Peace is Won Not Declared 9 11 01

Our minds and hearts go back to the attack on the Twin Towers today. 9 11 has become synonymous with that terror attack and we should be mindful that our enemies also celebrate this date and will remain hopeful that they can strike a significant blow against us every anniversary.

I set this day aside as a day of prayer for the lives that were lost in terror attacks since the Muslim Brotherhood declared war on humanity and specifically against Christianity and Judaism, in 1928

We mustn’t let Ben Ghazi fade from our memory any more than the first attack on the Twin Towers, the Fort Hood Massacre or the 70 or more attacks we now attribute to Muslim extremism…terrorism by any other name, almost every one sponsored by or initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood; each one an act of war we refused to acknowledge as such, until September 11, 2001. We were wrong to seek revenge against one man and one group but we were justified in retaliation.

America is the embodiment of Judea Christian law in practice and as such stands in direct opposition to the political goals of an organization that uses religious zeal to wage terror, instigate war and control the minds and hearts of nations with the specific intention to eliminate all religions in the world, save Islam.

I pray that Americans will soon recognize who and what the enemy is and demand that our government concentrate our resources to preserve our Judea Christian heritage and denounce and defeat any who seek to impose their beliefs in preference to ours. The Muslim Brotherhood is the sponsor of Jihad and that defines our involvement in a religious war that we are fighting as though the enemy cannot be identified and is anything but a religious war.

Use this day to come to terms with the reality of our times. The most important thing we can do in a religious war is confirm our faith. Restore our Judea Christian values, worship openly and let no man dictate to us how we should celebrate our faith.

We must vow to restrict our involvement in the affairs and wars of foreign countries unless the objective is to diminish and defeat a common enemy; only then will we engage when it is in America’s security and national interest.

Use this day to declare to all that we will no longer tolerate a government that refuses to acknowledge or even call the enemy by its rightful name…Islamic Terrorists. Begin to win our battle by getting the enemy out of the White House so we can end the Muslim Brotherhood threat once and for all. This is my prayer.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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