A Capitol Crime

Minorities have assimilated into our society with welcome regularity for centuries. Their contributions to the economy, our heritage and national purpose have earned them the title of patriot and they are proud to be Americans; those who came before them are grateful for their contributions.

This latest phenomenon of hordes arriving in our communities without the formality of legal procedure and with a general disregard for our laws belies our conviction to defend our country. Not only do they violate our borders but they make no effort to hide their illegal status, refuse to assimilate with disdain for our culture and fully expect to partake in our generosity and largess. They burden our medical facilities and our laws tend to punish care givers if they refuse to treat indigent, illegal, uninsured, transient foreigners free. They overburden our social programs at the city, state and federal levels, and contest our patriotism, religious heritage and language precedence. We should deduce that our elected officials serve the aliens over our objections and against our best interests for some unfathomable reason. Yet they’re confident that we will reelect them, as long as they can lie to us with a straight face. If an elected official has two masters, one he sleeps with and the other he lies to, he is guilty of betrayal. He is guilty of betraying his constituents but in doing so he is committing treason.

Some immigrants take important jobs providing vital services that our elected officials, almost to a man, claim Americans don’t want. Since when is that a justification to break laws that are intended to protect our sovereignty and fiscal limitations? Assuming for a moment it is true that Americans don’t want these jobs must we also believe that temporary visas present a hardship and spoil their incentive to take these jobs? We have work visas available for needed labor, usually seasonal, to augment American migrant workers but that somehow doesn’t satisfy the political agenda. So something else is going on and it smacks of betrayal.

We talk about a path to citizenship for 11 million illegals with no serious thought given to enforcing current law and God knows who is streaming across our borders as we speak. Who needs citizenship when our elected officials make a mockery of our voting regulations? What can an American citizen do that illegal aliens can’t? We are a kind
and compassionate people…but we have no count on the number of terrorists, vicious criminals and other subversives who are enemies of America here to undermine our system of laws, religious heritage and economic balance; basically to wage war. That is the price we are paying for not respecting our own sovereignty and demand that the
world respect us the same way. If you are not here to work but take advantage of our social programs and show no inclination to assimilate, what brings you to America? The plot thickens. Betrayal isn’t likely when opposites do battle because we know the difference between the two sides but cheating is encouraged. We have a president
and chief law enforcement officer who have clearly and stubbornly decided they will determine which laws to enforce and when and which Americans are expendable; remember Benghazi. An oath sworn before a God you don’t believe in is not an oath. 535 men and women under oath by our calculations are wracking their brain and probing our tolerance trying to write new immigration laws we will accept without making faces. Most of them are no better than the illegal aliens who do not respect our borders and they need to go to the back of the line with the aliens they protect, the gang of eight included.

Compassion starts at home. I am willing to share the fruit from my tree but not willing to give away the tree; or worse yet allow “undocumented Americans”, infiltrators up to no good and elected officials who do no good, to chop it down. By the way; until we have
positive proof to the contrary, Barak is an undocumented visitor; two forged documents do not equal one original.

Our border patrol, short of being told outright to stand down, are told to run and hide rather than confront violence in the commission of their work. A steady stream of visitors with only the possessions they can carry on their backs is no reason for concern. Situation normal…as in SNAFU.

States trying to enforce laws to protect their citizens and sovereignty are intentionally impeded with federal interference and endure legal prosecution but get no satisfaction or reasonable explanation for Federal agents who see, hear and speak no evil on the borders. Governors who complain are patronized, sheriffs harassed and agents trying to do their jobs are prosecuted for being the first line of defense; if they survive. If that isn’t betrayal I don’t know what is. So there is lots of betrayal going around, the source of domestic consternation and human frailty for ages.

