Recall Your Birthright

Created in God’s image we are blessed with self determination, the fundamental gift that inspired a nation of people to be self governed. Prayer is the validation of our faith and the engine that produces positive energy; the fuel needed to achieve our highest potential. To the extent that we are capable and within the boundaries of physical limitations, all things are possible.

Does it not follow that the absence of prayer limits our horizons and can deprive the “engine of positive energy” of the fuel that drives our ambition, courage and will to succeed?

Our minds are the reservoir of that energy and the measure of our influence on ethereal matters; the unexplained phenomena we sometimes refer to as miracles; God’s hand in the outcome of all matters on earth.

Imagine a nation of people filled with the spirit of prayer and deference to a higher power. Imagine the energy of all the people concentrated to create a nation based on Judea Christian law, whose founders began each day and every meeting with a prayer; invoking their God-given powers to guide their thoughts and decisions. That is the heritage of this great nation and the source of the greatness and goodness that dominated world affairs for 250 years.

Prayer works; it is the absence of prayer that concerns the Lord. Witness a nation that has abandoned the principles of prayer and relies wholly on man’s intelligence and intellect to solve massive problems while allowing the faith of a nation to be relegated to a few laws claiming equality, while misinterpreting the rightful place of prayer in our daily lives. The term separation of church and state is an agnostic device to deprive us of our natural inclination to seek God’s counsel and remove prayer from our culture; an autocratic, fascist requirement to insure state control of the minds and hearts of a population. America’s decline can be paralleled to the decline of spirituality and religious fervor in the minds and hearts of the leaders and the electorate in the nation.

The war on terror is in fact a religious war. Our government is actively persecuting and prosecuting spiritual leaders while vigorously defending a religion that spawns terrorists and promotes terrorism as their weapon of choice to eliminate Christianity and annihilate all Jews. This is the reason Obama refuses to acknowledge a war on terror and eschews the term terrorism. His sympathies are with our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. We know this because he has said so clearly and distinctly. Had he not been so bold his actions would have betrayed his affiliation, if only we were willing to admit what our eyes and ears witness.

We are facing a formidable enemy which was clever enough to place their main operative in our White House. He is not unaware of the religious implications and influence in the outcome of this war. He posed as a Christian for many years right until he took the oath of office as president of the United States. Everything he has done since then tells us he is in fact a practicing Muslim. The only religious observance the White House hosts each year is the feast at the end of Ramadan and Barak presides over the ceremony without fanfare or publicity. He can’t resist using his powerful podium to tell us not to jump to conclusions when a Muslim is the obvious perpetrator or murderer of the day. You don’t end a religious war or a war on terrorism by trampling on the Constitution or placing impediments to our ability to identify and punish the enemy. Instead of collecting communication data on all Americans collect communications from the probable source of terrorism; the ever growing and invasive Muslim Community.

We can send a message to the Muslim Brotherhood and the bureaucrats and hypocrits who are are offended by reference or deference to our Judea Christian religious observances. Pray. Defy every rule and law that restricts prayer in public or government places. Go to church or temple and let it be known that we are offended by an absence of prayer and an absence of our religious icons. Call for the impeachment of judges who entertain Sharia law as a mitigating or valid defense in our courts.

Remind all who will listen that the Second Amendment is expressly worded to protect all of our Constitutional Rights and the First Amendment, cited as written, may be the impetus to put the Second into practice.

God bless Americans. Our country has been transformed and we are the last to know; but it remains the people’s responsibility to restore her as a functioning Constitutional Republic founded and reborn on Judea Christian principles.

Remove Obama and hold him accountable.


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