Reality Check Number 58,896 or 7 and Counting

Stuff your ears with cotton and open your eyes as wide as the good Lord permits. The truth is being acted out before us as a deadly object lesson in Kenya. Perhaps those who were slaughtered for the sin of not being Muslim will not have died in vain, if only we believe our ears when they threaten humanity and our eyes when they execute their morbid plan for world dominance. This act of terror is simply the manifestation of things to come.

Jihad calls for the slaughter of all infidels. Don’t bother looking it up. If your mother doesn’t wear a Burka and your father doesn’t wrap his lunch in a prayer rug, you too are an infidel. Jihadists don’t leave judgement to Allah or teach us that the path to salvation is the acceptance of Islam, as the only true religion on earth. Jihad calls for on the spot execution of those who were not fortunate enough to convert to Islam before judgement and punishment confront them and are meted out simultaneously. Judge and jury are the Neanderthals who believe that if they are killed in the commission of their Holy calling they will be rewarded with everlasting carnal pleasure in the hereafter, X 76. You can witness this deadly proselytizing process unadulterated and uncensored on the six o’clock news. Too bad the Six O’clock news won’t tell us what Barak is up to.

Barak’s most recent blatant support of Muslim terrorists is his unilateral waive of the law against arming terrorists. His arrogance is only exceeded by his impudence. Imagine. We needed a law to tell us that if you give your enemy a loaded gun you are an ass and we have a president who can send guns and tanks to any side he chooses to help in a foreign war and he’s decisive. This decision came on the heels of Putin putting a blocker in the path of Barak’s determined commitment to depose the human ten pin, Bashar Assad. Creative little mole we have in the White House, wouldn’t you say? Bashar joins the likes of Mubarek, willingly giving up (wink-wink) his WMD for a kick in the Tuchus on the way out.

In my dreams of fantasy the betrayed, deceased members of Seal Team Six march into the White House and escort the current occupant, kicking and screaming, to Cuba, final destination Guantanamo Bay. Just before I wake smiling, strains of America the Beautiful waft down from Heaven and I proudly raise the flag in my yard to full mast.

Jihad is evil and ugly and it matters not who slits your throat; it only matters that you will cease to complain while your enemy jubilantly and defiantly proclaims that God is good; “Allah Akbar”. In Kenya, the birthplace of one Barry Soetoro, they call themselves al Shabaab and from country to country they are known as al Qaeda, Hezbollah or Taliban and I am not about to untangle the mess to find some technical differentiation. In the end they are either killers or murderers with the same ideological mother. They are sworn to kill and they have three primary targets; Christians, Jews, and anything in between. I say call them all Muslim Brotherhood, define the term as anyone or thing that wants us dead and buried, and do unto them as they would do unto us; only make sure we are first.

So far we not only will not be first, we are only vaguely aware of the true maleficence and insane hatred these people bear against us and civilization itself, or how truly organized and determined they are.Couple that with a sitting president who has a track record of aiding and abetting the enemy, extolling the virtues of Islam and demeaning the religious heritage our moral compass relies on to enact and execute our laws. Recall with embarrassment that we accepted this candidate who not only refused to provide us with normal credentials, but spends millions of dollars to keep them legally out of our grasp to this day.

This man with two names, who has preached disarmament as a military strategy and has diminished our military capability while in office and while expanding our military objectives, has agreed to talks with the President of Iran but not with the opposition party in Congress. That is the deranged behavior of a true narcissist with ambitions of dictatorship. I imagine the talks will open with Hassan Rouhani stating for the record that he is the son of the sister of Mother Teresa and will do us no harm. Iran intends to light the entire Middle East and parts of Asia Minor with atomic energy generated electricity, as a public service. Barak will inform him that aboard Air Force One there is a pay load of deadly red lines and no option is removed from the table. Kerry will compliment Hassan on having the most beautiful wife he has never seen and wonders aloud if she is a virgin; sort of a preview of what to expect in the hereafter, a present from Allah, and drone on to regale everyone with tales of his heroic war time exploits and how he almost got away with paying taxes on his lavish, very expensive, one of a kind yacht, the earthly benefit of marrying well in Western civilization. The United Nations will then vote and one of them will be declared president for life of the Liars Club. Ahmadinajad will be disqualified for telling the truth when he said Iran intends to push Israel into the sea. Watch for the secret handshake and knowing glances when the talks are declared meaningful and productive, if not conclusive. Barak will declare victory, Kerry will declare “whatever he said” and the Arabs will declare that Lucy is the most sought after virgin in all of Mecca and her football is a religious icon.

Shut the darn government down, please. Pray that my fantasy takes some manageable, patriotic, flesh and blood, constitutional form. Our government is the strongest weapon the Muslim Brotherhood has in their war against civilization. In this configuration a president whose loyalty and judgement are highly questionable and a Senate that marches in lock step with him, will not perform to our constitutioanl blueprint. As long as we keep feeding the beast it will continue to devour us.

Hold Barak accountable for crimes against a foreign nation…us.



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