So Help Me God

There are three agendas Barak is passionate about.

He has not relented one millimeter on his defense of all things related to Islam and Muslims and he hasn’t conceded to the reality of a war on terror or the use of the words terrorist and terrorism. Considering the destruction of property and loss of lives we are subjected to, directly attributed to nothing else but, it speaks volumes to his priorities and loyalties.

After the massacre in Connecticut the real Barak dropped all pretext with claims of being pro Second Amendment and pro gun which was laughable anyway, and with a tear in the corner of his eye he came out foursquare for gun control as the best way to control these despicable acts.

His liars and swearers campaign to deny any ulterior motive or potential for abuse in the immoral and illegal collection of personal communications has brought forth a parade of the aforementioned, some with once highly credible credentials, reduced to accepting either of the two roles. Come before the American people and lie or go the media circuit and swear to their lies. A thinly veiled threat to bring the wrath of the Commander in Chief in Dictatorial Pomposity is not beneath Barak the great impostor. “If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.”  It’s not me you don’t trust but I may be inclined to penalize you for not trusting your government is all he’s trying to say.

The American people and the remnants of real journalism are left to juggle five or six scandals and counting while Barak continues with “business as usual.” There is no sign of remorse, regret or embarrassment; only impatience with those who raise embarrassing questions. No one is held accountable, spending goes on with no sign of abatement, loyalty to the regime is rewarded, critics punished, fund raising remains a priority, and draconian, un-American policies are enforced by rogue agencies on a disturbingly regular basis. More and more in communities across the nation police are stymied by crackpot judges, regulations are put into effect that make police work ineffective, isolated cases of gun confiscation are becoming commonplace and fear is replacing indignation. The concept of private property is being brought into question by rumors of 401 K nationalization, Government ammo purchases unexplained and unexplored…The assumption of a successful coup assists in the transformation from capitalism to Marxist democracy.

Population control after disarmament becomes an exercise in eavesdropping, neighbor wary of neighbor, big brother everywhere and a sense of inevitability replaces optimism when the fundamental changes are completed. The man who believes our flag is symbolic of a violent history will know when he can safely report to us that the order of authority has been successfully reversed and the Republic has replaced the Constitution with a new manifesto…when government controls the nation’s liquidity; when religious observances meet with government approval; when government is armed and the people are not; a set of circumstances incomprehensible to most Americans and unacceptably possible to a few of us.

Although I viewed Barak’s election as an invasion or coup from the very first, I had complete faith that red blooded Americans would restore our nation once they realized what had transpired. I have become increasingly strident and agitated as I realize that although many more Americans are aware than they were four years ago our voices are muted and largely ignored by the stampede of an administration that believes they can steam roll over us and apparently has done so to date.

Recently I began to favor ideas that would restart rather than restore the nation, namely an organized secession. I am sure of one thing; America is no longer the land of opportunity it once was. I am equally positive that the system of government that made all things possible is the only system that allows man to achieve his highest potential and that system still exists, embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Barak now seems to be on a path to self destruct but at the same time his draconian ideas are more invasive and pervasive than ever. Barak is a force for evil. He is holding the door for an Islamic Muslim form of Marxist government. I am not interested in pursuing the nuance of his intentions I am only concerned with the reality of his results. He is a present danger at home and in the Middle East and an embarrassment everywhere else.

It is our birthright responsibility to call him to task and hold him accountable. No President or member of Congress or the Judicial branch should be permitted to serve us if they hold any truck with transformation of any kind or change. We are always open to improvement; nobody ever said America is perfect. But every living soul on earth has benefited from our existence one way or another in the mere 240 years of our existence. If anything we have proved that man has not yet achieved our highest potential but came the closest when left to his own devices. We are not done improving man’s lot here on earth.

Demand Obama’s removal and hold him accountable. Remove his guns not mine; mine are for the survival of the constitutional Republic. Remove his religion not ours; ours is for the improvement, elevation and well being of all men.


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