Arise, Awake and Act

Are We Doomed to Repeat History?

Eighty years after his death Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency is still shrouded. Almost unanimously we agree he was a great war time president. Are his domestic achievements and failures accurately recorded? Not as far as I can tell.

There is a popular saying in Brazil, “He’s dead, but every year he sings better”.  I don’t think it applies to FDR any longer, since he was revered from the day he said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”; the rest of his legacy is largely glossed over or faded from memory, including his uncompassionate     refusal to give refuge to a ship of European Jewish survivors. Perhaps in FDR’s case, if we revisited his presidency from the people’s perspective in the Constitution, we might be more aware, revulsed and angry that he governed as a near autocratic Socialist. His closest confidants were communists and his philosophy of government, if he had one, was a communist model. The vaunted New Deal was an attempt at total transformation albeit not characterized as such then or today. Had he lived or enjoyed better health during his 3 ¾ terms he may have found a way to become president for life.

FDR feared no deficit and swathed the nation in red ink to the best of his ability. He managed to implement the first twelve planks of the Socialist Party platform, recast as his New Deal. In his first year he proposed spending 10 billion on 3 billion of revenues; don’t try that at home. From 1933 to 1936 government expenditures went up more than 83 percent. He closed all banks with no intention or thought of ever re-opening them (banks are not needed in Marxist economics). After two years the New Deal was such a failure through waste, mismanagement and outright graft that FDR had to introduce a “New New Deal”, ‘a study in economic confusion.’ FDR undermined the Constitution with blank-check appropriations which allowed him to control spending and blank-check legislation which allowed him to set up agencies to pass laws and enforce regulations with no congressional approval.

Obviously we do not learn from our mistakes. And obviously history is passed down in books nobody reads and we don’t care who writes them.

FDR had a different vision for America. He was no scholar and readily bought into the communist economic formula, never realizing that the desired effect was mass control of a population not economic stability. Still the autocratic overtones appealed to a man of his low academic achievement and moral standards. Perhaps if he was a healthy man he would have taken the model to its ultimate potential.

Barak, on the other hand, is fully aware of the potential for unlimited power the successful transformation of America from a Constitutional Republic to an Islamic Fascist State portends for him.

  • “The tone and tendency of liberalism…is to attack the institutions of the country under the name of reform and to make war on the manners and customs (and freedom) of the people under the pretext of progress.” –Disraeli, “Speech in London”

 Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals expands and expounds on this basic formula to attack America, and is Barak’s radical inspiration. The Muslim Brotherhood personifies the ruthless discipline to enforce the changes to our manners and customs including our religious heritage and frees Barak to engineer our demise while keeping the semblance of having “clean hands”.

Less than 10% of Obama’s cabinet has ever worked in the private sector but rest assured they are fully indoctrinated in government dominance over the masses. Fully 50% of Roosevelt’s cabinet came from the private sector and that is just one distinction between the philosophical and intellectual ignorance I accuse FDR of and the makeup of a cabal which I attribute to Barak and his entire entourage, starting but not ending with Communist Valerie Plame and a handful of Muslim Brotherhood members/sympathizers, not elected but making policy; and the power base that selected, groomed and financed the Obama rise to prominence…as their whipping boy.

Obama will spend, redistribute, demoralize, redefine and socialize in a mad quest for autocracy on the pitchfork of Islamic Fascism. This is not a failed presidency it is a frighteningly successful attempt to undo the Constitutional Republic.

Awake, arise and act. Faith alone will not save America.

God bless us all.



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