We Are the Marginalized Heirs of a Government of the People

I am outraged to the brink of danger from internal spontaneous combustion. But before my anger immolates me or I otherwise lose my composure completely let me say that I will not be swayed by emotional blackmail. How low can you go! Evidently there are no limits to the depths of degradation these politicians will sink to sway the American public to agree with their insane preferences over our objections. It matters not that 70% of the American public have made their wishes known emphatically or that the international community has turned their back on our peevish desire to wreak pain and suffering on a hapless population to prove we haven’t lost our manhood. But have we lost our humanity? We are being inundated with gratuitous images of dead Syrians and make no mistake; we are intentionally being  shown lifeless children and whenever possible we are being subjected to writhing humans in the death throes of chemical torture. To say it doesn’t tug at our heart strings and prompt us to take action would deny our long proud heritage of human kindness but for America to monitor world morality requires a strong leader and what we have is a strong Muslim advocate. We simply cannot trust Barak to conduct military operations in the Middle East. His bias toward Islam over American interests is the major contributing factor of our loss of prestige and influence on the world scene and our flailing economy at home.

We, who were considered too sensitive to view the remains of public enemy number one, images we would have recoiled from but would gladly have endured to put closure on an ugly episode in our history, are now being subjected to a steady diet of grotesque imagery. One man kept us from having the satisfaction of seeing the enemy who wantonly killed thousands of innocent Americans and taught his followers to kill as many Americans as possible, defeated and dealt with forthrightly. We were deprived of that glimmer of satisfaction because Barak was duty bound to provide Usama bin Laden with a dignified Muslim ritualistic burial at sea, his inanimate body bathed and swathed in a clean shroud, to make a martyr of him. His reluctance to punish Muslims underscores his presidency. He was absolutely embarrassed into giving the go ahead to ambush bin Laden but having no alternative, he took credit for the episode. After a Muslim terrorist attack his public admonition of ‘don’t jump to conclusions’ was all Barak could muster and Hassan was promoted to Major before finally be adjudged guilty of the mass murder of unsuspecting, innocent fellow servicemen. We weretold that no matter what the perpetrator said or did his dastardly act was simply “work place violence.” We probably will never hear the truth from Barak or any responsible party on Ben Ghazi, now one year in passed. You did see the remains of our mutilated, sodomized Ambassador and other victims in the attack, did you not? The images of our casualties gives the enemy recruitment and encouragement.
Will we allow our government to respond to one atrocity with another on, of all turncoats, John Kerry’s assurance that it will be a contained operation? If it has no value or suits no national purpose does restricting the scope and duration matter a whit? Has Barak kept his word on any subject much less on international affairs? Is the man who condemns America’s proud military heritage expected to elevate our international posture by selective moral indignation? No one with an ounce of brains believes there is a valid objective to our madness other than to save face for Obama, when for all intents and purposes he has no “face” to save. I beg to differ; America’s reputation is not at stake. What is left of our dignity will be flushed down the toilet by one more act of aggression by a president who has shown utter disregard for our international reputation in favor of his ideological purposes.
The mission we claim we wish to accomplish is a fool’s errand, nothing more. The only possible beneficiary will be the Muslim Brotherhood, once more. Evidently we prefer that Assad kill his citizens by more humane methods but we don’t object to their slaughter. No military commander, who has not replaced his patriotic fervor with bipartisan ambition will give this ill conceived plan or lack thereof, his backing. To sacrifice one more American life to prove a point long past proving is an atrocity in itself.
If we are determined to end terrorism and the murder of innocent civilians, including Americans, Israelis and Syrians, we should issue a joint statement with our staunch and wise ally, Israel, that unless Assad ceases and desists within one hour of our notification Israel and the United States jointly will unleash the full brunt of our might and force on Iran until the streets are paved with shards of glass and then do it. By all that is holy if we want to engage in war then attack our enemy not his proxy! If we want to show the world how smart we are then fix our economy, pay down our debt and build our military might to unprecedented readiness and might. We will have our dignity back, our rightful place as world leaders and the respect and fear that has been the hallmark of peace since the beginning of time. I might add that any non-assimilated Muslims still hunkering down within our borders after the last bomb is dropped on Iran, will be shipped off to Iran to begin the 2000 year process of coming back for more…and they will.

Recall the elected imbeciles that are calling for an American death wish by too-little-too-late superficial doomed strategies in the name of humanitarianism, tongue in deceitful cheek. Start with the man responsible for the chaotic mess we find ourselves in, Barak Hinsane Obama, and chain him to the misguided, cowardly legions of Congress that are stomping for what will inevitably be America’s last gasp of dignity and march them off a cliff in the middle of the night; and afterward, please do not show us the photos…you may offend our sensibilities.
It does nothing to sooth my angst or assuage my concerns to know that Congress will now meet to decide whether or not to take military action against Syria. When Congress meets I sweat. Do not confuse the issue…We are being told that the purpose of a possible missile strike is to dissuade Assad from the further use of Chemical weapons…We will maim and kill a few too may innocent civilians but we will not bend a hair on Assad’s head. If we call the death of innocent civilians collateral damage it softens the edge as if to say to err is human. In fact it has become an exercise to save the face and reputation of an interloper who deserves the opposite and preserve the jobs of the those who are supposed to balance the powers, not navigate them. The people have spoken already and there is no doubt where our sentiment lies. America decries this action and we know full well that Congress will not meet to exercise the authority we place in them; to express the opinions of the people they represent. Rather they will meet to weigh the pros and cons in their own political self interests and that is the full extent to which our opinions will enter their consciousness, their consciences or be of consequence. They heard what we have to say; now we await their unconstitutional, independent decision. 500 men who can’t balance a budget will decide what is in our best interest, in the best interest of the Syrian people and teach Arab dictators who dread the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood how to win friends and influence people. The forefathers would be appalled but I’m afraid we would get a resounding “I told you so” from every one of them, if they could speak from their tombs.
It does appear, mercifully, that Congress is now inclined to vote against any overt military action but they have not yet been subjected to the full court press Barak will exert, using blackmail, bribery and cajoling. It has already worked on Boehner, McCain and a handful of RINOs;  it remains to be seen if the RINO moles in the Republican Party can persuade their lesser peers to do the wrong thing for the right reasons or the right thing for the wrong reasons. Again, our voices will have little to do with the outcome, despite what they will spin our way after the fact.
Pray America. Prayer asks the Lord’s favor and sends a message to Muslim Jihadists. Islam’s time has not come. Our faith is undeniable; we are a nation founded on Judea Christian tenets and that has made us prosperous and brought us greatness. That greatness has subsided with the laxity of our faith and reliance on His word. Sharia Law and all it entails is in direct opposition to our civil laws and Judea-Christian mores. Our God is the Creator of life…the Islam we are dealing with is the destroyer of life. The life we have been blessed with is made richer by self determination. The transformation we are threatened with abhors and fears self determination. If we choose our battles carefully only our true enemies should feel the wrath of our armies. Syria is not an enemy that seeks our demise…Iran is that enemy and they have chosen the Muslim Brotherhood to do their dirty work. Focus. Rise up, wise up and act to save America. Deny Barak the advantage he seeks. Deny him the office he holds in low esteem and desecrates with his presence.
God bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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