See Beyond the Smoke and Put Out the Fire

The steady drone of Obama-scare debating is nauseating. If this is the democratic process in action we might be better off living a simple life of pure unadulterated socialism in a tribal village or a Kibbutz, where socialism actually works.

What gets my goat is that the argument over HR 3590 has narrowed down to budgetary concerns with a little consideration given to quality of life and management issues and in descending order of importance our Constitutional argument is no longer relevant. Now it has become the bone of contention over the funding of a rogue government. The concept is contrary to the core values and basic tenets of the Constitution and is not compatible in any sense with a Constitutional Republic that was founded on man’s ability to self govern and thrive on self determination. No argument against the law should omit that fact. From Judea Christian precepts only a free market society can emerge, and has, albeit under attack almost from inception. The free market is the solution Republicans have been unable or unwilling to champion or enunciate. As a freedom-based society we’re doing exactly what all collective societies do…letting the minority decide our fate as a matter of course. The minority in this case represents a vocal but disorganized majority; but a majority created by the liberal policies and programs conservatives allowed to permeate our Republic with insidious degradation. The dependent society has little understanding or concern for the free market system that provides the wealth they prey upon and they will certainly diminish and destroy in time by their ever increasing demand.

If Health Care was the only albatross we had to deal with perhaps a very productive, free market society could absorb the cost and move on. But government Health Care, like socialism itself is a means to an end and it is the destination we should be concerned with when we question the wisdom or efficacy of any socialist program, especially one as all-consuming as Obamacare. See the health care issue for what it is; a major, perhaps decisive battle in a greater ideological war.

When fully implemented it will tip the scales of productivity vs. dependency so that no conservative could win an election when so many Americans are induced to vote in their own narrow self interest. Out of ignorance will grow a fear that libertarians (extremists) will strip them of their “benefits”, including but not least their precious health care. When income is limited and the potential for upper mobility is nil, government cheese and meager Health Care benefits will be viewed as their worldly possessions and they will fight to keep them if not work to earn them. Unable and unwilling to think past tonight’s dinner or the next doctor visit, takers will not see that the gift laden socialists they elect will morph into the oppressive ogres that will inevitably take it all back. The fascists who preached redistributive socialism as fairness and equality will preach sacrifice and the virtues of unselfishness for the common good, to the poor that elected them. It has happened with predictable regularity and will happen here if we let it.

We can defeat the strategy to transform liberty into dependency by beating the new regime at their own game. Of course it would be suicidal but it proves a point. Imagine what would happen if we all agreed that Health care, food stamps, government cheese, education and cell phones should be free to all and literally all of us quit our jobs and signed up…socialism can teeter along with 47% of the population signed on but somewhere between 50% and 90% the plan falls apart and disintegrates, destitute and discredited. Without a breadwinner there is no bread.

That is why the laws of diminishing returns work against socialism and socialists become dictators when the only way to perpetuate their false economy is to confiscate wealth; eventually they will confiscate the meager possessions, labor and sweat equity of those who put them in power. When the people will not tolerate another tax increase only a dictator can wrest the last drop of blood from whoever is still hoarding or trying to hold on to their dignity. By the way, this happens soon after the top 2% have been shamed into giving up 60 or 75% and more, of their income. The insatiable appetite of government must reach into the pockets of the middle class and that’s when the fun begins to end. The middle class doesn’t shrink like a cheap shirt; it is comprised of industrious human beings, who when deprived of their ability to find gainful employment swell the ranks of unemployed and underemployed, together with the never employed and are forced to seek assistance. …you see where I’m going with this? You can’t shrink the middle class without increasing some other sector and the trajectory is down. The numbers of people no longer looking for work and no longer eligible for benefits are the dirty, telling secret this administration is straining to keep us from noticing as though they are invisible. 7or 8% unemployment my eye. And who will pay for their mandatory health care and the insurance for millions of aliens mandated in the law? There isn’t enough health care to go around or enough money to pay for half of it. The Health Care law is an abomination that has one underlying objective; government control of our economy plus our self determination; yes, that is just one objective like the white on a grain of rice. The government currently in office also supports all things Muslim at home and abroad but Muslims are exempt from this plan. We will pay for their medical needs separately. These issues are inexorably connected as is the global war on infidels called Jihad.

