The Yoke of Self Denial

To tell the truth I liked the jolly fat Al Sharpton the hypocrite
better than I like the new slimmed-down bobble-head version which
appears to be more mean-spirited and disingenuous, if that’s possible.
Just the thought of calling him Reverend evokes waves of nausea and
visions of hypocrisy in me for the almost irreparable damage he wreaks
on those who see him in an opposite role than do I.

The subdued, scandal-riddled Jackson raises the bar for hypocritical
gymnastics and gives the title reverend a bad name for any pastor who
is ordained in a ministry, no matter how dubious. But when he engages
in soaring rhetoric, doubles down on his accent and spews the trigger
words that evoke Amen’s after each provoking phrase he’s at his best;
or worst, depending on your gullibility factor.

Here you have two prominent black leaders who speak exclusively to the
black community in times of stress and for the black community with
self appointed authority. Like long lost relatives they show up for
the reading of the will as if by teleportation and are the most
bereaved in the congregation, or any adjudication to create

In the Trayvon/George case they showed up before the the chalk outline
wore off and George’s scrape formed a scab. They made assumptions and
their assumptions were wrong. Why would anyone show up to protest the
Stand Your Ground law when it had no bearing on the case? Why would
anyone demonstrate to repeal a law that is most useful to the people
you are asking to demonstrate? To publicity hounds like Jackson and
Sharpton any demonstration they can roust is a good one. In their rush
to judgement they were forced to choose their purpose after they chose
their strategy. They found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to
go. I can only tell you where I would like them to go and my admitted
animus is borne of my patriotic and Christian desire to see the
burning embers of racial division smothered once and for all by mutual
understanding and brotherly love.

It’s about time we get over being offended by words. Words have the
meaning we assign to them. The slang terms used in the black community
to describe white people are bandied about freely and I would venture
to say even more commonly than the “N” word among whites. We’ve been
put on notice that the N word, used in public or in private will bring
down the wrath of God and black men might be justified in seeking
retribution. There are many terms not nearly as politically incorrect
as the N word, such as “Cracker”, “White Bread”, “Honky” and my
favorite, “Devil”….Why do they not offend me? I’ll tell you why.
There is no white, self important, self appointed hypocrite telling us
we should be offended. We don’t have “community leaders” nagging at
us, goading us, telling us we are getting the short end of the stick
when it comes to human rights, subsidies, job preferences, education
and opportunities or any other goody the black community has
preference to. Presumably we are “atoning” for the wrongs of ancestors
we never knew and mostly never existed for the majority of white
Americans. Their are laws that make it a crime, under certain
conditions for a white to use the “N” word, but not for the use of
“Whitey”, Cracker, White Bread or Honky. Certainly it is perfectly
acceptable for the N word to be used by Black people to Black people.
White on Black crime may make headlines, black on white not so much
and black on black, the majority of violent crimes in America, not
worthy of honorable or dishonorable mention. A complicit media reports
the news that supports the administration’s play bill.

My ancestors came from Italy and were busy overcoming prejudice every
new wave of immigrants experience and they did so stolidly, working
hard to raise their place in the community and contribute to society
in the best way they knew how. When they had a grievance they went
directly to the offending party and said their piece, occasionally
accented with a punch in the nose too. Blacks are told and too many
buy into the idea that they are offended by an entire race. I don’t
get it. I never offended anyone unintentionally. I wager that it is
still more difficult to be Jewish in this world than black by a long
shot but in America it is the blacks who remain defensive and guarded
while Jews concentrate on God, family, education and productivity.
Without leadership that ingrains acrid emotions I doubt very much of
it would exist in black society to the extent it does today. This
government is dependent on the welfare society to retain power and has
done more to divide and set us against one another than even Al
Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson who do it for a living. I will never
fall victim to these bare faced tactics and I can vouch for my friends
as well and they span the kaleidescope of human diversity.

In my time we have been coerced to stop using the term Negro. We were
also told that the term colored people, as in the title of the NAACP,
is offensive if you are not black and we should replace it with Black.
I never saw a black human being. We are told that racial profiling is
immoral and unfair when it is the fundamental tool of recognition and
description, not only for law enforcement but for anyone with eyes. We
have unabashadly created a double standard and divided that into as
many standards as it takes to divide and engender distrust. Caucasians
are left with the option of descrribing someone as “not white” and let
the recipient guess what color we’re referring to. It is time to get
over ourselves and let mother nature dictate our preferences. Do we
deny that most families in America have some intermarriage, whether
yellow, brown, tan or the shade I don’t know how to describe for Arabs
with blue eyes? Send the rabble rousers packing and appreciate the
fact that America is not only a melting pot it is indeed the land of
equal opportunity. People gave their lives on both sides of the
equation in our struggle to end discrimination and the scourge of
slavery. Why do we go through such great pains to hide the fact that
slavery, for all it’s inhuman and unchristian components was the law
of the land and was practiced by both races? The major inequality was
that only one race was enslaved. Slavery exists today in many parts of
the world and race is not a concern in those countries that tolerate
the practice. Foreign slave owners are equal opportunity masters. In
America and in much of Euroope the races have blended beyond
description. What is left is using race to promote wealth
redistribution and dependency. That is the ultimate crime the Obama’s,
Sharptons and Jacksons are most guilty of and for that I have no

How come the black community doesn’t pay homage to their counterparts
who saw no obstacles to their accomplishments they couldn’t overcome?
They are far more numerous and display more greatness than most know.
Unheroic heroes who go about their daily lives, accomplishing great
things, succeeding where others have failed, contributing to mankind,
making fortunes, taking risks, raising great families and suffering
great set backs are the norm not the exception. All with humility and
quiet they do not see themselves as heroes but they are certainly role
models far more worthy than the likes of Sharpton and Soetero.

God Bless America,


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