With Friends Like Us….

Agnostics and Atheists, to their credit, do not blame
God. Jews and Christians who do are heretics.

Today’s letter has nothing to do with the topic I had in mind. Maybe
tomorrow I will return to the most pressing issues of restoring
America and banishing the enemy within. Today I can’t help feeling
that America is being diminished even further as we betray Israel once

These supposed peace talks are a thinly veiled effort by this
administration to convince Israel to placate an enemy sworn by
religious and political ideological tenets to Israel’s destruction. As
if that wasn’t bad enough these barbaric Muslims intend to murder
every living Jew in the process. America’s role, no matter how it is
regurgitated, is to get as many concessions from Israel for the
Palestinian cause even before the negotiations begin with an aim to
satisfy the Palestinian thirst for total victory in the outcome.

Israel is a potent enemy in its present configuration and the Arabs,
true to their cowardly instincts, want their enemy reduced and
compromised before they attempt to deal a mortal blow. Barak would
like nothing more than to accommodate them.

I can’t get my mind off Israel’s decision to negotiate in bad faith
once more. I threw up in my throat when Kerry returned triumphant,
taking credit for reopening Israel Palestinian talks. He reopened
another Israel betrayal, nothing more. Benjamin Netanyahu knows better
than anyone that no good can come of this farce, this exercise in
political tomfoolery. Ultimately this is an affront to the souls who
gave their lives to earn every square inch of the Gaza Strip, the West
Bank and yes, even the Golan Heights. It is a desecration of their
graves. It makes a mockery of history, the spoils of war and genetic
identification. A new nationality was invented for no other reason
than to be a sinister surrogate for the larger Muslim Community,
especially Iran, with one common Cretan goal.

For the Palestinians to demand the release of terrorists as a
precondition to further negotiations is ludicrous on its face but for
Kerry to use the leverage this country holds over Israel to advance
Palestinian demands is even worse than Clinton, Carter and Clinton
suggesting that Israel begin negotiations by going back to 1967
borders; but have no fear, Kerry is all for it. You heard no comment
from Kerry or anyone else when the Palestinians threw that Red herring
into the mix. These terrorists have the stains of Sacred Jewish men,
women and children on their filthy hands. The negotiations should only
be for the remains of these murderers not their battle ready,
unrepentant carcasses. While Israeli families mourn and are asked to
endure salt poured into open wounds, Muslim families will rejoice the
victorious return of their murderous offspring.

No American man or woman should watch idly or tolerate this historical
depravity. Genocide is an abomination and it is in the minds and
hearts of every Muslim Brotherhood Member and if we fail to speak out
we deserve to share the guilt.

My fellow citizens, liberal Jews. If you don’t identify with Israel as
a Jew, perhaps you can as an American.

Pray for Israel and fight for humanity; there is too little to go
around as it is.

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