Dictators Love Democracies…Not Democracy

Democracies come and go and have for thousands of years. Among men of good will there is unanimous consent that man’s ideal government is a democratic one and America’s democracy in a Constitutional Republic is no doubt the highest form of human community yet.

Democracies end (usually) when a tyrant takes the people’s contribution out of the equation and assumes total control, becoming sole arbitrator and decision maker after the people have divided themselves with takers outnumbering makers. The reason dictators love democracies is because they live longer if they get elected by cheating than if they announce their political ambitions up front. People want to vote and have a say in government and for some strange reason will do so even when the result of an election is predetermined; but perhaps that accounts for the historical dismal voter turnout in American elections. Despots know that it is not who votes that counts; it is who counts the votes that counts; thank Josef Stalin for making it perfectly clear.

I am totally amazed and stunned by Americans’ refusal to believe that most American elections have been manipulated in one way or another or to some degree, since time immemorial. From school board to sheriff, from aldermen to judges and so on up the ladder. Conventional wisdom dictates that only close elections can be corrupted but I maintain that some close elections would not have been close were it not for a concerted effort to stuff the ballot boxes…sometimes stuffers fall short, what can I say.

The art of fixing elections had been brought to unprecedented predictability in America when nefarious powers decided to take down the strongest, richest, most successful nation in the world. America was so successful as a Constitutional Republic that the idea of democracy and capitalism spread world wide, making life difficult for autocracies and competing democracies. When you spread American style democracy and liberty you spread Judea Christian dogma and evidently that was interfering with governments that saw their most productive citizens fleeing to our shores for opportunity or complaining vociferously at home. We used to attract the cream of international societies, as in people who were willing to work hard to succeed and tired of working hard for the greater good of slackers and takers.

To undermine our society and make it more like socialist democracies changes had to come by degrees and our people had to be conditioned to accept ideas that would eventually erode and undermine the basic concept of a people’s government. They started locally in our education system and the flawed products of that liberal system sought positions in local politics. Our universities and colleges were seeded with socialists, communists and liberal thinkers who were intent on breaking down moral and cultural values with high minded theories of soft rebellion. America became a land filled with vocal liberals who want to level the playing field to the lowest common denominator, provide government assistance to those most comfortable in dependency and pay for everything with taxes on productive members who object to the whole concept. They don’t call it confiscation because it’s only taxes and everyone must pay their fair share; except those who decide what fair share is and the indolent content to gain the system. When you have a rogue I.R.S. agency that is self-policing and unrestrained in its collection tactics and therefore feared by the most productive members of society…that is tantamount to confiscation. When that agency suspects or accuses a citizen of tax delinquency and subverts or ignores due process…that is tantamount to a police state. How many government agencies in America have their own enforcement divisions; armed SWAT teams that take the law into their own hands and disrupt businesses and livelihoods at gun point to enforce their regulations or perceived infractions of their rules. Do not run afoul of the EPA, IRS, FDA, FBI, TTB, DEA at the risk of your life becoming a living hell. If you are a small business or farmer trying to dine on fresh butchered meat and home grown vegetables with friends and neighbors or a guitar manufacturer who follows the letter of the law in choosing exotic woods but not the intent of the EPA expect punishment absent due process. Do not run afoul of local police who might consider an individual with a carry license a threat…they are no longer the local constabulary…they have become highly trained special forces in bullet proof vests toting high powered weapons, intent on maintaining law and order as never before. Look around you. America has been transformed. We are beginning to look more and more like a police state. Peel the onion and look where you might never notice…there are manned, unoccupied state of the art prison facilities sitting and waiting. Waiting for what you might ask? Perhaps an election with only one candidate. A DINO may develop where once we had elections that best represented the voice of the people… A Democracy in Name Only.

The truth is democracy doesn’t work anymore and maybe it never did. If you think our founding fathers thought it worked, think again. They wanted limited democracy; at least the founders who led the way to Independence did. As educated men of faith who understood history, they knew the pitfalls and advantages of a Republic and that democracy in action may not be democracy after the votes are counted. It turns my stomach when Barak tells Egyptians to restore the democratic process. Unbeknown to the people who voted there the democratic process that put Morsi in office is a sham. The democratic process that put Barak in office here is also a sham. The democratic process in both countries was used and manipulated to transform both countries and the Muslim Brotherhood is cavorting about the scene like jackals who will not dine unless they are assured their prey is sufficiently weakened.

This is the subject of a book that will be written long after I make transition. History will record the fate of a nation that was duped into accepting a form of government that their forefathers died to protect them from. History will tell our children and children’s children if we learned from our mistakes and valued our freedom enough to preserve it for future generations. We cannot preserve it unless we make the adjustments our forefathers could not incorporate at the dawn of this great country.

The questions now are many and some may seem impossible to answer because each question and answer will result in more questions needing answers. Can we take back control of our destiny? If we do will we rest on our laurels or take on the challenges to remove our vulnerability as a democracy? Can we turn our Republic into the limited democracy our founders could not? Has America been so altered from its original concept that too many are inured to the false concept of benevolent government?

I fear it is too late with this unwieldy, top heavy predicament for any new leadership, no matter how well intentioned, to take the reins and re instill the Conservative, Judea Christian values we have abandoned as a people, and thereby take responsibility once more for our own actions with sweat equity and informed participation. The good news is that our wounds are fresh and we have the knowledge and experience, with the proper leadership, to start fresh. I don’t see that caliber of leadership as having influence enough in this arena, but they do exist, muted by party politics that cannibalize their best and brightest if they dare to buck the system.

A new Republic on this continent, our Constitution and Bill of Rights restored to proper relevance with the changes mentioned above, can be a reality and it will, once we breathe life into her, live for a thousand years and more, not the 200 plus once projected 200 plus years in advance….

The Second Amendment is the stalwart defender of all our rights. The moment in history that Thomas Jefferson cited as the time it would be needed is here. This unlawful government that opposes the Constitution and Bill of Rights boldly and vociferously must not survive our will. It must go and we must adjust our thinking and our laws so that no alternate form of government will ever again defeat our system and engage us in the transformation we are now witnessing. Who has the courage to stand and make it happen?

Demand that Barak be removed by any and every legal means available to us and hold him accountable for his words and deeds while in control of at least one branch of our government. Then we can regroup, organize and restart and ask for the Creator’s forgiveness and blessing once more…

God bless Americans.

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