Redistribution is a benign sounding term for robbery. Robin Hood did not steal from the rich to give to the poor…he stole from the king…government…and gave back to the poor that which was rightfully theirs to begin with. Stealing from the rich who create wealth is counter productive and immoral and in America fundamentally unconstitutional. That is why it is always accomplished incrementally. Reasonable taxes are paid willingly at first but when they reach the point of outright robbery it can only be done by decree…like Obama does now…see where I’m going with this? Universal health care is mandatory health care and call it fees if you prefer but taxation is what it is; pay the fee or pay the fine is not an American concept. Total transformation and fundamental change is an act of war. The enemy is in the process of ripping off our arms to beat us about the head and shoulders with. They are beating us with our own laws, mores and weaknesses, waging war from our White House as their headquarters and every indication is that if we lose this war, this defining war of religious and ideological attrition, America may well be dominated by Islamic Fascist order.

The persecution of Jews has begun in earnest. Every country in the world sees anti Semitism growing and Islam rising. America would claim to be the exception but I beg to differ. Silence is complicity. The acceptance of a growing Muslim Brotherhood presence in America is complicit with the anti Semitic movement outside our borders. The total transformation we have undergone has been Islam-complicit and supportive. Why are we constantly cautioned not to confuse peaceful Islam with radical Islam; then told that the Muslim Brotherhood is a religion of peace? Thank you Hilary Clinton for clearing that up.

We are short sighted and sadly naïve if we believe that the struggle in America is any different than the struggle in Israel, Syria, Egypt, Great Britain or Somalia. The Arab Spring is giving way to the African Spring and our own defenses and borders are left unguarded by decree. The enemy that is pledged to destroy Israel and kill all Jews also pledged to kill Christians on their way to world domination. They call it Jihad but we must not allow ourselves to get caught up in words or titles. We are embroiled in a religious war and do not have the luxury of declaring all Muslims peaceful until and unless they strike at us. Wars or even small battles are not won on defense.

There is a Muslim in the White House, and behind the patriotic rhetoric Muslims are being served. The enemy offense has the advantage of attempting to transform us before engaging us openly. Our reactions to Middle East atrocities and the Arab Spring have provided untold advantage to the enemy. Our tepid at best and reluctant support of our ally in the region, Israel, gives immeasurable support to our common enemy. Domestic policies that deny our Judea Christian heritage and claim equal status for Islam as a religion while Muslims burden our states’ and federal government programs and propose equal consideration for Sharia Law erodes our constitutional precept of government. Who benefits? An enemy we steadfastly allow our government to protect, support and refuse to name or assign blame.

It is time for Americans to draw a red line and we must admit it has been crossed…trampled, to be honest. Act to save America. Seek the counsel of unelected Americans who understand our constitutional options to control a rogue branch of government and demand we take those steps and begin to hold elected officials accountable for their actions beginning with Barak. Mark Levin, KrisAnne Hall, Allen West, Brigitte Gabrielle, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and countless others see where we went wrong and are more inclined to have practical solutions than most elected officials. It has come to this. The people have the obligation to take back this country now or take responsibility for the hardships of our future generations. Join the fray; do not wait for destiny to overtake us and be betrayed by our own inaction.

Do not feel helpless because you are alone or feel inconsequential. To believe that misconception is to aid the enemy who wants nothing more than your lack of participation. The smallest act on your part may be part of a much needed and greater movement. If you fear retribution it proves my point. Public display of your faith is everyone’s right and anyone can participate. Forward a message that inspires you that it may inspire others. Do what you can from where you are with what you have. If you fail to participate you will indeed be ruled by your inferiors; more the pity, so will your children.

We will give up a system of government and blue print for human dignity that has proven itself without exception and exceptionally for generations, in favor of known failure and certain diminished capacity.

God Bless Americans; give us the will and fortitude to see our path and never stray from it again.



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