Shoot the Metaphor, Please

Barak appears immune to exposure, at least for now. When it comes to Barak, allegations are not enough, even when the number of allegations reaches critical mass and come from family, eye witnesses, his own words, foreign dignitaries or common sense deductions…every word that would end the career of any other politician is, in Obama’s case, taken out of context, twisted or made up. His own blatant, self incriminating or condemning words are reinterpreted by a cadre of sycophants who are quick to tell us what was really meant and set the record straight with an official position statement in complete opposition to what we heard, or thought we heard.

The allegations of birth, travel, education and religion not being forthright have been made repeatedly by many patriots including me and all I can say is please do not let up.

We’ve heard Middle East potentates and Muslin Brotherhood members state unequivocally that Israel is in their cross hairs, but Barak tells the opposite. He praises Israel while his policies carry out the anti Israel initiatives that have the Muslim Brotherhood salivating in anticipation of Israel’s degrading. Morsi didn’t couch his anti Israel stance in Obamist political double speak and denounced Israel before he took his first meal as president of Egypt. The Egyptian Army took umbrage over Morsi’s invectives and undid the election but Barak never wavered, to this day, in his support for Morsi and is now calling for Syria to include all comers in their anticipated democratic elections; it’s normally called chutzpah, but as I said, Barak is immune.

The enemy of civilization is not hesitant to express their morbid animus for Jews and their mission to destroy Israel, murder all Jews and prosecute Jihad until Islam is the only religion recognized on earth. It may seem unattainable, rotten and ludicrous to its core but even in failure they will wreak misery wherever they go and so far they are not experiencing failure. The avowed enemy of civilization is the Muslim Brotherhood and nothing Obama says or does would allow us to make that association; quite the opposite. Methinks he dost protest not at all and that is too much for us to tolerate; what say you?

Islamic extremism is simply a metaphor for Muslim Brotherhood in all of its branches, spin offs and sects and while Muslims promote Sharia Law in their sanctimonious quest to establish equal acceptance for Islam they fail to mention that a political victory is part and parcel of their evil scheme and anticipates that all governments will succumb to Islamic Fascism and Sharia Law. We don’t even catch on when they call a proposed Mosque a victory mosque. The electorate must be made aware that the changes we are enduring now are intended to enslave us later. They intend to overwhelm, intimidate and murder us to dominate us and all that they survey. Americans have the option to prevent this from happening now or suffer the consequences of civil war in America when the yoke of Sharia Law takes precedence over our traditional civil laws, based on Judea Christian teaching.

Barak is their secret yet fully visible agent in our midst. It is madness to attack a sovereign nation with a plan to end the attack in short order divulged upfront and the limits and scope of the operation designed to punish, not defeat the recipients, but our d-d-b (deaf, dumb and blind) elected representatives will argue the pros and cons of madness over ignorance until their pensions kick in, if we let them. So far they have no reason to believe we will cut off their wind pipes; and I do mean wind…pipes. Syrian citizens have much to fear from any attack but if you think Assad, who has killed at least 100,000 Syrian civilians without batting a camel’s eye lash is concerned that we will kill another 100,000, the sand in their shoes is now in your eyes. We’d just be saving him the trouble of doing it himself.

Barak has no stomach for this mission and if Congress says nay he will excoriate them publicly and privately rejoice in his genius to spare his Muslim allies needless pain and humiliation. After all a line in the sand is susceptible to the slightest breeze; so what does it mean to a self aggrandizing wind bag?

Act to save America. Remove Barak while we still have the semblance of a democratic, constitutional Republic. 2016 is a civilization gone up in smoke away.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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