Something far more sinister is afoot and I think most Americans are beginning to smell the coffee. Something or someone makes betrayal profitable. Someone or something is inducing betrayal. Traitors don’t engage in espionage for cheap thrills They are compromised or highly paid. Unless they are career operatives they are often weak, unethical public servants, easily recruited with potential blackmail, sometimes
intimidated with threats of bodily harm to loved ones and sometimes greed trumps integrity, ethics, family, religion and patriotism. But only an enemy of our great country would seek to recruit and compromise our citizens or engender betrayal. The Democrat Party will not break ranks on any issue unless their next election is jeopardized and then they get a temporary pass. The Media is in lock step to protect the obvious engine of fundamental change dividing us as a nation. The nation is adrift in the longest sea of malaise we have ever experienced and the voice of reason from the highest post in the
nation boasts a recovery and doubles down on the very policies that got us here. The enemy is a pinata just out of reach of the flailing sticks that yearn for the bounty we are told lies within; in truth within there are only lies.

Our policies in the Middle East isolate and surround Israel, a proven ally since the day it was born but strengthen, embolden and enrich our enemies and we stand staunchly with the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood; the avowed enemy of mankind, spawners of terrorism, wanton opportunistic murderers our Commander in Sheik boldly holds in esteem. The once free world trembles at the thought of America’s decline and the loss of their savior and beacon of democratic principles. Our decline is not cyclical in nature. If it were we would have recovered long ago. It is not merely the result of misguided
politicians or even the criminally responsible betrayers. There is a movement behind this tragic turn of events and it is spearheaded by a cabal. Any explanation to the contrary is a pathetic excuse and cowardly refusal to face facts. The figure head of the Cabal is the man they groomed and cultivated to execute the plan after the invasion, the president of the United States of America. He does not deviate from his appointed rounds because he has no interest or incentive in doing so.

In 2008 I wrote my first letter as a political activist. A man who is singularly unqualified, amazingly devoid of credentials or accomplishments and unrepentant for his long time association with subversive characters of every stripe and not a scintilla of evidence
that he is American born, is the quarterback for the opposing team. His mission is to break down American tradition, deny us of our heritage, dissuade us of our religious convictions, dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights and create dissension and division among every segment and underpinning of society. Not emotionally caught up in the propaganda and hoopla of his candidacy a few Americans recognized the danger his presidency presented. Concerned and offended by his lies, his frank opposition to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and his stated objective to circumvent Congress and a
platform intended to undermine our rule of law, I announced thatAmerica was invaded. Nothing that has transpired in the next term and 9 months that would dissuade me from that conclusion has occurred.

Much has transpired that supports my contention. Patriotic Americans agree with most of my analysis and fears but draw the line when I express my belief that we are a nation in the grips of a cabal. Some go so far as to say I would have more credibility if I abandon that premise. I say I would have no credibility if I didn’t report what I believe. My response is please tell me what any invasion force would do what Barak hasn’t already done or is planning.

The thread that holds our fragile Republic together is burning. Whether we ae dealing with a cabal that intends to dissolve the Republic and replace it with an Islamic Fascist Autocracy, or a radical ideological mad man intent on forcing failed socialistic
programs onto a Constitutional Republic makes no difference to me. You are splitting hairs while Rome burns. Our survival as a constitutional Republic relies on our willingness to fight back aggressively.

Americans must go on offense or surrender to the same fate that has befallen idealistic Republics before us. We are better than that and we have options. Time to act America.

The crime is in the Capitol. Demand that Washington cease and desist in the business of creating laws ad infinitum. We do not need even one new law until we decide if we will continue to be a nation of laws.

Demand that our Judiciary and Congress adopt a war mentality. Any attempt to change our form of government should be considered an act of war. Demand that we adopt and institute policies that are consistent with the form of government the Forefathers provided. A Republic that declares the people derive their freedom from a Higher Power is committed to self determination and free will. That is the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit, which is what made this country great. It cannot survive without Capitalism. It cannot survive without the Judea Christian principles our laws are based on. It cannot survive with a despot in the White House.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His will hold us at bay…mine will prevent that from happening.


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