Burst the Bubble of Deceit

When our enemies are more credible than our own government check the seams on our balloon.

I am aware that my interpretation of Barak’s meteoric rise to power is not universally accepted. As a matter fact the prognosis that he arrived on the shoulders of a well planned cabal is a narrowly held minority opinion and I don’t exclude the possibility that I am virtually alone in that belief.
So think of it as fiction but allow me to make my case one glaring example at a time. Barak is not a domestic product.
The Syrian debacle can be analyzed better now that the international community has weighed in. Considering the credibility quotient of spokespersons on both sides of the issue, we are actually challenged to accept Barak’s ever changing positions or the consistent, unequivocating position of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Putin speaks for Russia and occasionally a diplomat or Peskov will chime in. You never get a parade of sycophants, party loyalists, Cabinet members and ex cabinet members, no matter how discredited they may be, bellying up to the dais to make a case for Putin’s inadequacies.
Barak dusted off Hilary and Rice, disgraced non apologists of the Benghazi cover up and there is no shortage of  bold faced, unapologetic defenders of the indefensible, taking their turn at our credibility factor trying to sell us what more and more appears to be a bag of soiled goods.
Today, God help us all, Putin and Assad are more credible than Barak, Kerry, Clinton, Rice and Pelosi et al. to our morbid embarrassment. Our liars club professionals have the joined credibility of a Springer Spaniel wagging his tail furiously, dancing around a fresh deposit of internally processed Alpo.
Vladimir has condemned the Muslin Brotherhood consistently, in no uncertain terms, completely frank and devoid of political correctness. “Not in Russia and not on my watch”. Putin warned the world community that Christianity is under assault in the Middle East and even had a word of caution for American Islamic tolerance.
Assad says that he is fighting to keep Syria a secular government. Maaloulan Christians, under threat of death and subjected to torched churches by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, side with Assad. McCain, Kerry and other laughable to the verge of tears hawks call the anti government troops freedom fighters, opposition forces or rebels. When pressed, our liar’s club professionals will give us minimal percentages of Al Qaeda’s minuscule involvement but I have yet to hear one of these shamsters refer to the Muslim Brotherhood as the likely victors. Fact. That’s what Mubarek, Ghadafi, Hussein and others fought most of their lives in office, so why not Assad? It is not a simple rebellion against a cruel dictator when you peal the onion back. If we understand the dynamics in the Middle East we must conclude that dictators are the lesser of two evils and the Muslim Brotherhood is the unthinkable Devil’s advocate that seeks to devour the entire Middle East as an appetizer and prelude to the main course…the rest of the world. Putin isn’t afraid to tell the world what he thinks of the Muslim Brotherhood and he backs up his talk with action. Like it or not he arms his friends in Russia’s best interest and it is becoming more apparent every day that Barak is doing the same; arming his friends against our best interest. The irony of all ironies will be if Russia is the instrumental force that ultimately leads to the defeat of the greatest threat against civilization and helps eliminate the threat of Judea Christian extinction and inadvertently exposes a cabal in our midst.
Fact: From the moment Barak felt he would be ordained as President he began his campaign to elevate Islam and cast aspersions on our Christian heritage. He began his presidency with a Middle East tour, bowing to Muslim potentates and apologizing for American exceptionalism. Is that Fiction?
He lauded the Arab Spring and supported every rebel uprising calling for the removal of each dictator. Five Arab countries have been liberated from their dictators since the advent of the Arab Spring, but none of them has managed to replace its despot with better alternatives. All of them are demonstrably worse off. Fact.
The Arab Spring and our interference has seen the greatest rise of the Muslim Brotherhood politically and militarily since their inception and virtually all of the terrorism the world endures since 1928 can be traced to their filthy tent. Fact.
Fact: We back the rebels in every case and Russia stands with dictators. When do we begin to question the motives and wisdom behind our choices and actions?
Obama painted himself into a corner on Syria and passed the baton of responsibility to Congress, guessing that historically Congress ceded to the president that which they consider his. But he got whipsawed by public opinion and Congress was on the verge of giving Barak a major thumbs down, rendering the incumbent a lame duck. From our naive perspective it can be said that Putin rode to the rescue with a plan to turn over Assad’s chemical weapons to international controls and Assad quickly agreed. Logical behavior if you buy their version of events, that the use of chemical weapons was a ploy by Al Qaeda to draw America into the fray. Israel also cautioned that might be the case. If Barak simply wanted to assure the world that Chemical weapons were secured he would embrace the idea and enjoy an undeserved victory lap. But no.
It would be impossible to turn down Russia/Syria’s offer and still keep us believing his motives are purely altruistic, so he cast some doubt and took as much credit as possible by saying it was his threat of violence that spawned this huge concession and the players cannot be trusted without reservations.
So how does Barak prove me right? The acid test is simple. Barak claims he made up his mind to bomb Syria but patriotically chose to give Congress the last word and maintained that the decision was not time sensitive. We could bomb tomorrow, next week or next month…Whenever Congress gives the green light. The Russian solution just changed all that. Kerry is willing to wait while the plan to turn over the gas unfolds, but “we’re not waiting for long”. We may bomb sooner than we thought.
That is a dead give away that Barak’s motives are no different than his imperative in Libya or Egypt. His is to topple the obstacle to Muslim insertion in the political mix when the chaos in the aftermath leaves a vacuum of power at the top. Assad must go just as Ghadafi and  Mubarek did, to make way for Muslim democracy.
An American president would have seen the pattern since Ali and Hussein, gone back to the drawing board and acted in America’s best interest; call off the dogs and pursue a political solution while the climate is right. Tell me when Barak has done that with certainty. America has been invaded. We are the unwitting staging platform and finance, influence and political resource for the Muslim Brotherhood. If their plans to dominate the Middle East, destroy Israel and transform America are successful America will become an Islamic Fascist autocracy or at best a captive democracy in which all elections have the same results.
Perhaps the time has come to fight the war of our choosing and not the wars that we are drawn into. The Muslim Brotherhood must be defeated militarily and outlawed in all civilized countries. Let America lead the way once more.
Act to save our Constitutional Republic. Demand that our representatives see this administration for what they are and recognize that we are victims of a cabal.
Call for Obama’s removal and hold him accountable. Reserve impeachmnet for legally elected officials.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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