My Lips Are Looser Than Yours

The hacker of note in the annals of human frailty was Lucy Borden. Problem with hackers is they are not hackers until they are done hacking. Is Snowden a Hacker or a yacker? If he embarrassed the NSA he’s done us a great service and something no one in America has been able to do before…embarrass Barak.

That being said I’m hesitant to take sides on this one. My gut tells me that Snowden may have been stampeded with threats or realized he may be made a scapegoat to take the heat off Barak and the NSA…I don’t know. I am sure of one thing. If we are getting all the facts on this story it will be the only time in memory that we’re not being led down a primrose path for political purposes. As for Snowden once he bolted his chances of fairness dissipated and if he is indeed a traitor we may never know; I should say if he is not a traitor we may never know. I get the feeling that if he gets the death penalty for treason he is probably innocent. So far our ace diplomatic operatives leave me thinking nobody wants to catch the guy, unless they can nab him and keep his mouth shut at the same time.  Is there any doubt in any rational American’s mind that Barak has stuff to hide and hides stuff he has as a matter of course? If Snowden is in “no man’s land” of the Russian airport, why can’t our agents fly in with a fresh passport and take him home? I’m sure that Barak can get him a passport; he has connections. Maybe the people that print custom birth certificates can help.

Initially Snowden’s claim was that he objected to government spying on Americans. The info he released told us how they do it…Maybe he was threatened after he outed the NSA and then ill advisedly released more data to prove he was telling the truth…maybe. Obviously he wanted us to believe him and the cat is out of the bag and down the road because of him. NSA is embarrassed and are doing what government agencies, especially Obama’s agencies do…discredit the attacker and get revenge. It is remotely possible that our government inserted one or two fabrications into the discourse just to keep it interesting; just remotely. Beware the preacher who spews fire and brim water condemning his flock, rather than teaching his followers.

Obama claims he won’t pick up the hot line to Putin because these matters are beneath him. I can’t believe anyone is buying that whopper. We all know that Putin would probably leave Barak twisting in the wind and Barak can’t stand public humiliation but he has certainly earned it.

Leaking secrets is not new but these days it is a political art form. Let me count the artists. The pattern of national security leaks under this administration and its political exploitation of what should be secret can be dubbed “in one ear and out the mouth”. Even CNN wondered out loud if “President Barack Obama’s administration can keep a secret —or in some cases even wants to.” Loose lips that endanger our troops should be dealt with before we hang a guy who, if he worked in the administration, would be transferred with a raise in pay.

Let’s ask a real question that was never asked. How did the Chinese get our long range Missile Guidance System? Ever hear of a guy named Bill Clinton?

How about turning our attention to the real and present danger that Barak represents? I won’t bore you with the never ending list of Barak anti American interest activities; Lord knows I’ve laid my case out previously. For today chew on this and ask yourself if an American President would tolerate any of it.

Barak stated almost five years ago that returning wounded veterans should pay for their own health care because they were “volunteers and knew what they were getting into.” Five years later 600,000 veterans are waiting for benefits that mean the difference between dignity, poverty and stolen moral. It’s not that he’s never true to his word, it’s the words he’s true to that hurts.

Barak is an impostor who cares not one whit about our national secrets. His decision on what is secret can be a spur of the moment thing or a political edge of minuscule proportions.

Barak is an Islamic Fascist who cares not one whit about our men in uniform alive, wounded or deceased. The crotch salute is not an anomaly…

Barak is a Muslim Brotherhood protector who cares not one whit about our core religious heritage. The assault on Christianity is not an anomaly.

Barak is a re distributor intent on splitting this country for political gain; not Democrat politics, nor any of the party politics we are familiar with. An autocracy is in the offing and we need to stop embracing distractions.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His will deny the Bill of Rights mine will defend them.

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