Phony Scandals I Care About

Barak is a morbid SOB. He wants to talk about the economy which has been dead for several years now. Gather around the table, dim the lights and hold your breath; don’t utter a sound during a seance or the wrong ghosts will show up.

We don’t want to end up talking to spirits of phony scandals from the past. Ben Ghazi was a perfectly executed sortie from a terrorist point of view and we should suck it up and realize it makes no difference at this late date, who did what to whom. Besides the survivors have been sworn to secrecy, the top brass have been demoted and transferred and the Secretary of State at the time is busy ramping up a campaign to run for president. Screw up this seance and four dead men will testify and lie just when the economy is heating up and things are looking great. 

“The choices we make now will determine whether or not every American has a fighting chance”, an unfortunate barak of the tongue; instead say every American will have to fight for a chance. That’s the predictable result of an emotional choice for president with zero consideration to qualification. An uninformed, unqualified electorate made an uninformed, unqualified decision and that same uninformed electorate is now choosing not to believe the facts on the ground; the results of their indiscretions.

Barak will put forth a genius plan for reviving the economy today. It will not cut spending because contrary to historical, irrefutable evidence, spending creates opportunity and inexplicably but so help me Allah it is true, that if you circulate money, rotation causes it to multiply. A healthy discussion on the physics of redistribution and spontaneous reproduction will put any concerns for IRS, NAS or DOJ in the ARSE category, in proper perspective. Four scandals seems to be the maximum capacity for the American attention span anyway and a respite from phony problems is in order, by order of the Commander in Sheik. As we speak the EPA is planning and plotting and overstepping their authority, doing Obama’s bidding in the coal, gas, atmospheric warming and business cooling heart of America. Throw three letters at me…any three and I’ll tell you how they spell Cabal, a three letter word meaning screwed. (How quick you are to correct me when we have a president asking us to believe fantastical theories that don’t add up in any language.)

From time to time concerned Americans, praying for Conservative redemption ask in hopeful anticipation, “Has Obama gone too far this time? Has Barak crossed the line? Will he finally be held accountable? Will he be impeached?” Cool your pits America. His impeachable offenses will be the talk of historians for centuries to come. They are legion. We don’t really care.

We elected a man who chose as his closest confidants, terrorists, communists, racists and anarchists. We didn’t care. We didn’t care that he chose not to produce basic documents to support his biography. He told us we were a failed society and we didn’t care. He produces patently false, forged documents that stood in direct opposition to his legal birth certificate, his own word, his wife’s words, his grandmother’s and aunt’s and uncle’s and we don’t give a rat’s ARSE!

Why is Barak insulated from scandal on top of scandal? Why do law suits filed in our highest courts demanding he account for himself never see the light of day? Why can he contradict himself repeatedly, sometimes on the same day and we don’t care? Why indeed. I will answer those questions with a question of my own. Why should a man who broke every rule of law and sovereignty to become president illegally allow himself to be cornered by innuendo, suspicion, disputed documents, facts and the words of his enemies?

Because it was all anticipated and if they can’t control the static they can control the volume. If they can’t control the accusations they can control the outcome. If they can’t control the ideas they can control the dialogue. If they lose control for a moment they can ignore the results. It’s what a dictator in waiting has to do to end the waiting.

He is busy emptying the shelves of every caliber of ammunition we might possibly need for the guns we seem to cling to. He is busy replacing Chaplains with Imams to change the religions we cling to. He is busy releasing POW’s while we wonder why Israel might consider such an inexplicable course of action. He is busy keeping us busy and we don’t care. We don’t know a scandal begets scandals.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Perhaps it is inevitable when a citizenry that was gifted with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness allows the Republic to be wrenched from their grip and doesn’t care; doesn’t even notice. Here we are five years after the fact and we are moaning over four scandals as if the last four years were as clean as the driven snow. Not one admission, conviction or prosecution. The Attorney General is in contempt of Congress and he holds us in contempt; and we move on.

Soon, with the Second Amendment still on the books, right to bear arms will be purely symbolic. It is being nullified by infringement and we don’t care. The First Amendment applies to selective circumstances and doesn’t apply when we need it most. The only reason I can continue to speak my mind and certain patriots continue to rail against this administration is because Barak knows Americans don’t care. Besides; he has a long memory and a vengeful nature.

Well so do I. And so do millions of Americans who can turn the fortunes of war in our favor overnight when it is once more fashionable to experience rage and outrage. The only question is, will we wait until the sword is the only answer or will we take up the pen in time to restore our sovereignty? Until now we have discussed sovereignty in the context of illegal immigration. When a mystery man of foreign extraction moves into the Oval Office, that is a breach of our sovereignty and truly a game changer. I’m waiting America.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Restore this nation or start over again but do not underestimate the power of self determination. That is the Creator’s gift to mankind; it made America great and is our link to the Supreme Being. It is under attack because it countermands a dictator’s claim to supremacy.

Barak’s plans are finally transparent. He is waging a war we have not engaged in. It is time.


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