The Two Faces of Evil

The evidence is irrefutable; Barak has done more for the Muslim Brotherhood than they have been able to do for themselves since their ignonimous inception.
Let us not forget his words. “America is not at war with Islam and never will be, as long as I am President.” Who asked?
The president who speaks fluent Arabic; who extols the virtues of Islam and in the same breath demeans America’s rich heritage and denies our incomparable contributions to world prosperity,civility and the advancement of democracy walks a fine line between two civilizations..
stoic refusal to take action against his own people. He kept the entire nation and have no doubt the entire world waiting 45 minutes beyond his appointed time to make his —-speech on Syrian intervention and could just have well issued a statement that said nothing changes…status quo…we are resolved that we must act and act we will when acting no longer suffices…we will still do nothing…he could have come clean and said let me send some guns, tanks and moolah to the Muslim brotherhood…well  I guess that’s what he really said, if you understand the Arabic.
He will even gom to congress if that’;’s what it takes to ge himself off the hook When all is said and done he will remind us of his inspirational speech on the impotance of righting Assad’s WRONGS  but congress will put the kabash on things. If he learned anything from the Mexican aliens it is the value of manana.
If we were not so (sophisticated) we might notice that our religions are under attack.. christians and Jews.
There are no martyrs whwn good men allow the slaughter of innocents, only victims.
bow your heads and fall to your knees if your God is merciful and forgiving. If not then you worship in fear.
Whoi has the temerity to be offended by the presence of our religious icons? There is a correlation between lawlessness and the absence of religious fervor.
We were invaded and the invasion continues.
Can you renounce God? Would you pretend to do so to save your life? Would you then force your family, friends and neighbors to do likewise to prove you loyalty to a false God
in the name of evil to perpetuate killing, converts remain loyal to their heritage at their peril. Will you submit to evil simply to stay alive? surely we are not required to remain passive in the face of imminent death. —
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
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