Father Francois Murad, Franciscan Catholic Priest

Don’t run out for the newspaper, it isn’t in there. Don’t worry about getting home in time to hear the six o’clock news or falling asleep before the 10 o’clock news. Muslim on Christian violence doesn’t arch a liberal eyebrow and no mention is dishonorable mention unspoken. The Pope issued a statement though, to the effect that Islamic rebel forces, (that’s an oxymoron) fighting to topple Assad, killed a Catholic Priest; they beheaded him unceremoniously but Allah Akbar was the last phrase he heard, no doubt.

Now that news does not come as a shock to those of us who took the Muslim Brotherhood at their word when they declared war on all infidels and vowed to kill all Jews. Of course Father Murad wasn’t a Jew but when Muslims don’t have time to convert us to Islam they kill us; it’s a form of Sharia efficiency. If you were yawning when Jihad was dropped on us you weren’t alone…All of Europe let that minor diatribe slip by and invited the Muslims to set up camp and defecate on their laws, mores and traditions. It’s just part of Allah’s grand scheme to infiltrate, agitate and ingratiate to the detriment of gracious hosts. So Muslim Jihadists are waging war and hardly anybody cares to engage them. No matter how many beheadings, bombings, beatings and brawlings they impose and carry out war is not an option to sleeping beauties, cowards or American presidents. We turned a deaf ear and a blind eye and believe it or not they didn’t go away. They merely want to know which is our blind eye so they can poke out the other one.

May the martyred Catholic priest rest in peace while we ponder the consequences of yet another uncivilized, savage killing. Okay ponder over…we’ll not even issue a stern rebuke. So let’s move on and consider what this vicious act of terror amid the killing fields of a Middle East version of rebellion teaches us. Now that 100,000 Syrian freedom fighters have died gloriously and more have bled profusely for their cause the truth is they have been duped and Barak knows it. Now they are joined by forces that will help them topple and likely kill their tormentor and they haven’t the slightest suspicion that the victory they will soon celebrate will be hollow and short lived. The Muslim Brotherhood will gleefully pull the sajjāda (rug) out once more and John (our homegrown traitor-in-service to the country) Kerry, will resurrect one of Hilary’s religion of peace speeches and Barak will laud the all-inclusive new democratic, Sharia-compliant government of the people of Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a fool proof formula for getting the most out of the Arab Spring with the least sacrifice; a friend in the White House and Sharia inspired lies. Once again Barak’s timing is impeccable. No late-to-the-dance, ineffective fly zone proponent, Barak means business and will commit troops, money and guns of various shapes and sizes to help the reconstituted rebels fight for freedom. The rebels who cannot win for losing will no doubt celebrate their newly won democracy and joyfully surge to the polls in numbers that would make American Idol green with envy and Benjamin Franklin wax poetic.

In a few months they’ll wish they let Assad live to a ripe old age; and we’ll say, Shucks, Barak got it wrong agin!

A word to the wise. If you elect an Islamic Muslim to high office you get Islamic Fascism and will surely be punished for that good deed. This holds equally true in the Middle East Arab Spring as in the United States’ winter of discontent.

The tragedy in the Middle East is an infectious virus and unless we take control of our destiny, restore our Judea Christian principles in government and Judea Christian values in our lives, chaos will lead to Islamic Muslim impositions in our culture. American government of the people will surely be transformed to a government to the people.

Demand that Barak be held accountable for reckless endangerment to our heritage and the Republic we hold dear.

Remove Barak’s guns not mine. His will be turned on us; mine will turn them back.



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