If We Are Governed by Our Inferiors, Who Gave Them the Power?

I learned something about human nature when I started my career in Wall Street
around 55 years ago. It isn’t very complimentary but still undeniable that most people are looking for a leader. To take a leadership position all one has to do, basically, is say “follow me” and learn to speak with confidence and authority. To hold that position you had better deliver on the promise because it is equally true that most people are impatient and fickle. And that’s the part I don’t understand.

In 2008 Barak came out of the shadows, got to his feet and in a confident, authoritative voice said to the American people, “follow me”. It’s been five years and nine months and he has repeated his follow me speech 50 or 60 times. This week he shared his secret on how to fix the economy…again…His confidence is astounding. His authoritative tone, though laced with condescension, does not waver. He is an empty suit hawking bromides and parables drawn from the well of empty promises and still we tolerate his regime.

So where are the righteous cynics, spurned devotees, paragons of impatience and
fickleness, fooled once, twice, thrice and not a shade of shame to go around, when we need them most? The court of last resort has become a circus of side bars, compromises in chambers and edicts issued when the bench is vacant. Perhaps we
are too overwhelmed with discrepancies and truly shameful behavior, one scandal
overtaking the last before we can digest or process any, to express the depth of
outrage called for. Perhaps outrage is a lost virtue.

I have a theory. I’ve alluded to it on several occasions but with no clear analysis of our political fortunes we are left staring at an unending eddy, impressed by its’ sheer power but anticipating a final spiral and drain of all our resources. Barak is not the leader he
pretends to be. He is a robotic puppet, impervious to humiliation, unaffected by opposition, insensitive to constructive criticism, undeterred by perceived failure, abject failure or adverse public opinion. He is following orders and we are not granted an introduction or audience to the grand Wizard that charts the administration’s course. It is bigger than Barak. The palatial estate built for him in Hawaii is a reward for good behavior bestowed on him by the powers he respects and owes homage to. That’s one theory.

Under Barak’s imperial presidency America is hardly distinguishable from other
collapsing economies. As a functioning Constitutional Republic we stood apart from other democracies and when they fell victim to tyrants we had the moral certitude and ability to go their rescue. In stark contrast no one is able or inclined to come to our rescue as our economy and rule of law disintegrates and it is obvious to everyone except us that there is despot in the White House. We are now distinguished from all other nations by sovereignty; we have ceded ours. But the most regressive nations in the world guard their sovereignty with iron fist regulation. If an immigrant is accepted to take up residency in any other nation he may do so without the prospect of total acceptance. Only in America is an immigrant accepted with little preparation as an American with equal standing to any American whose ancestors can be traced to the Mayflower.

Today we are a squatter’s paradise and a haven for terrorists. Only when a terrorist steps out of the shadows and commits an act of terror are we aware of their presence among us. Even then they are given the benefit of our protective laws, innocent until proven guilty, eye witnesses, recorded images and images of American victims forever
burned in our memory notwithstanding. We do not wage war we offer civil solutions to bestial events.

Today we are a pathetic population of deaf and dumb or intimidated victims so far unwilling to stand our ground. Speeches that contain a litany of lies and un-American bombastic rhetoric are at best, fodder for opposing views on talk shows. Who among us is outraged that the President of the United States of America told a group of Americans
that the American Revolution was unjustified and they should not celebrate Independence Day but rather should celebrate America’s future, clearly intimating that our future would not represent our past? I can count the hands raised from here. Why did the audience not hold him accountable on the spot!? There are without exaggeration
hundreds of offensive statements by this impostor that should enrage us and have us up in arms literally, that don’t even register a yawn. Do the homework; check the record and see with your own eyes that we have a man in the White House who belongs on Elba.

Are we really a nation with the patience of Jobe or are we ultimately disinterested in our future or the future of this country and our children? How long will we tolerate the antics of a man who ignores the rule of law, circumvents Congress, denies our heritage, supports our enemies…I can go on but what’s the use? My patience has run its course. Just when we need a healthy dose of impatience and fickleness, the lost souls of America, their desperate search for a leader unrequited, are simply milling about, wondering when the smartest man in America will deliver on his promise…any one of his promises. My friends hear me one more time. Barak is an efficient executioner and he is keeping his promises; but the promises he keeps were not made to the American

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. If we are to shed our
shackles we must admit that we are shackled. If you can’t count your freedoms you probably can’t count the freedoms we have lost already. Total transformation is not a walk in the park nor is it an idle threat. It is, for all intents and purposes, a declaration of

The choice is still ours.

God Bless Americans.


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