Deliver Us From Evil

Barak is having a little trouble keeping a straight face when he alternately condemns then sympathizes (or vice versa), with criminals, traitors, victims or terrorists and assorted events, rumors, assertions, legislation, allegations, denials and opinions. Where he is consistent is in his support of Muslim initiatives or actions, spending and redistribution. When he interjects his comments or opinions you can be certain he has an agenda and it is consistently at odds with our best interests.

Our opinions are regularly shaped by an agenda driven media, official spokespersons, biased politicians and community agitators. We are no longer trusted with facts and permitted to draw our own conclusions. Prejudiced reporting guarantees that justice will not be served and if it is we will not know for sure. For the longest time now the Left has controlled the dialogue and since Barak has the podium information is filtered and rationed. Our opinions are also impacted by the absence of journalistic reporting which is selective and biased when it reports. For instance when was the last time the burning of a Catholic Church made the news? We are beseeched not to believe the obvious, our lying eyes or traditionally reputable and reliable sources.

Scandals are so numerous and so disregarded by the intimately involved that they are not even given the dignity or courtesy of denial. No scandal, whether it involves the deaths of heroic innocent patriots or the aggravated abuse of power by multiple agencies with the same political agenda, lacks smiling defenders or mitigating sycophants on the left. The word scandal has become a generic term for a difference of opinion, nothing more. The scandals behind the scandals which involve the intimidation or outright gagging or hiding of witnesses, congenital liars giving false testimony or refusing to testify, delay tactics, convenient memory lapses, character assassination and false accusation is the norm and don’t raise the ire or arch an eyebrow of a see no, hear no evil public.

Whatever happened to Nakoula Basseley, the producer/scapegoat/victim jailed to protect the entire suborned chain of command directly and indirectly involved in the Ben Ghazi cover-up? Does anyone feel sorry for the first American to be jailed for anti Islam defamation? That’s the only crime he is guilty of; telling an inconvenient truth about Islam. No scandal here, nobody cares. Did Barak jump to conclusions or jump on an opportunity to divert the spotlight from his treacherous complicity? There are no limits that Barak will not pass to perpetuate a false narrative once he is committed to it. You see, the Koran encourages and condones lying to gain an advantage on your enemy or advance the Islamic agenda.

When it comes to giving away our secrets Barak has no equal. Our elite Seal Six Team are all dead in a helicopter crash…Lucky enemy or unlucky heroes? How little is reported on one of the most tragic turn of events in the entire war on terror, aka overseas contingency operation. SEAL Team 6 is the Special Forces group that got Osama bin Laden. President Obama broke established rules of secrecy in order to take unwarranted credit for the assassination, thereby informing the Taliban which special forces group were responsible. Obama afforded Usama b L a dignified Muslim burial at sea making him a Muslim Martyr. How many Americans know that our most elite military team was mysteriously boarded on an obsolete helicopter for no explicable reason and 15 members of Seal Team Six perished, along with 15 sacrificial lambs? Yes 15; you were thinking 6? It could have been a Battalion, if the news is inconvenient the term “gleaned over” takes on new meaning.

Edward Snowden; whistle blower or traitor, espionage agent or hack? Once the spin starts there is no telling where it stops. Last word from Barack is that Snowden is just a hacker. So was Lucy Borden and so was Paul Bunyan…It was Barack who said the Constitution is inconvenient and our Forefathers who said we have the right to privacy. Snowden may have been trying to remind us that the concept was trashed. If size is important check out the NSA facilities; do we need all that space not to spy on the entire world and store my record of dialing wrong numbers for posterity? I will reserve an opinion until I regain confidence in what we are told.

Muammar Gaddafi reminds me of an animal lover mauled by his pet Orangutan. The mutual admiration society couldn’t survive the Arab Spring. When the Muslim Brotherhood gave the word Barak spewed GaGadaffi’s gotta go and so he did; ignominiously I might add.

Hosni Mubarak took his cue and parried half heartedly before handing in his resignation…to no avail. His replacement gave him the full payback treatment for the criminally unsharia. He got the last laugh and kicked the bucket before they could humiliate him publicly. Barak forgot to send flowers.

The Middle East is now a staging depot for the annihilation of Jews, the conversion of Christians and other infidels and the end of civilization as we know it.

Will we ever know what Barak promised Putin when he would have “more flexibility” after the election? He long ago removed the missile defense system Putin’s neighbors relied on, so what now? Do we have a food stamp program for autocratic egotistical communist leaders? Come to think of it we do; and another for Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia compliant, Islamic mad men.

When it comes to the pot calling the kettle black, Barack is a cauldron denigrating a teapot. But enough hinting at a big build up. The fact that Barak is not universally known for the crimes he is guilty of is testament to the fact that we have not held our end of the bargain with our founders. That does not mean we should surrender our country without a fight once the veil is lifted from our eyes.

Start the repair or start over but do not wait for history to swallow us up.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have many. The right to bear arms exists for the times we live in. Disarm Barak not me. My right to be armed is a birthright. No government can deny it and protect us.


God Bless Americans.



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