When the Sphinx Smiles its a Bad Day for Islam

A democracy that thwarts the will of the people is not a democracy worth having. Morsi was elected but like Obama his true agenda was not really evident until he had the power to execute. To be honest both of these pod dwellers told us what they believed but Americans and Egyptians didn’t listen to the fine print. More to the point they were psychologically prepared to accept false hope, sympathy and promises rather than facts and reality. When radicals are elected I am highly suspicious of the results and for good reason. Where there is smoke there is fire and scruples don’t grow on bandits. And yes; by any definition, Barak is as radical as they come.

When you put a Muslim Brotherhood member or sympathiser in charge of a democracy you will lose that democracy or you will end up with a DINO…a democracy in name only. You may vote but you will never again be assured that those who count the votes don’t have their fingers crossed and their loyalties lost. Barak is calling for a return to the democratic process; that isn’t even code for return Morsi. The same democratic process he called for when he opined that “every one must have a seat at the table” when Mubarak achieved room temperature. He urged that elections in the new democracy be all inclusive and it was evident early on that he had a dog in the hunt. True democracies are not born; they are won. The losers who despise democracy seldom go away quietly; they foment discontent and unrest until they can regain a foothold.

Our forefathers were aware of the slippery slope of allowing the Constitutional Republic to be challenged in every election cycle by politicians and ideologues whose vision of government is at odds with their blueprint for self government. That  blueprint is based on Judea Christian principles and its opponents are most often anti religion, anti establishment and anti self determination. As a practical matter the self government proponents were unable to convince most of the founders that the Constitution should have precautions and safe guards to protect the concept of self government from being usurped. The result is that after 150 years or so antagonists figured out they could gnaw away at our laws and Bill of Rights and use incremental politics to gradually change the character of this nation and they were successful. So successful that in 2008 Barak swept onto the scene telling us we were wrong for 240 years and sold us the oldest, most unsuccessful formula for government in history and we bought it in lieu of the most successful formula in history and lived to regret our choice. The lesson we are learning is that wealth redistribution and socialism is a gateway drug to perdition; pray that we learn in time before it leads to Islamic Fascism, a dictatorship or worse.

In Egypt the people who survived the uprising had unreasonable expectations for the outcome of their sacrifice but expectations they are fully entitled to. They know instinctively what we know from Judea Christian dogma and the Constitution and we take for granted; freedom is the birthright of humanity; government, by its very nature, diminishes freedom. Only the American Republic limits government authority and praises our Creator. Revolutions leave a vacuum in leadership and the instigators watch from the side lines waiting to fill that vacuum. When the Egyptian people’s expectations were not met, coupled with a dogged determination by the new president to introduce total transformation in the way of Sharia Law, they rebelled once more. The Egyptian military took the side of the people and did what our Founders were unable to do. They gave the people another bite at the apple, perhaps not for democracy, that remains to be seen, but at least freedom from Muslim Brotherhood tyranny. In effect the military, which had ruled the country for many years prior to and with Mubarak, heard the people reject the Muslim Brotherhood and somehow realized that what they had avoided and Mubarak prevented was becoming a reality through a very flawed democratic process.

The world will not be a safe or peaceful place as long as the Muslim Brotherhood has power and influence. The Arab Spring and an American president have greatly advanced their status and the mission of Jihad seems more attainable to these barbarians than ever, since their declaration of war on all infidels. America is undergoing total transformation and the transformer is a Muslim with strong ties to radicals and terrorists from all walks of life. He discusses world affairs with Islamic Muslims who should not be permitted within 100 miles of Washington D.C. Christianity is under assault as the foundation of our civil laws and Muslims exult in their growing prevalence, compliments of government rule.

Our salvation as a nation and survival as a Constitutional Republic depends on our ability and willingness to recognize and defeat all enemies. Our survival as a civilization depends on our willingness to take bold international steps to neutralize and reverse the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood has realized in America, the Middle East and Europe. Egypt, Greece and Syria all resisted the Muslim Brotherhood and once the barriers were removed they all are experiencing unprecedented bloodshed and oppression. Where the Muslim Brotherhood goes, misery, terror and poverty are sure to follow.

Events in Egypt represent the first set back for the Muslim Brotherhood since the Arab Spring. Let the Egyptian Army deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and a stronger, unified United States and Israel will see our common enemies turn impotent.

Our best and wisest move would be to let the Middle East nations sink to their own level and that will in turn reduce the support they provide the Muslim Brotherhood and the real threat they pose to Israel. If we should withhold aid from Egypt as we incrementally increase our aid and support to Israel the Middle East nations’ threat to Israel will abate proportionately. Isn’t it ironic that Israel and the United States have realized oil and gas reserves we could not imagine even two short years ago, in the face of Obama’s war on coal, fossil fuels and Christianity. Is this not a  spiritual sign that now is the time to reject Obama’s policies, edicts and comments which are aligned with Muslim efforts to overwhelm our society and impose their will on us while they gain assets and military components in the Middle East. A thousand Atomic bombs will not make lions out of jackals. We are still the dominant force on the world scene. One thing the Arab nations do have in common is respect for strength and once we send a message that we have regained our sanity we will be back in their good graces.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck. Barak is a threat to this nation. If not for the reasons I cite then by his own admission he sees the Constitution and Bill of Rights as problematical and the American Revolution as a rebellion against a proper authority. He must be removed.

Remove Baraks guns not mine. His will suppress our freedom mine will guarantee it.

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