the rug if they occur in high places among favored citizens. The police state is gathering its wits and audacity and eventually will flex its muscle like dog trainers in the barrio before an entertaining contest.

America, my dear fellow citizens, has been transformed. The fundamental change is being driven home for our edification and education. Barak summoned Congressional leaders to the White House today just to tell them that the rules have changed. The new definition of negotiation is simple; from now on you will say yes to me or pay the consequences.

There has been no budget from the Senate and there never will be. The government shutdown will earn Republicans a crown of thorns. The debt limit will be removed for good or “I, Barak Hinsane Barry Soetero Obama will refer to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, just before I burn it at the altar of Islamic Marxism” Poof; it will be done and Congress will eat humble pie.

If Barak leaves Washington under his own power, his millions of ill gotten gains intact, he will retire to his palatial mansion in Hawaii, a gift for service above and beyond the call of Marxism and live the exalted life of an Islamic Marxist idol, even greater than Usama Ben Laden, whose wretched ass he saved from an inglorious fate at the hands of the infidels he lived to kill.

Sadly, it is no longer an option to restore America. America must now be snatched from the gates of Hell, reconfigured and liberty re-won on the field of battle. Free men cannot be chained for long. When our faith in the Lord is our last hope for salvation and we acknowledge His design for us, we can rebuild a greater America on this continent, more aware of our beginnings and errors, with forgiveness fresh in our souls and renewed faith unwavering, what our forefathers tried we will accomplish.

Do not allow Barak to leave unchallenged. We have three years to put an end to his ideological, tyrannical rule. Demand that he be removed and held accountable. The transformation we expected and the transformation he brought are treasonously unrelated.


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