Closed: Due to Insanity

I am truly torn. Netanyahu is meeting with Barak to dissuade him from cozying up to Iran. It’s a waste of time. Barak is using the moment to distract from our domestic turmoil over his seminal Health Care Bill and determination to raise spending limits with no consequences to his agenda. The Iranian leader refused to shake hands with Barak and so should Netanyahu; I wouldn’t either. I am torn between headlines.

We are no more than a European style democracy, and our balance sheet is no better than Greece, Spain or Italy, only bigger. Now we are confronted with how far down is down. Democrats want untethered ability to spend and borrow, Republicans will cede the privileges as long as Obama Care is shelved long enough to give them political cover. The people have lost representation and are now praying for a soft landing, too bewildered to know what that means, destined to be the victims of political malfeasance. What is worse than the shut down is the political currency Barak will garner gleefully at our expense.
The last bastion of freedom is at the crossroads of ideologies; free market capitalism is caving to the pressure of Fascist initiated socialism. A 230 year heritage of wealth creation, self determination and faith based ethics lies in the balance. America will never fulfill its potential as a Constitutional Republic if Obama Care is not stopped or if we allow Congress to continue the charade of pretending to care about debt or spending. Once again America is focused on blame and fails to see the issues in their ideological perspective. Of course we are being transformed and of course we won’t deal with that until the horses leave the barn; the barn door is wide open.
Europe prospered and blossomed with America’s productivity and will survive without America’s impetus in one form or another. They admired us but could not emulate us. Socialism is their lot in life and the governments that come to power have no inclination or incentive to introduce capitalism. Most of the countries that exist today will still exist 100 years from now, with varying degrees of Fascism, Communism or despotic dictatorship coming and going. Ingenious capitalists manage to create personal wealth in almost any economic environment and without them redistribution, the bane of the middle class, would be socialist wishful thinking. Oppressive governments that rule over abject poverty with zero productivity have the life expectancy of butterflies hatched in forest fires or retain power by brute force. Dictators know that the rich can be managed and bled but the middle class would be their undoing, so it must be undone. Ours is shrinking rapidly and will not recover under this administration. We have hung out the “closed until further notice” sign officially but unofficially that sign has been in place for decades.
The Health Care Bill cannot be treated as a battle in a war we will wage on principle even after it is the law of the land and funded. It is the critical battle that may well decide a war fought on two fronts; economic and religious. The catastrophic end to this war means America may well fall into the hands of Islamic Fascists…not as far-fetched as we would like to believe, since it is an Islamic Fascist that introduced it. An honest evaluation of Barak’s history, his maneuvers, edicts and policies gives Islam a distinct advantaged position in our immediate future, such as it could never have achieved without Barak’s ongoing assistance or interference, as the case may be. Implementation of the HC bill restores Obama’s political clout, hastens our fiscal collapse and buys time for the domestic and international Islamic agenda to metastasize. Instead of outrage and a unified, determined movement to defend and preserve our heritage and the Constitutional Republic, we patiently await the outcome of the next election to restore our free market economy, undo the damage Obama wrought and restore our religious heritage. We are fixated on the First and Second Amendments, with some justification, but we seem oblivious to the fact that our existence as a Constitutional Republic along with our Judea Christian heritage is under attack and in imminent danger of extinction.
Our chances for an honest election in 2014 are bleak. Let’s face it, the amount of fraud in the last two elections was under-reported, epic and endemic. Democrats won when they had to, where they had to, any way they had to, from the presidency down. In the history of American democratic politics only two candidates have ever won over 100% of the vote in more than one district; Hilary Clinton in her NY upstate sweep of Orthodox Jewish communities and Barack (don’t call me Hussein) in many voting districts, some previously Republic turfs. Nothing has been done to improve the system or even reject past corrupt elections. We’ve been inured to corruption and are mysteriously complacent about our loss of freedoms.
Does it really matter if the government shuts down or if we postpone Obama Care? Obama Care is the law of the land. The pseudo President who imposed it on us over our objections continues to rule by edict and wrap himself in the American Flag when it suits his agenda. We have volumes of words and actions that tell us in no uncertain terms what he really thinks about America, but we judge him by his latest comments and ignore the past. Obama Care is not going away; our democratic, Constitutional Republic and our Judea Christian heritage is. Brinksmanship, no matter who plays the villain, will not reverse the trend. After the drama we’ll go a little deeper in debt and further committed to liberal policies and socialist programs. Republicans will vow to take back the helm and Democrats will ridicule and hiss at patriotic hysteria.
We cannot win an ideological war if we are not firmly committed to our own ideology. We cannot win a religious war if we doubt our own religious heritage. We cannot defeat total transformation and fundamental change if we don’t know our history; who we are, where we came from and why we are blessed. A continuing resolution will buy us time and Congress will waste that time sacrilegiously posturing for a better election result from a corrupt voting process.
The Constitution and Bill of Rights are available for all to see and study. It is not outdated it is outmaneuvered because most Americans have not taken the time and trouble to digest it and appreciate it. It exists as a testament to what we forsake for a different ideology; one we know has never succeeded in the history of man. Which American doesn’t feel the sense of loss and helplessness as our elected officials prove their inadequacies with astounding regularity and legislate us into a failed society? A document of 530 words has given way to hundreds of thousands of laws and turned us into a lawless, robotic society. We reward incompetency and punish success dutifully, taking to heart the promises of soap salesmen who haven’t washed since taking office; not that washing would cleanse what they have soiled.
All it takes to reclaim our inheritance is acknowledgement of the Lord’s Hand in our creation as a nation and restoration of His rightful place in our heritage. If you don’t believe in God you cannot deny that our forefathers were quick to credit Him with the inspiration for the Constitution, a blueprint for man’s God given ability to be self governed and to elevate man’s potential. Our quarrel is with those who believe in God but do not follow Him.
From this conservative perspective it is easy to recognize that America is the last obstacle to dominance by alien ideology which guarantees misery and hatred in life and false eminence in death. Like Congress Islam is exempt from the health care at the center of controversy today and the bankers and despots who are tearing us down will share their reward with Islam; and Islam, by their own word does not share. If you are looking for a friend by now you may begin to realize that you haven’t been your own best friend if you failed to participate in your government. The penalty is to not be permitted to participate and live as a subject in a world torn asunder by greed, avarice and egomania.
Demand that Barak be removed for cause, held accountable and removed from office. America was born when the government that oppressed the citizens chose force to impose its will and every household in the colonies had at least one gun. This administration is counting our guns and working every angle imaginable to remove them. Enough said. We have passed the point of no return. The freedom we had was won by the blood and sacrifice of those who tasted tyranny. If we are to know liberty once more it will not come without sacrifice, repentance and commitment; scarce commodities in today’s world.
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