The Law of Rules

We have a rule book. It’s called the Constitution. We have 535 Representatives, a President and 11 Judges, all sworn to uphold the Constitution, defend our laws and protect us from whatever. When they take that oath there is usually an air of solemnity. Am I the only one who sees the humor in it? I think swearing-in ceremonies should be administered by clowns and court jesters or in the case of the presidency by a congress of certifiably insane baboons. Only then will we get what we asked for; incompetence, unreliability and self serving efficacy; that’s what we’re getting anyway.   When the bible has served its purpose the oath taker goes forth with the promise that he or she will make a difference. Then they plunge headlong into the business of making laws…and that is where our system breaks down my friends; they don’t take the oath seriously either. If a new Congressman or woman actually consults the Constitution he may find himself ostracized and shunned; after all laws are enforced; the Constitution is merely a blueprint for freedom. Since all of the Representatives took the same oath, to uphold the Constitution, what does that tell you about their integrity and commitment to their word of honor?

When the Constitution interferes with prevailing goals prevailing goals prevail, usually followed by an inspiring victory speech by the prevailing author. That’s how things “work” in Washington. You have to go along to get along; you have to give if you expect to receive; if you buck the system the system bucks back. If you’re a democrat all that is expected of you is a resounding “ditto” when Harry the Speaker speaks. After 240 years of greasing the political machinery the last 5 years sums up the abject failure of the people to manage the awesome responsibility of self government. No more incremental politics, no more subtlety, we were told point blank the oceans would obey the new liar in chief and he would transform and profoundly change us…and we handed him our Constitution to bend, fold and mutilate.   The laws of mathematics would be suspended and the evidence before our eyes for hundreds of years would be denied. He will take from the rich and give to the poor…take from the wealthy and give to the less fortunate, take from the productive and give to the non productive…take from the poor and give to the poorer..take from the barest of all cupboards and punish those who complain. Is there another conclusion as yet undiscovered by men through the ages seeking the true meaning of the word “free” but never accepting the definition or the lesson?   What else is this impostor demanding of us besides the fruits of our labor? Are you listening? He’s asking,  not very politely, for our means of defense just in case things start to get ugly. There’s that rule book again wrongly telling us to remain vigilant and well armed. Every aspiring dictator has had to face this dilemma; how to tell us he is for the Second Amendment and still remove our guns…So far he’s doing it one hollow point bullet at a time but Gomorrah wasn’t built in a day.   What else? Our Commander in Sheik is a Christian. We heard him say so with our own ears. He is not a Muslim as our lying eyes would have us believe. Christian Parochial Schools are the source of prejudice and division and he is simply helping us to open our minds and hearts to agnosticism, to make room in our hearts for new ideas and ideologies. Islam the religion of peace will be coming to a theater near you. Submit or die.   If your toy is broken it may or may not be fixable. If it is stolen it can be replaced. If the new owner of your toy breaks it you cannot fix it but perhaps America is beyond our ability to repair. It has, for all intents and purposes, been stolen and broken. We can replace it and perhaps while Barak is holding back the tides we will consider the benefits of starting over. Perhaps all we need to start fresh is a clear understanding of what we lost, a burning desire to get it back and 4543 words to tell us how to get it and keep it.

God bless Americans. This is the crossroad in history when we will need our guns to keep our bibles.

Guido — Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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