Paranoia is My Lifeline

If we had to choose one issue to focus our full attention on which would it be? We certainly have a plethora of serious abnormalities to choose from and there are no shortages of investigations to consume our interest and attention. Which sticks in your craw and makes you angry enough to chime in on the public discourse?

We exist in a cesspool of catered distractions, each worthy of our scorn, contempt and intense scrutiny. Rampant, unchecked, arrogant abuse of power and dereliction of duty in government with no compunction have led to scandals involving everything from misappropriation of public funds to murder of dignitaries and men serving their country valiantly and the perpetrators have yet to break a sweat. Liars and deniers are rewarded and promoted, transferred and retired; accusers and witnesses are discredited, ridiculed and punished.

Our friends don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us and nobody respects us. But the consensus among liberal sycophants and party loyalists, when asked how Obama is handling presidential responsibilities at home and abroad is “I think he’s got it just about right”, the phrase most chosen from the universal liberal menu on their cyber teleprompter.

We would do well to keep our eye on the core issue while we deal with the scandals we abhor and this administration takes in stride. We could be discussing which method of eviction will get the job done expeditiously rather than arguing over who knew what and when on every investigation we pursue into rat holes and uninhabited dead ends. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be subjected to asinine suggestions that Barak may be the best president in the history of the world.

Barak is doing what any invading dictator would do when he senses victory so close he can taste it…He’s taking a victory lap. A $100,000,000 dollar get-a-way to the land of his fathers. Perhaps the United Nations will disarm America for him, perhaps he’ll have to go door to door, one offending gun at a time, but the plan is coming together nicely. So far no one is onto his plan to send small arms to Syria, timing it perfectly so that his side will be on hand to collect them. Few Americans are really up in arms over the suppression of Christian faith and Republicans are providing the impetus needed to provide amnesty, throw our borders open to unknown aliens while Bernanke weakens the dollar and we decide if a scandal is a scandal or just the consequences of clever but clumsy infiltration by a foreign cabal…Ah but that’s the stuff of conspiracy theorists who see a cabal behind every tree.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause. Remove his guns not mine. His will impose his will mine will discourage it.

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