A Few Good Men

Please pay close attention my fellow Americans. Everything you need to know about the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood is being revealed in Egypt.  If you are careful to keep all of the information and news in context you will also learn more than you need to know about Barak Hussein Obama.

Just to keep everything in perspective let me recap recent events, however briefly. Rewind and fast forward through the Arab Spring.

Arab Spring is a euphemism for the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.  One by one Barak turned on the rulers who stood in the way of Muslim Brotherhood political participation. Egypt was the crown jewel of Muslim ambition and Barak couldn’t wait to throw Mubarak under a bus. He believed that the Army would follow the money and morph into a secondary role in Egyptian rule and march to an Islamic brotherhood drum; he was mistaken.

Without Barak playing interference, Morsi would be a silent dissenter or a dead martyr today. Mubarak stood as the last obstacle when rioting Muslims called for “democracy” and the Army reluctantly relented, half hoping for a moderate Morsi to preside democratically and Mubarak stood down. When Morsi repeatedly over reached the Army stepped in to save Egypt from a fate that included death to all infidels, Burkas to all and Morsi forever and Barak joined the chorus of indignant, disappointed Muslim Brotherhood radicals (excuse the oxymoron), calling for a return to the democratic process…the one that allowed Morsi to stuff the ballot boxes and take control of the most populous, advanced country in the Middle East.

I’m in a dilemma. Barak et al will not follow American law, declare the Egyptian Army coup a coup and cut funding to Egypt; not as long as there is even a slim chance that Morsi will be returned to power. My dilemma is not being sure the money is totally getting to the army. I side with the Egyptian military, as does Israel. Mark my words. If Mubarak is successfully freed, (he’s only accused of the same crime they now accuse the Egyptian Army of) the familiar Barak about face will be stunning; “We knew it was a coup all a long but were willing to give Egypt a chance to reclaim democracy. It is clear now that the coup has no intention of pursuing the democratic process” and the tap will shut tighter than a gnat’s behind soaking in a pool of alum.

Right now the Egyptian Army is heroically defending the right of Egyptians to worship without fear of persecution. I’m not saying they are the epitome of liberty but if the army prevails Israel will live to see how America deals with our Muslim in sheep’s clothing. If the Arab Spring doesn’t give you a crystal clear expose of who Barak really is and what he is, your eyes may be shut tighter than the afore-mentioned, alum-soaked, Gnat’s Tuchus.

We can provide endless documented examples of his lies, broken promises, anti American, anti military and anti Constitution and Bill of Rights statements, not out of context, and his and Michele’s as well as his aunt, grandmother and other relatives’ definitive statements declaring his true place of birth; so call me a “birther”.


There are countless examples of his support for the Muslim Brotherhood in America and on the international scene. Yes; he bowed to an Arab potentate, declared the proud history of Islam in the founding and building of America and the sweetest sound on earth is, hands down, the Muslim call to evening prayer.


Proof of his redistributive policies only matters if you see redistribution for what it really is…a precursor to autocratic style government. The evidence indicates that if Barak is successful in his ideological pursuit of “total transformation and fundamental change” (his words, not mine), America will become an Islamic Fascist state. We have empirical proof; not even he denies he is a redistribution fan.


I am not a political person. I do not pursue the political demise of this administration for any reason other than I fear for the country, my faith, Jews and the prospects of my grandchildren as well as all future Americans. My political description would be Constitutional conservative, I think. I vote Republican because I am clear in my assessment that any other vote is a vote for the Democrat Party. The last democrat I voted for was JFK and by today’s standards he would be a “radical” conservative by Liberal definition.


The enemy we now face has as their objective worldwide proselytizing; Jihad to convert or kill all infidels but not to convert Jews; to annihilate them. Their motive is political, not religious. Remember, Hitler and Stalin both admired the Muslim Brotherhood but were ruthlessly anti religion; nor did they care much for Jews. Do you think Hilary Clinton knows history? She declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a religion of peace; wrong on two counts. The proliferation of non assimilating Muslims in the far reaches and seldom travelled byways of America should concern us. See Egypt: there but for the Grace of God go we. See Europe. See America today. Open your eyes and your minds to see the truth.


Most Americans will not actively support any political view or national concern passionately. That is a simple, historical, material fact. The few who will stand to defend the Constitution, our Judea Christian, American heritage and the preservation of the Constitutional Republic have always been in the minority. That is precisely why alternate government proponents continue to erode our system in the hopes of gaining untold wealth and power never before attainable on earth.


It only takes a few patriots to say, “Over my dead body.” A few good men.





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