The Man Who Outlawed War

Living in America today is perplexing to those of us who understood and appreciated the uniqueness of this country compared to all other countries. We grew up taking our freedoms for granted while we were the envy of people around the world who dreamed of coming to America.   Unless you lived in the countries under Soviet rule and knew Communism or Europe and knew socialism our freedoms and opportunities didn’t seem extraordinary to us. A man like Barak, seemingly coming out of nowhere, is better understood from a foreigner’s perspective, someone who experienced firsthand life under those rules. We’ve been lied to before but never by an ambitious, ideological interloper with grand designs for ultimate power through our total transformation. We have never had a leader who was forced to control the dissemination of information in order to preserve his image and advance his agenda.

Probably every president with the exception of George Washington has felt a need to withhold or temper the truth on occasion. We have never had to deal with an entire administration built entirely on a culture of deception until now. I want every American who reads this article to reflect on that statement. The truth is never an option when the very existence of this presidency is a falsehood.   Follow the little white ball and sing along. Barry Soetoro could not run for dog catcher as Barry Soetoro. He wasn’t in American schools long enough to run for class president or even be dubbed class clown.  A new identity along with an extensive narrative had to be created and inserted. Where it could not be inserted records had to be sealed by court order and protected from public view. His biography which accompanied his marketing campaign to sell his book had to be withdrawn, corrected for the record and the original claimed to contain inaccurate data as an oversight. Documents were purged, some forged and other testimony denied and discredited. Barak’s and Michelle’s own public record on video were rumored to be fabulous voice-overs or enactments, just enough to create doubt. Loyal sycophants will dismiss his relatives’ innocent testimony as out of context or mistaken; all who proudly proclaimed his place of birth was Kenya, Africa. He dismisses his Muslim education and heritage with a claim to have attended a Christian Church for twenty years while not once hearing the sermons that spat black supremacy. He quietly presides over the end of Ramadan feast every year in the White House.   While he spouts soaring patriotic and reverent rhetoric for public consumption his administration pursues the dissolution of the Constitution and Bill of Rights vigorously. Primary targets are the First and Second Amendments, the major obstacles and a prerequisite to a totalitarian takeover. The First Amendment permits all kinds of public opposition to the changes no one in his right mind wants and the Second Amendment gives the people a fighting chance, literally, against tyranny.

I have been sounding this alarm for nigh onto five years now. I warned that the longer we allowed this aberration to fester in our Republic the more difficult it would be to undo the damage done by edicts, draconian regulations and societal changes. Our economy would be so weakened, our welfare rolls so swelled with dependents and our morale structure damaged beyond recognition, so that a restoration would take generations to have effect, if it is at all possible at this point.

Our greatest obstacle to restoring a functioning Constitutional Republic in our life times on this continent is mortality. One or two generations is all it takes for the concept of a people’s government to fade from memory. Autocracies perpetuate their existence until the electorate which no longer has a meaningful say knows no other form of government…one or two generations. In less than fifteen years children born after Obama took control will have no direct knowledge of the government we are trying desperately to save, unless we succeed.

Unless the trend toward Fascism is reversed before the upcoming election I fear that we are destined to a violent resolution of the choices before us. Tell your children and grand children what those choices are and join the movement to restore America peacefully. Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable.  Cling passionately to your religion and your guns. They are the instruments of last resort before the curtain is drawn.

A man who changes the meaning of words forces us to think in definitions regardless of benign terms applied to toxic events. We are at war…not at overseas contingent operation. The war we are in ultimately enhances the Muslim Brotherhood presence, even if they don’t win a defining victory. The thing is we have yet to define the enemy and wage an all out offensive. War is illegal in America and Islam is a religion of peace. So sayeth the betrayers.

Remove Barak’s weapons not mine. His will wreak violence mine will forestall it.

God bless America.



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