The Chill in the Arab Spring

Sharia Law is incompatible with civilized laws and Muslims cannot live in civilization.

Mr. Putin, for all his faults, tells it like it is. Russia is for Russians. He made it very clear that Russia will not tolerate the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. He advised them that if they want Sharia Law to go live where Sharia is the law. Simple logic.

Barak gave Egypt the same advice today that he gave them after Mubarak bit the dust…”everyone should have a seat at the table”. Sure Barak, so long as when they (we know you mean the Muslim Brotherhood) go to sit we pull the chair away. That’s what the Egyptian Army is doing, only they should have done it the first time you backed the Brotherhood and the lambs being slaughtered today to correct an error in judgement might be enjoying Egypt’s quasi western society in peace.

In truth the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t have a home. They formed a corporation in the United States in 1928 to wage Jihad and they must inveigle themselves as unwelcome guests wherever they go, once the population gets wind of their true agenda and anti civilized behavior. Countries that practice tolerance for migrating Islamic Muslims soon learn that their hospitality is rewarded with disrespect, disdain and displacement. It is not as though the Muslim Brotherhood is tacit about their agenda. They clearly state their intention to convert all religions to Islam, impose Sharia Law worldwide and are not shy about their intention to use Jihad in their quest…OH…and to kill all Jews, but that goes without saying, right? It is also well established that the Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization not a religion and Jihad is simply their weapon of choice; or tactic, if you will. It is a synonym for terrorism. Building Mosques does not make you a Religious Islamic Muslim. Barak is their best bet for success 

So who in their right mind would invite someone into their home to raid the cupboard, soil the sheets and demand obedience, in addition to strict religious deference from all family members, or suffer brutal retaliation, including death, for resistance. To add insult to injury any opposition or criticism, constructive notwithstanding, is forbidden…and by the way they don’t allow pets and will not abide pork in the house. Who? The answer is, to their everlasting but belated regret, all of Europe.

Who would invite someone into their home to behave the way the Obama’s do, with their boorish, disrespectful, disingenuous, pompous, spendthrift proclivity and Muslim aiding and abetting ideological preference. I guess that would be (blush) us.

In Italy they have a saying; “hospitality is like fish; after three days it stinks”. (It loses a little in translation but you get it). We’re five years in and the stench is becoming unbearable.

The Egyptian Army and Mubarak were aware of the Muslim Brotherhood threat to Egypt’s Society and all civilization for 30 years and were adamant on keeping them from gaining political presence, until the Arab Spring sprung a leak. Mubarak left feet first after Barak showed him the door and the Brotherhood pounced like hot air filling a vacuum, stuffing ballot boxes and inserting their guy in the Oval Ruins of Egypt’s Presidency.

Egypt is the Alamo of the Arab Spring. The army reluctantly gave Morsi rope to hang by and hang he did; figuratively everyone who resisted the imposition of Sharia law.

We would save the entire world a lot of grief if we had the clarity of purpose to root for the extraction of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt’s craw and even get on all fours behind them while the Army pokes them to fall. I say deal them a death blow where they bet the house. I say the loss of life must not go for naught. The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to make Egypt their defining moment. We should give them a resounding defeat and let that be their definition.

I am totally without tolerance for savages who invade to transform; be it in the Middle East or at home. I’m all for improvement but I prefer to work on our problems constitutionally. Egypt got a new Constitution and it scared the asp out of the Egyptians. 

Support the Egyptian Army because ultimately they are doing the work Christians and Jews haven’t quite got around to yet.

Remove Barak for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine; his will transform us, mine will unite us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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