The Two Faces of Evil

The evidence is irrefutable; Barak has done more for the Muslim Brotherhood than they have been able to do for themselves since their ignominious inception.

Let us not forget his words. “America is not at war with Islam and never will be, as long as I am President.” Who asked?

The president, who speaks fluent Arabic; who extols the virtues of Islam and in the same breath demeans America’s rich heritage and denies our incomparable contributions to world prosperity, civility and the advancement of democracy, walks a fine line between two civilizations.

Yes we are at war with Islam, like it or not and the sooner we acknowledge their commitment to destroy America, convert, enslave or murder all infidels, eradicate Israel as a nation and murder all Jews in the process, the better our chances to restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic, founded on and committed to our Judea Christian heritage. This is a religious war with a political solution; Sharia vs. Christianity and Judaism, Islamic Fascism vs. a constitutional Democracy; the Muslim Brotherhood vs. Western civilization. It is Barak who sings the praises of Islam when he has the Muslim Brotherhood in mind. Barak has done nothing to advance the welfare of traditional Islam in America or anywhere else in the universe. He has done all in his power to protect Muslim terrorists at home, in Guantanamo and in the Middle East. He gave Usama bin Laden a dignified Muslim burial at sea, banned his death photos from public view and presented the Muslim Brotherhood with a martyr and heroic role model.

With Barak in a position to influence our involvement in the region, the Arab Spring is changing the destiny of nations. It is the Arabic front of a broader war on Christian nations in Europe and the last bastion of self determination, the United States. The sword that cuts both ways replaces dictators who oppose Muslim Brotherhood participation and drains American resources in the process. As each dictator is toppled Barak does not fail to insist that the process to form a new government includes members of the Muslim Brotherhood. This very morning, speaking in Sweden, he once again called for an all inclusive process after the fall of Assad and the Swedish prime minister wisely suggested we should be wary of who will replace Assad if we intend to topple him. That bit of wisdom will not be widely reported.

Rather than take the initiative to punish Assad for crimes against humanity Barak bought Assad’s enemies enough time to position themselves politically in the aftermath of an attack he hopes Congress will initiate. In the interim U.S. tax payer dollars continue to flow into Egypt, no longer the focus of our attention, an attack on Syria will add hundreds of millions to our national debt and accomplish no discernible benefit o our interest. If we truly had America’s best interest at heart we would give Assad his dictatorship in return for huge concessions and let him preside toothless in our debt. That would deal a significant blow to the Muslim Brotherhood chance to accede to power. We should likewise support the Egyptian Army and deny the Muslim Brotherhood that feather. And in a consistent program to defeat the enemy that is sworn to our utter defeat we should clean house in America. It is a cruel world furnished with smoke and mirrors.

As we speak, reinforcements, I know of no more accurate word to describe them, continue to walk across our open borders, where our Border Patrol has been ordered to run and hide in the event of violence involving gun play. Our politicians continue to discuss the pros and cons of building a fence or providing amnesty to illegal aliens when in point of fact our Mexican border is now too dangerous for mere migrant workers to trod. It is the exclusive passageway of heavily armed drug lords and mules and equally malevolent, despite not being armed, Muslim insurgents. Once inside our borders they will be armed soon enough. The invasion continues drip, by Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Fascist drip.

Beware the McCain’s, Rubio’s and clueless politicians we have elected to office. They are the weak link in our democracy. They do not understand the consequences of their faulty thinking, and the unfortunate words they utter. Beware a president who fully understands the consequences of his edicts and our naiveté…and moves consistently and stealthily to hold the door ajar for his hordes to undermine our heritage, economy, religious structure, military preparedness…all the pillars of our Republic. This man, presumably the president of the United States, introduced America to Islam and we have been inundated by the Muslim Brotherhood; yet to this day he denies the obvious…His loyalty is to a foreign, uncivilized nation of Islam and it matters not whether it is by design or misguided ideology.

Unless he is stopped this nation will fall prey to his cabal, civil war will ensue and Israel will be left to defend herself and possibly the United States, if we are lucky. The policies we follow drain our resources, enable enemy forces to gain strength and confidence, undermines freedom of religion wherever it exists, denies our Judea Christian heritage safe, unfettered existence and endangers Israel, the mortal enemy of Islam, by their repeated declaration and Jews wherever they may reside.

We are rightly concerned for the lives and conditions of people in the Middle East but charity begins at home. We have much to be concerned for our future as a functioning constitutional Republic and our own existence.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have oh, so many. Pay attention to reality. Act to save America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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