An Eye For an Eye

Know Thine Enemy;

Many killers over the centuries told the judge God spoke to them and commanded them to kill. These hapless individuals, if they convince a jury that they believe with all their heart that they were following God’s directives, are the ones we call criminally insane.

Yet we refuse to put a final stamp of disapproval on the Muslim Brotherhood and that is exactly what they would have us believe; that Allah is the driving force behind their wanton killing, torture and terrorism.

If a jury is unconvinced that our garden variety murderers’ claims of Higher Power directives are an attempt to escape justice they are summarily dismissed, tried for their deeds and removed from civilized society; locked up or put to death for our protection and satisfaction. That is how civil law based on Judea Christian doctrine works in civilized societies and even in some less civilized societies, to be sure. It is innately human to reciprocate.

Revenge may be the Lord’s but we regularly indulge ourselves, we humans. I cannot account for Western civilization’s refusal to attribute to the Muslim Brotherhood that which they readily boast is their handiwork. Terrorists by any other name are spawned from the loins of the most evil mother of all terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood. As obvious as that is to the least attentive among us, we continue to deal with one entity as a political force and the subcultures that commit murder in the name of Jihad, social justice or religious persecution as far flung terrorists. Kill the head and the body will fall is not the tried and true tactic for success we dare to adopt.

If you believe the Muslim Brotherhood is the instrument of Allah or reveres any supreme being God help you; you are the friend of my enemy and perhaps unwittingly, you support terrorism and the persecution of Jews and Christians. You sit perched on the stern of the great ship America and bemoan the fact that the prow is under water, refusing to accept blame for your role in scuttling the boat by not assigning blame where it belongs.

And who is the singular force in America who refuses to name the enemy, the war or admit to consequences? Work place violence and overseas contingency operations are not phrases coined by our military commanders. Barak (don’t call me Hussein) Obama has revamped our entire lexicon when it comes to current events, Muslim initiatives and the defense of this once great nation.

 Without Barak the Muslim Brotherhood could not have made the advances we see at home or in the Middle East. America’s interests have been denied and misconstrued in favor of Muslim Brotherhood initiatives, giving them undeserved status and advantages at home and military power never before imagined overseas.

The root of our problems lies within us but the brotherhood has seized upon our weaknesses, studied our vulnerabilities and set out to dismantle our culture and heritage to replace it with Sharia Law and dominate us culturally, economically and spiritually. The Judea Christian concept of reciprocation, i.e. an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, has been turned on its head by a culture that will not tolerate even perceived criticism in jest or not. (Just as an aside, you may or may not have noticed that Barak is singularly vengeful, intolerant and spiteful toward any who find his antics unacceptable. That’s very Islamuslimish don’t you think?). Dang it! I just coined a word that could cost me my life!

The attack at Ben Ghazi was an attack on our sovereignty in retaliation for the death of Usama bin Laden; the terrorist responsible for thousands of American lives, as was the attack on an outdated chopper inexplicably pressed into service, killing 15 members of Seal Team Six, our elite security force that carried out the attack on bin Laden. What a coup for our enemies!

Where do the coincidences start and where do they end? For these two devastating coincidences to occur the enemy had to have the cooperation of traitors or operatives highly placed in our military and in our government, able to make arrangements or set the stage from positions of absolute authority which preempted military protocol and traditional spontaneous reaction; the laws of reciprocation were suspended. We have yet to take appropriate actions for either of these atrocities. The incredible truth is that the traitors involved are not above suspicion; they are simply unconcerned with suspicion or their accountability.

In the Japanese culture responsible parties who commit acts or are unable to control events that bring shame to their high office, their reputations or their families save the public the expense and uncertainty and fall on their swords; literally. I don’t condone or recommend that custom in America, although I must admit it has a certain appeal, but why must our irresponsible leaders be the complete and total opposite? Not only did Hilary eschew the Hari Kari ritual but she wants us to tell her what difference it makes to pursue the matter of Ben Ghazi and four dead Americans. The White House buck-master who accepted her resignation in the midst of an investigation and insists that the burning of an embassy and the mutilation, desecration and degradation involved in the murders of our Ambassador, his staff and heroic victims, amounts only to a phony scandal, is beneath contempt.

Is it yet another coincidence that Usama bin Laden was provided a dignified Muslim burial at sea? Does anyone in his or her right mind believe that the captain of a ship, even if he held the rank of Admiral, or even if the Secretary of the Navy was at the helm, could take it upon himself to dispose of a high ranking enemy’s body with such dignity and respect? It is absurd to believe that anyone but the President of the United States could make these outrageous arrangements. In the real world, no president could survive this traitorous act without feeling the wrath of the people. This is not the real world my friends. We are living in a country that has been transformed and the architects are boldly presiding over our government as though nothing has transpired. The architects of total transformation and fundamental change are in fact a cabal comprised of ideological leftists and Muslim Brotherhood murderers.  To call them Islamic extremists is condescending to me, my heirs and my fellow patriots. They shape policy and influence critical decisions.

Unless we end political correctness and mass denial of bare-faced facts we are doomed as a Republic to cede to Islamic fascism. Imams are replacing Jewish and Christian Chaplains in the military and in our Universities. The president of the United States errs consistently in favor of Muslim initiatives in the Middle East, abandons and exposes Israel to exponential threats and defends terrorists we call “home grown” and prisoners of war; and will not call them prisoners of war. The FBI investigates atrocities on foreign soil and we provide terrorists with the same rights Americans are entitled to…when you think about it that tramples our rights.

End the charade. The enemy we must turn our attention to is the Muslim Brotherhood and their greatest asset is the man with no credentials, several names, dubious religious affiliations, and a history of associating with terrorists, communists and anti American organizations; and he has been installed as the president of the country he has irreparably harmed in less than 6 short years.

Demand his removal. Deny him the right to bear arms, not me. His will aid and abet foreign powers mine will give them pause and protect the Republic.





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