Inconvenient Observations, Deadly Conclusions

We’ve not come full circle yet but the journey has gained momentum and we are merely passengers hurtling through space, praying for a soft landing. When we were asked to choose our destination we demurred, preferring to leave such matters in the hands of politicians with no compass, no conscience and no competence, and we will accept the consequence.

We’ve had ample time to assess the Commander in Sheik but we were satisfied with the absence of information and the purposeful withholding of pertinent documents, rendering us unable to gather indisputable proof and unwilling to draw the logical conclusions that withholding warrants. By his own words and the testimony of his immediate family the documents being hidden from us by legal means would prove that Barry Soetoro is a Kenyan fraud. Inexplicably we afforded him the protection of our laws against self incrimination, regardless of the fact that no venue exists to warrant such extraordinary protection. Our senseless behavior earned us a ticket on the Islam Express, destination unknown and the loss of confidence, prestige and respect of people the world over. The loss of freedoms we have forfeited are only matched by the fundamental change to our Constitutional process and incredibly few Americans are aware of the Obama promise to transform this nation and his subsequent success in achieving that goal. As usual and to our everlasting detriment Americans are overwhelmingly concerned with their own narrow self interests and have yet to learn how those interests are best served.

These are inconvenient observations to be sure, but even a cursory examination of the facts will reveal astounding changes in our society that no American could envision even ten short years ago. And under Obama with the imposition of policies that are completely foreign to our beliefs and our Constitution, the reaction is still tempered with patience and faith that America will, as it has done in the past, self correct through the election process. I’m afraid that ship has sailed.

While Republicans bicker over the most effective course to take to combat Obama Care, the administration has quietly set in motion plans to impose heavy fines on hospitals that treat patients with no insurance. Although patently unconstitutional, as is the entire Health Care Law, no one in the administration is concerned that Obama care may not be the law of the land; it is.

Republicans no longer praise and extol the virtues of free market medicine. That ship has a hole in it but sailed never the less.

The Marquess of Queensbury rules are fine if both contestants agree to the rules and adhere to them. If one fighter has no rules guess who wins the fight?

Although election fraud is more than a dirty little secret, this administration fights any one and everything that would attempt to make our voting laws more accountable. The trend now is to open the flood gates to all comers and make voting registration a matter of honor. The ACLU will challenge every state that tries to insure fair and honest elections by simply requiring standard voter ID.

We the people should not take notice and remain confident that our votes decide who wins. That ship has also sailed.

Republicans proudly submit legislation to fix our immigration laws. Although Barak likes to say he is for “comprehensive legislation” the evidence proves he means open borders and blanket amnesty for 11,000,000 illegal aliens. Get a new abacus; if the number is stagnant for at least five years of run and hide border regulation, five or 10 million illegals must have gone home or died. Republican legislation will bankrupt a bankrupt nation and the state of bankruptcy will be a permanent condition into infinity. The Democrats of the Bush era would have killed their newborn children to get that kind of law enacted but today they want more. Sovereignty is a ship that left port in the middle of the night, destination unknown.

America the beautiful is still the land of spacious skies and amber grain, purple mountain majesty but looks can be deceiving. We are no longer the land of the brave and the free, unless it is brave not to fear the loss of liberty. Yes our soldiers are brave but they no longer fight for the American dream. 

We wage war by drone, reduce our military prowess and watch our enemies grow less fearful and bolder by each day. We are not permitted to name our enemies and the White House adjusts our lexicon to suit our enemies’ preferences. We do not reward heroism lest our enemies become infuriated with our arrogance. Our prisoners are afforded citizen status in our courts and we speak of bringing terrorists to justice instead of sealing their fate in retaliation.

Barak the Kenyan American will probably sign a “Small Arms Treaty” with the United Nations while Congress is vacationing to further his war against the Second Amendment.

Barak the Kenyan American gave away our drilling jobs in the Gulf and the oil that came with them and is angling to turn American coal workers into dole workers. 

The Canadian Pipeline will produce fifty jobs according to the liar in charge and we continue to ignore his statements or hold him accountable for a damn thing.

His assertion that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematic documents will go down in history as the antithesis to a government of the people.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His will hold us at bay mine will save the day.

God blessed America; keep His heritage.

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