Communism Was Defeated; Who will Take Their Place

Cuzzin Dennis sent this reference and image of N. Khrushchev predicting our defeat.

Communists may gloat over our decline but they were defeated…or were they?

Nikita isn’t the only one who predicted our fall from grace. The list is impressive and includes proponents of socialism as well as its strongest antagonists, including several of our founders. Franklin, Jefferson and others were so concerned that a government dependent on the electorate’s vigilance could fall victim to the frailties of previous Republics that they sought to exclude alternate forms of government from encroaching by constitutional design. Their peers and contemporaries who preferred a strong central government resisted their entreaties and threatened to scuttle the entire experiment. So you see the seeds for our eventual “transformation” were actually left in the Constitution and it was up to us to prevent them from sprouting. Over the decades we ignored every one of the precautions and warnings and even solutions the founders provided and managed to thrive and succeed despite our poor custodianship for 240 plus years; at least outwardly. The truth is that our ideal began to erode the moment the states ratified the almost perfect document for self-government ever conceived.

I am not a constitutional scholar or even a dedicated student but every conservative should know that a free market Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles of self determination, cannot coexist with any alternate form of government. A government of the people loses its purpose when the first concession to socialism occurs. When did we stray off course? If your answer is when Obama was elected you fail the course miserably.

By the time Obama was introduced to us we were a constitutional Republic in name only. The will of the people was so ineffective that for many election cycles America’s political determination was described as a pendulum that varied from far left to far right, depending on the ideological motivation of the man at the top. Roosevelt drove the pendulum to the left, Reagan to the right. Politically motivated, power seeking presidents adopted convenient interpretations of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, imposed federal dictates and expanded the role of government. Idealistic, patriotic presidents, relaxed government expansion and let the people achieve more of their true potential. The problem is and always has been that socialist programs never go away between presidencies and socialists, liberals and progressives work to undermine conservative governments and candidates relentlessly, regardless of who happens to occupy the White House. Our Conservative origins proceeded through history losing ground on balance, from the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson till radical liberals and media sycophants engaged in the programmed discrediting of George W. Bush. Obama and his minions present a far more sinister outcome than Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater or any of our founders imagined on their most pessimistic day.

Look across the sea to Europe and then to the Middle East. Countries that embrace or tolerate Socialism all have failing economies, without exception. Within the European Socialist economies there are always examples of human endurance and ingenious achievement. These countries compete until the laws of mathematics and human dignity no longer tolerate the disparity between the haves and have-not’s, the producers and the dependents. Socialism is a gradual imbalance of opportunity and responsibility. By necessity, as the scales of injustice breed ever widening discontent, governments become more oppressive, confiscatory and intolerant.

Compared to the relative freedom enjoyed by most Europeans, predominantly Muslim countries depend on religious fanaticism to control their populations and freedom is an uncommon commodity. Women are relegated to subjugation and total dependence on the necessities and whims of the families and men that dominate them; they are chattel and objects of passing carnal indulgence. The least influential or productive of men enjoy total, unrestricted, religiously ordained, politically protected dominance over the women in their ancient society and in turn their government or ruler exercises the same dominance over them.

There are a few things we had better take into account if you believe in the forefathers’ blueprint for human dignity and achievement; something the majority will say they believe in but only a very small minority will defend at all costs. Begin to hold our public figures accountable for words, deeds and past affiliations or Socialism will be the least of our concerns. When a man’s past affiliations are reflected in his deeds and his words do not match the results we experience he is abusing the authority we placed in him, albeit ill advisedly. I’ll get to Barak in a moment but I am referring to our 535 elected officials. Our forefathers intended for the representatives of the people to serve a while, then return to their principal occupations. They saw no scenario in which our elected officials would become permanent fixtures and not be subjected to the laws they enact which they are duty bound to uphold.

When an oppressive, domineering government is no longer constrained by the law of the land and seeks to use or abuse our Bill of Rights selectively only to achieve their own ends and Congress is inclined to cooperate with, rather than challenge the other branches of government, Socialism is not our biggest concern.

When our historic, fundamental religious heritage is challenged and competitively, intentionally disadvantaged, socialism is not the culprit we should look to or the result we should reject. When Islam declares our Judea Christian religions ungodly and unworthy of coexisting with them we are commanded by our faith to reject their protestations; when government cooperates and encourages Islamic demands for equality, socialism is not the ideology looming in our future.

If you are oblivious to the dramatic increase of non assimilated Islamic Muslims taking up residence in every cranny in every state we have, pressing our courts and legislators to consider Sharia Law when enforcing our civil laws and burdening our public services to the max, the burka clad women and the men in their families are not interested in socializing America; they are burdening our socialist programs to overwhelm America methodically. The stated mission of the religion they hold holy is the conversion, domination or murder of all who do not convert and praise

Allah; the other part of that quasi religious organization is political and its goal is to impose Fascist rule by transforming our society. Not coincidentally that is the stated intention of the man in the White House, Barak Hinsane Obama, aka Barry Soetoro and it is not a socialist model my friends. It is the imposition of socialism as a tool to achieve autocracy or a reformed democracy in which elections are purely perfunctory and always predictable.

If the pattern of deception, bifurcation and misdirection is not yet obvious to you, you may not be inconvenienced or opposed to the Islamic Fascism applied incrementally, to which we are fully expected to be inured before we rebel. Not I. I rebel for all of you, for myself and for our future Americans. Socialism is not the end game my foolish friends, it is merely the scented path that steepens with each concession. When the scent becomes a rancid, fetid, burning odor, the path will be too steep to reverse; the destination is Hell on earth or an impoverished, Islamic Fascist ruled America.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His are the weapons that uphold oppression; mine are to defend the will of the people to defeat oppression.



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