Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

The Ubiquitous Umbilical Cord.

If umbilical cords served any purpose on earth after gestation, the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, would have provided for it. But man, who is infinitely feckless, continues to reconnect the cord despite dismal results in every instance since politics was invented. And now the lifeline that ushered us into this world will be our undoing symbolically.

We all know how children turn out when moms replace the umbilical cord with apron strings. We could and should take our lesson from Mother Nature. When a chick’s feathers look good enough to fly it is unceremoniously ejected from the nest and expected to fly or die trying. The great majority learn quickly enough to avoid becoming lunch for the neighbor’s cat. A few never hear the “oh well” obituary.

Children no longer leave the house after breakfast to test their survival skills among their peers until dinner time without a texted invitation from mom to go to the mall or from dad to rake the leaves, do your homework or clean your room; the usual financial stipend applies and reinforces the parental bond of dependency. Wimps are not born they are made. There are basic responsibilities for which one should not expect to be rewarded. It is not an achievement to brush your teeth or pick up your socks.

The electronic umbilical cord has become an extension of our natural extremities. A wife will not bother to put her head out the side door to announce lunch if she can text hubby to put the hose away, call the kids and come to the table.

The reality of risk-reward, barter, honest labor and fair pay relationships to success is biblical. Communists, Fascists and dictators generally do not believe in God or they would know all this. Socialism is introduced by rewarding people for doing absolutely nothing until it is time to give them absolutely nothing. Since the seeds of Fascism, communism and all autocracies begin with the introduction of socialism it is imperative to erase by edict, deprecation, denunciation and substitution all religious connotation and observance. No guilt is assigned when dependency is redefined as fair redistribution of wealth accumulated by those taking advantage of the underprivileged.

Small businesses and businesses that only require unskilled labor are imposed upon to provide living wages and benefits to the underemployed who foolishly prefer honest work to government subsidies. This has the desired effect of eliminating middle class by making workers with no skills or experience needed share in the entrepreneurial success and sweat equity of capitalists, rather than accept personal responsibility.

Minimum wage is a false promise…another device to quash entrepreneurship and fill our cities and towns with idle teenagers…a case of nitroglycerin on a bucking bronco in the desert sun.

Essentially America is a nation out of work, too proud to admit it and still too selective to accept work that is beneath them. The Gulf oil spill was an excuse to stay home and read the want ads while we gave good jobs to foreigners. Americans are throwing their lunch away so the bullies don’t get it; and the bullies pick through our garbage and find gold.

We scrapped our dependable clunkers for tuppence and sent the scrap iron to China so they could melt it down and build our bridges. Bridge building is apparently not one of our choice employment opportunities; we must be afraid of height. Used cars are still at a premium four years later.

The Canadian Pipe Line could be a hazard to the environment and nobody can tell us it ain’t so. We’re going off fossil fuels cold turkey and will tap our feet until the replacement is abundant…When Arabs discover coal in a camel’s belly.

We have decided we all want to be brain surgeons and aerospace engineers but the brain surgeons we train are from India and the space program was ceded to Russia…besides our kids don’t get the math…or science or physics or English.

We’ll go back to work when cars run on inspiration and bike tires, slacks, anti histamines, deodorant, pantyhose, buttons and a million other products made from petroleum are made out of sunlight. Beam me up Scotty…these fools will all starve to death before they take their jobs back. It will be said that we drowned in a flood of our own making, sitting on the church steeple, waving off a parade of rescuers because the right one didn’t come along.

In this topsy-turvy world we shut down our embassies en mass to acknowledge a terrorist threat from the al Qaeda Obama decimated and then wait patiently for the threat to go away. Obama lacks the word “attack” in his vocabulary, especially when the target might be of Muslim lineage. He puts the fear of God in our enemies by demilitarizing the army, depriving our Navy of boats and suggesting that we scrap our nuclear weapons as a gesture of good faith…more like a goodbye to our behinds gesture. We invited terrorists to burn and kill at will in our embassy and forget that L. Panetta actually said it was decided not to send more men into harm’s way. Why is Panetta not a piñata? Hilary said enough time has passed so that it no longer matters who decided to have our Ambassador and his entourage murdered as long as we don’t blame her.

We pay an avowed, card carrying, Muslim Brotherhood terrorist $300,000 dollars to await trial for workplace violence and deny the dead and wounded benefits or minimal respect due them for their service. In the interim the terrorist was promoted from Captain to Major, I suppose for the inconvenience we caused him.

We behave like the mouse waiting for the cat to fall asleep before making a go at the cheese…in a mouse trap! We order our border patrol to run and hide and the Janet homeland Napolitano security liar tells us the border has never been so safe…She’s right of course; it is as safe as it gets for terrorist mercenaries. We are not only the victims of a successful cabal we are being humiliated for sport and entertainment and the sake of accentuating domination.

The American Homo sapiens ignoramae would rather be told what to do than do something to save themselves; even though we are being told to do nothing except wait for the government lunch wagon. The war on poverty is the cruelest hoax and longest umbilical cord ever created. Our unemployed labor force is not the entrepreneurs a free market depends on to grow an economy and the entrepreneurs who might give them employment have the most hostile environment for capital investment in the history of the nation. If you see recovery in that formula, buy my bridge to nowhere; guaranteed to take you there.

The cruel hoax of Socialistic autocracies is the inevitable cutting of the umbilical cords they provide on their way to power. In every case people learn the true meaning of the word free…demoralizing, expensive, shackled and often bloody.

Total transformation and fundamental change is the simple conversion from a Constitutional Republic to an autocratic dictatorship; in this case an Islamic Fascist regime change.

I’m for starting over; fatuity notwithstanding. Secede to succeed. Imagine a country where the Bill of Rights is not challenged, the Constitution is revered, the Creator given His due and government is our greatest supporter.

Demand that Barak be relieved of his post, held accountable and exposed as the enemy within; or secede and defeat him.

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