Heart Break Republic

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are the unlikely and unwilling
tragic figures in a national travesty. The tragedy played itself out
on a dark and rainy night in a quiet Florida community and the country
suffers the travesty in the outcome of that fateful encounter.

Is there an American left who has not formed an opinion and feels
empowered and obligated to blurt it out to all who will listen despite
that most are regurgitating snippets of facts or untruths that suit
their personal moral and political agendas? I fear that we have
reached critical mass in which everyone who exercises his/her right of
free speech is yelling fire in a crowded movie house. The adults have
left the room and the bickering and finger pointing resumes in full
force but not out of range. The adults have only left the room to
pursue their own hate speech, recrimination and political/racial
advantages while the children have their ears pressed to the walls
absorbing every syllable of divisiveness and false sanctimony.

I am heart broken but if I shed tears they are tears of anger and
frustration. My country is broken and the citizens I count on to
preserve and protect the Republic don’t care that the Kool Ade is
laced with arsenic or that the opinions they so glibly spout are
formed in the Halls of Justice, the confines of Congress and from the
pulpit of the presidency and  fed to us in our class rooms, court
rooms and news rooms, once subliminally, now vociferously. The message
has been venomous and counter productive; the racial divide is caused
by historical dominance and mal treatment of slaves by Southern slave
owners and all whites harbor prejudice and distrust. The message is
dishonest and disingenuous.

Nothing that modern society has done or attempts is permitted to
assuage the distrust. Non whites who have not achieved financial
success attribute their own shortcomings to non-equality perpetuated
by greedy white aristocracy. That is a widely held perception of all
non Caucasians who, rightly or wrongly feel their skin shade entitles
them to that perspective. Caucasians who don’t measure up are simply
poor whites and can blame their circumstances on anything they want to
from generational stagnation to bad luck. But darker skinned Americans
are victimized by their successful counterparts who feed the fires of
racial division by denial and a sincere desire to “give back” but are
really pouring gasoline on the fires of discontent. Whites are equally
guilty of fighting for the less fortunate and poor blacks and seeing
to it that they get the help the need to live with dignity. It all
sounds so righteous and upstanding. They do not see themselves as the
hypocrites they really are perpetuate poverty and dependency which is
at the core of racial division in America. The war on poverty as a
cliche served only to institutionalise and create generational

I am sorry for Trayvon and just as sorry for George. They are both
victims and if Trayvon has the public spirit of Martin Luther King he
will be mortified that his death serves as a catalyst to greater
division in America. Trayvon did not get a fair trial. He was
portrayed as a model son, model teen, model child who drank tea and
ate skittles. George didn’t get a fair trial and we should, as
Americans, object to the entire process that culminated in a one sided
persecution that failed in its objective to make George the poster boy
for hatred and gun violence and Trayvon the poster boy for prejudice
and civil rights violations. That is not what the justice system is
supposed to do. This tragedy should serve as a lesson to all Americans
that the mere appearance of hooliganism is stupid and many teens
emulate the wrong examples. George’s perception was born of the
disrespectful image today’s youth accentuates and projects. Right or
wrong Trayvon was a victim of his peers’ and perhaps his own behavior.
George is a victim of his environment and perhaps his own perception
of today’s youth as trouble makers and perpetrators of petty crime in
the community.

In the aftermath the prosecution is retrying their insubstantial case,
which did not meet the standards of professional law enforcement in a
court of law, in the public venue. Officers of the court, prosecutors,
are civil servants who should seek justice and not revenge with the
authority we have placed in them. They should be severely reprimanded
and the State Attorney, who set the stage for persecution in lieu of
justified prosecution should be removed from office; she has broken
the public trust.

All of Trayvon’s supporters who are calling for justice are destroying
the system of justice we have. There was a trial and the accused was
found not guilty under the law. Trayvon should rest in peace and his
family is equally guilty of making that less possible. It is the first
time in my recollection that the family of a victim lawyered up before
the trial; not with a friendly family friend who happens to be an
attorney but with a brace of civil rights attorneys who have been
outspoken throughout the process about perceived injustice and the
heinous crime of a white man killing an innocent black child in cold
blood. There is chicanery afoot and the Martin family is not as
concerned with justice as they are letting their son be used as a
sympathetic figure for civil rights and they allow themselves to be
orchestrated. All of this plays into the administration’s vision for a
divided, angry America.

I hoped we are better than this. I believe we would be if we had
honest complete reporting of all crime in America so that reasonable,
intelligent Americans can heal the wounds inflicted by outside
interests who benefit from racial tension and division; or avoid being
inflicted by those wounds. I am sick and tired of hearing pundits and
politicians make a statement and then qualify it by telling us how
both sides feel. We are all Americans. There should be one side only.
We are all being used and our opinions, whether right or wrong simply
add fuel to the fire at this point. I hope I am not guilty of that as
well. I have an opinion but the only opinion I respect is the that of
the Jury. You should not care how I feel over who is guilty of what
and why. I am not privy to the facts and neither are any of the
reporters who are paid handsomely to report but can’t help
editorializing. The opinion I wish to portray today is that of a
patriot who wants America to live up to the promise of the
Constitution. “We the People” has no racial overtone.

Rest in peace Trayvon. Home for you is the same home we all seek in
the afterlife and that is with one God the Creator. Go in peace
George. My prayer is that America respects the decision of the court
and the next time you are judged it will be with all of us, in due

God bless America

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