A Country Without a Man

Leadership is the key to success for mammals, birds, insects and fish populations
on the planet and man is no exception.

Businesses without strong leadership are doomed to failure and we have statistics that support that fact dramatically. The rate of failure for all business startups in the first through fifth years diminishes with experience and improved leadership.

Governors with great leadership skills provide superior living conditions in their states and the same goes for Mayors, aldermen and so on.

That being said it is obvious that most human beings rely on leadership and are not inclined to lead. Too many cooks spoil the broth exemplifies the fact of that human condition perfectly.

America has an incredible reserve of strong men and women, who have answered
the call to sacrifice without hesitation and few exceptions when the country needed them. There is no shortage of heroism, fellowship, patriotism and all the qualities leaders need in their ranks to accomplish great things.

At every crucial moment in America’s history great leaders have seen us through trials that tested our mettle and threatened our survival. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan we invariably produced historical figures who were uniquely suited to the times and challenges of their day. None were perfect. Some were not even aligned with our founders’ vision for the country as a Constitutional Republic. FDR comes to mind, who had to set his communist ideals aside briefly to address the compelling issues of lingering depression and world war in quick succession. Obviously his solution to the depression was not as effective as his wartime strategy, where he emerged as a leader of men and nations.

There are men who know when to lead and when to step aside, like Geese in a Vee
formation, they can move gracefully from the head of the formation to the rear to use their talents to support the group in that way. There are followers who see their duties clearly and selectively join causes they believe in; and there are the masses, who like kangaroos, will jump in unison when a cadence moves them. Feed them and they will follow you anywhere; just keep the beat going.

Leaders are born. You can teach men to lead with varying degrees of success but the great leaders in history seem to have been born for the moment that called for their strength to mold men and build empires. There has been no shortage of evil leaders throughout history who were consumed with power, greed and self fulfillment at the expense of weaker willed or helpless followers. Leadership does not guarantee integrity.

Barak Obama is one such leader and his A Team all have enviable leadership qualities which gives the Obama regime depth and effectiveness. Eric Holder is as cool under pressure and committed to his chosen priorities as any Attorney General in history but not the responsibilities of the office. You can go through the roster of appointments in the Obama administration and at every level Barak’s key leadership talent is evident. He chooses his top echelon with unerring insight and skill; the mark of a great leader. Nothing deters this team from pursuing their goals, regardless of opposition, apparent rejection or sacrificial lambs who take blame and suffer consequences unfairly, that the
leader be perceived as above the fray.

I wish we had effective leaders of this caliber on our side. Alas, America has no man of the hour who can run the gauntlet of American politics and survive intact to confront the enemy in our midst. The enemy in our midst has so far avoided outright exposure and skillfully eludes and deflects accusations and suspicions. They exist in a permanent formation of circled wagons. When caught dead to rights defying our laws and the best interests of this country, the conversation always turns to some political conundrum that will never be solved and never laid to rest. There is no war on terror, Islam has a distinguished record of contribution to American heritage, Barak is a Christian born in America and the tooth fairy is married to the sand man. We will spend our way out of debt and disarm ourselves until our enemies regard us with respect and awe. “Radical” political activists who make dots connect and facts deduce say that Barak is the friend of our enemy, the enemy within and the supporter of Islamic dominance worldwide. Radicals believe in God, the sanctity of man, patriotism and self determination in opposition to government oppression. The Tea Party is violent, racist and a danger to society. Never mind the fact that they are American society and represent the most orderly denunciation of government oppression in modern history.

So why stop now? Obama is seeking the ideal circumstances, a crisis in fact or a crisis by design, which will create sufficient turmoil and unrest in the country to warrant Martial Law and insure his permanent presidency. His people did all they could to legitimize that festival of debauchery called Occupy Wall Street. The riff raff in attendance failed to riot, murder and burn sufficiently, as instigated by union thugs; instead they were satisfied to rape, pillage and defecate publicly, just enough to satisfy their own wanton desires; neither leaders nor followers they were opportunists run amok for whom convention and the rule of law was conveniently suspended.

It crossed his mind, no doubt, that the debt crisis might be used to assume unilateral control of fiscal decisions via the 14th Amendment but he couldn’t pull the trigger and now he seizes opportunity to shamelessly exploit the Trayvon Martin case, just as he did the Sandy Hook massacred children. Using Zimmerman as a wedge to divide the country Barak speaks like Siamese Twins, both evil, that hate each other but share a common goal. “The shooting of an unarmed African American teen requires national soul searching”. It’s what a leader does. He never lets a good crisis go to waste and never lets too long pass without one.

Left to local discretion there would not have been an arrest in the George Zimmerman case; that’s what the record indicates. Without constant biased media characterization of the events and the principles, and extreme pressure from higher authorities and influential biased organizations the case would not have caught the imagination of the public, and the trial would have been local news on page six. That’s where leadership
counts. Barak’s lying eyes saw family resemblance in Trayvon and that signaled the potential for a crisis that could rise to the occasion and spark racial tensions of epic proportions. In hindsight I am beginning to wonder if the crack prosecution team didn’t throw the game on command. With his usual disregard for due process, Barak immediately suggested that George, whom we thought was acquitted, was judged by “a jury”, not “the” jury. “A jury has spoken”, emphasis on “a” when the English vernacular
calls for “the”, is Barak’s word-perfect official choice of expression used by him, his official parrot and media who follow like a line of elephants each holding the tail of the one in front with his trunk, never deviating from course.

America is poised on the precipice of peril. The cross roads of history meets at our conscience. If we continue to allow political correctness to determine which path we shall take or how we will announce our conclusions our future is in the hands of evil leaders. War is not fought with such deference to social considerations. “If it moves shoot it”, is not advice to be taken lightly in the heat of battle. The enemy in the persona of the Muslim Brotherhood is waging war with every weapon at its disposal; not conventional weapons to be sure, and not conventional warfare for certain; but war none the less and we have the casualties to prove it.

The enemy in the persona of a president whose every word and act affects our freedom, financial security or our international posture negatively must be taken seriously if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic. The enemy in the persona of the Muslim Brotherhood challenges our Judea Christian heritage with extinction without which America is not the nation the world depends on for leadership and moral certitude.

Demand that we fight back in kind. Do not cede our religious freedom no matter how innocuous the challenge. Pray openly and publicly in our Judea Christian tradition.

Demand that Barak be removed from office and held accountable for this treasonous presidency which is living up to the absurd promise of total transformation and fundamental change.

We are immersed in a war which has the very same objective for us as the American
Revolution. Barak does not believe in wars for Independence, though he prosecutes today’s war, it is the one he fears the most. Demand that he be removed.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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