Mulligan This

Babe Ruth is credited with popularizing baseball with his skills and his bigger than life personality. Leaving his personality aside his prowess as a home run hitter went unmatched for many years after they retired his number and precious few have matched his milestones even now.
He was not only the home run king but did you know he held the record for strike-outs as well? Imagine what a glorious record he would have had if baseball allowed the golf do-over called “Mulligans”. He’d still be hitting home runs and he’s been dead for 65 years!
If the Babe was the “home run king” Barak is the Mulligan king and I’m not talking about his golf game. If he spent as much time honing his political skills as he does playing golf God knows how much trouble we’d be in. Reagan had political skill; JFK and Bill Clinton had political skill. Obama is devoid of political skill and flush with Chicago style tactics and Muslim audacity. Add political skill to his single-minded, anti America, ideological belief system and we might still not be aware (and half of us are still buying his plastic wares) of his anti American agenda. He succeeds by the inexhaustible application of the do-over. The line in the sand gimmick backfired, so he takes a Mulligan. Congress, it turns out, drew that damned line in the sand. The entire world drew that infamous line; Barack simply mentioned it in passing.
You can bet your bronzed bippy the White House phones have been on auto-re-dial since he passed the buck for a final decision on Syria to Congress. Heads of States the world over got the call to join the coalition (make that plural and add a few)…No head of state worth his salt trusts Barak as far as they can throw the UN Building. Even at the reduced rate of only $10 bucks a mulligan our national debt would…it would be as high as it is now if we started all over again when Ben Ghazi was a few disgruntled locals expressing their displeasure over a video that told the truth…and the truth hurts if you are a Muslim or a Christian like Barak.
The American people have it right for once. There are no mulligans in missile strikes. People will die and as usual only the innocent will feel the wrath of Barak’s impatience. What the heck is Assad still doing there when Barak signed his death sentence months ago? Barak promised Assad’s job to his friends and things aren’t working out as planned. Mulligan. If Congress can’t be depended on to do Obama’s dirty work we have to wonder what’s going on in Washington. Mulligan.
Congress has been afforded a peek at classified inside stuff and it backfired…transparency is highly over-rated it seems…Barak lost a few yeses…Mulligan!
Barak must have had a seer whisper in his ear when he said he made up his mind to make up his mind as soon as Congress makes up their mind to say tsk-tsk to Assad…it ain’t time sensitive. Well golly gee! If we don’t bomb Assad’s pants off tomorrow we can do it next week or next month or after Barak leaves office, pray God.
I’m not enough of an optimist these days not to invest in a few mulligans myself but is it even remotely possible that the Muslim Brotherhood will be denied Egypt and Syria? Will some of the people we already stabbed in the back decide to toss the Muslim Brotherhood we gave them back to Barak? Is there such a Mulligan? Will Israel look past the Gaza strip and not see a nuke in their future? While we’re enjoying a mid day dream will this be Obama’s Waterloo?
On the heels a few major set backs, while democrats don’t see the advantages to walking in Baraks smelly shadow, can impeachment be far off? Will Barak’s plans for autocratic, Islamic Fascist rule be side-railed and his backers choose to regroup for another day?
Just wishful thinking. Until the tooth fairy buys the condo to our right, call for Barak’s removal by any means legally available to us. He doesn’t listen to us so we need to really get in his face and shout from the roof tops. We are still fundamentally a Judea Christian, Constitutional Republic and there ain’t no room at the inn for an Arab who doesn’t travel with the Magi.
God Bless America,
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