Sardonic to a Fault

When Democrats give us a list of Obama’s accomplishments in office I’m reminded of a condemned man admiring the carpentry skill it took to build the gallows he’ll hang from.

But what is wrong with the rest of us? We have had some pretty condemning facts to hang on Barack and in every case we tire of mentioning or pursuing these issues once the Barakers respond. The response can be a bold, bare-faced-lying denial, it may be a promise to investigate with no follow through or it may be a dead end investigation with witnesses gone missing. It may involve witnesses taking the fifth even if it doesn’t apply or Barak citing executive privilege to protect Erik H. when it is not applicable, or memory lapses from people who were appointed because of their sharp mental acuity. It almost always involves finger pointing and a sacrificial lamb or two taking the heat, like tossing a chunk of meat to a guard dog as an obvious but fool-proof distraction. After a while, we tire of the rejection or stalling and move on when the next scandal surfaces like a pie in our face. Yes, you guessed it; I’m a proud birther and I have pie on my face all the time.

Is Obama care constitutional or not? Do the states have the last word or not? Was the passage accomplished with unconstitutional chicanery? “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” was last heard on a Perry Mason series. When we ask for such a declaration from a witness it redefines the meaning of the word “perfunctory”. They don’t even bother to cross their fingers anymore.

One year after the tragedy of Ben Ghazi we are finding the perpetrators, one by one, thanks to a determined FBI investigation. Barak would have us believe he will keep his word on Ben Ghazi and bring the responsible parties to justice. Did it occur to anyone that he means justice…as in our criminal and civil laws, in our august wood paneled American court rooms? Based on Judea Christian tenets? And even then only if all efforts to cheat us of our traditional justice, as in military, fails…Hilary, Barak, Panetta and the usual suspects can go on with their despicable lies and lives…There is no war; we have delinquent street urchins gone amok; and it now appears that the blame game has a winner. The responsible parties are…. (Why didn’t I think of it)..the victims did it! Pure genius. Whoever thought that up will no doubt be invited to the feast at the end of Ramadan. Get used to those Muslim holidays, Christmas, we are soon learning is offensive to many and confusing to Jews. Every year the same old dilemma…Chanukah Bush or Christmas tree?

Barak and Kerry are the strategic masterminds we can depend on to rid the world of chemical warfare. Bashir has until 2014 to turn over his arsenal and if he has to murder a few hundred thousand Syrians in the process we’ll chalk it up to collateral damage and the price of letting Kerry off the traitor’s hook after his distinguished service as an officer and liar. It only took a day and a half to cut a deal and believe me it’s fool proof.

Today if you really have your ears perked up we learn that Barak waived the law prohibiting the arming of terrorists. Next day we hear that Al Qaeda is turning the tide against government forces in Syria. Do you love coincidence as much as I do? America yawns and the dots don’t get connected…again. When Barak says some body’s gotta go he will go; no matter how much it costs us. How does a president waive a law that basically says we shouldn’t give guns to bad guys and not fear the wrath of the people? Well we have become wrathless…whether that’s a word or not…

And the beat goes on. Change the meaning of words. Change the perception of words. Why not? Most Americans now believe the Bill of Rights decrees the separation of church and state. Even after we read and reread the document we docilely accept matter of fact, self serving, inaccurate statements that misstate the words intentionally. You can correct them all you want; they never stand corrected.

Does the Second Amendment really mean that only the militia can bear arms? I know Venus De Milo can’t…(blame spell check) but if I’m not mistaken, and I never am, Barak has the right to have his own private militia….as well armed and funded as our standing army. So if this ploy works, we’ll be like Venus DE Milo…unarmed. The Trojan Horse has fallen into enemy hands.

The latest shooting event at the Washington Navy Yard, brought the same knee-jerk reaction from the liberal gun phobic left, Second amendment betrayers, as always. “See what the gun did?” In this case a gun ended the party while the shooter was just warming up to his task. The only humans involved were the victims. Guns did the rest.

O’Reilly who, like me has never been wrong, insisted the forefathers dreamed up the Second Amendment so we could protect ourselves against guns run amok…Who knew? Thomas Jefferson, bless his soul, didn’t have it quite right…oppressive governments back down with a good tongue lashing; it has always been thus.

If you want the real scoop on the Bill of Rights trust our text books to get it right. Our kids can’t read anyway and they certainly can’t add; not facts at least. Whatever will happen if one of these kids gets his hands on the Actual Document or a true copy thereof? By then we may all be speaking Arabic and toting around our little knee preserving prayer rugs and the kids will all be in free therapy sessions.

The stock market’s on a permanent high; it will never come down like the Hindenburg. Certainly that means the economy is doing great. Who knew that a free market economy would do so well with half the country at the beach and the other half paying the carfare? The “Federal” Reserve makes Google look like fiddle sticks, printing our money but enriching themselves with our assets. Surely there is a secret recipe for success in there somewhere?

At least Putin and Barak came to a meeting of the minds on our American heritage. We’re not exceptional; we just didn’t know it until Barak told us so and now Putin seconds the notion. And for 240 years we went around saving the world, creating crazy wealth and spreading democracy when it was just a misconception. Lord knows we stopped all that foolishness and are starting to act our age…impotency is inevitable, debtors’ prison is our legacy and as God is our judge we have no trouble forsaking Him either.

There’s plenty of Kool Ade to go around so enjoy the status quo. We knew next to nothing about Barak when we elected him and now that we are getting a snoot full we’re satisfied that the icing and the whipped cream he’s shoving and we’re loving hides a real delicious cake beneath. Keep dreaming.

Employment numbers are coming down and that makes us happy. More people unemployed since the great depression is depressing so don’t bother with it.

There’s no such thing as free, we all agree…except Health Care, thank you Barry S. Oh yes…that’s his name. Barak Hinsane Obama is his game.

Extremists believe in Christianity, Judaism, patriotism and self sufficiency. Normal people believe that for the first time in the history of the world, socialism will solve the world’s problems and the guy with the formula has no designs on an autocracy.

Stay the course. There’s plenty of room at the bottom and we’ve lost our appetite to be at the top. But should you wake before the alarm goes off, remember how good we had it before we were told it wasn’t as good as we thought and get mad. Get really mad and demand that Barak be held accountable for the facts as we know them; the cabal must go, we need to reclaim our religious heritage, revisit the Constitution and rebuild a free market, Constitutional Republic on this continent. I f we have to start over so be it. We were worth it to the Founders and our heirs are certainly worth it to us.

God bless Americans; we are the meek and the earth we inherit cannot be claimed unless we give credit to the Creator and earn the blessing he has in store for us.



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