A Phoenix in the Womb

We are a nation founded by devout men of faith; some were ordained ministers. The Lord God was invoked every step of the way; His teachings figured prominently in the tenor and respect for human dignity incorporated in our founding documents. Our core values are drawn from Judea Christian dogma. His blessing was asked with each decision and before every meeting and discussion in the formation of this union. There may have been an agnostic or two among them but they were certainly not offended by the open devotion, nor were they ever offended by the liberal display of religious icons acknowledging the reliance and reverence their peers held for a Higher Power. Those icons remain in evidence to this very day, prominently displayed in our architecture and design of government buildings, in gratitude for His blessing, asking His guidance and protection in our daily lives. The Constitutional Republic that was created strove to allow men to reach their highest potential without the restrictions of invasive government. The Devil was sorely concerned.

 The Garden of Eden is the exemplar of perfection on earth. Although we forfeited our right to be free of human frailty, Adam and Eve, before partaking of the forbidden fruit, still stand as the pinnacle of perfection the human condition is capable of. Even after our fall from grace the Creator allowed man to have the ultimate ability to make crucial decisions; he imbued us with self determination. It is up to us to learn how this ultimate gift can be used to provide us near perfection and self fulfillment or deliver us into the clutches of evil, depravity or bondage. How we will be governed has been a bone of contention since people decided to live in communities, probably since the dawn of civilization. Left to our own devices we have chosen poorly more often than not and most humans live with self imposed limitations, subjected to governments that limit their potentials by limiting their choices. Many live as virtual chattel. Our forefathers sought to free future generations to live as close to the ideals we are capable of since our original sin established that to err is human…and God interjected that to forgive is Devine.

We have broken our faith with the Almighty and we have broken our trust with our founders. The rules were simple; keep the faith and be eternally vigilant.

Each time man has devised a set of governing rules that limited government to specific duties in order to serve the population best, we have failed to respect the simple but unbreakable rules that would perpetuate the control of our destiny and free us to achieve our highest potential. Our misgiving is in allowing a small minority the ability to make decisions when we should only give them the responsibility to respect our wishes. Our politicians cannot resist the apple of the day, the eternal weakness to put one’s self interest above the needs of the people they serve. Eventually the few are burdened with the demands of many and before long the ideal devolves into a reversal of authority and the bloated state implodes.

 The most recent attempt to achieve a state of self government came about when a group of classically educated, religiously attuned men from various walks of life came together providentially, determined to provide a more perfect union for future generations on this continent. After much deliberation and a bloody war of attrition, a Republic was born and a Constitution based on Judea Christian principles was drawn and ratified and people were given another opportunity to govern themselves. A government of the people was restricted to specifically enumerated duties by the people and the nation prospered and enjoyed freedom and liberty the likes of which were unmatched in the annals of human history. Free to achieve their highest potential without fear of penalty for failure great accomplishments were commonplace and the world benefitted from our generosity and protection.

Still, the founders knew the Republic had one major flaw which made its eventual demise difficult to prevent. They were unable to incorporate provisions which would prevent alternate forms of government from challenging the Constitutional Republic incrementally and in elections. They were correct in recognizing the risk of course but they did not think to add another stipulation that was even more crucial; they could not regulate the people’s responsibility to remain informed, vigilant and involved; that is truly generational. They gave us a Constitutional Republic with the admonition, “If you can keep it.”

Eventually, like all Republics with similar aspirations, in less than 250 years our Achilles heel was exposed and we fell victim to cabal intent on picking up the pieces after our fall from grace. To insure their control of the spoils they hastened our departure with treachery and betrayal, attacking our economy, religious heritage, military readiness and moral compass from within until we no longer resembled the powerful and dominant society we proudly hailed a few short years before. And the Devil gloated and laughed at our naivety and predictability.

 In the end it is not merely that we permitted our politicians to become self serving, it is that the American people have been dis-informed and were not able or willing to see the error of their ways. We have many Americans who still enjoy the benefits of what is left of the “more perfect union” but are convinced that the policies that brought us down are the right policies for men to live by. Talk about irony, these are the same people who believe that government has no place for God; not even the responsibility to protect our right to worship as we see fit. These are the agnostics and atheists who are offended by our religious observance. They are trading our forgiveness for the punishment and intolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the absence of our right to observe our religious heritage that offends me.

America is unique in that between two oceans we have 49 independent states, each sovereign under our Constitution that make it difficult and time consuming to transform the entire nation in one gulp. This distinction may also be man’s salvation and renewed opportunity to live up to our God-given potential to be self governed.

I would die content if my tombstone reads; “He suggested that man can do better if given yet another chance. 20 sovereign states seceded from the union and formed a still more perfect union. He helped to restore our faith in our Creator and earn back the trust of our forefathers. And the Devil sat down and cried.”

God blessed America; will He bless the new Republic? To forgive is Devine.


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