Don’t Rain on My Charade

I have magic glasses for every American who is ready to see clearly. Never remove them.

There is no reasonable comparison between Nixon and Obama. Nixon was an American President with strong credentials and significant accomplishments in his presidency until he was derailed by a culture of political arrogance he allowed to grow in his presidency. You had to earn your way onto Nixon’s his enemies list, whereas with Barak you have to earn your way off the list; a vast difference. When Nixon was caught dead to rights with the appearance of certain tapes he gracefully resigned for the good of the country. Barak will never resign, nor will any of his inner-circle, no matter what surfaces from a sea of misadventures, ugly encounters and intentional disruption. There is no culture of corruption in Barak’s presidency; his entire administration is designed to cause chaos and misfortune in the process to transform America.

You don’t ask for resignations or fire your subordinates when they are performing according to plan. We the people are offended or outraged, as the case may be, but that is to be expected when you establish a beach front in the enemy’s camp, as this cabal has done. They are in effect kicking sand in our face intentionally and with malicious aforethought. When key personnel are moved it is for political advantage; never to satisfy the appetite for justice the righteous demand.

There is a pattern to everything Obama says or does that is in complete contrast to our expectations from a president. In Obama’s law failure is rewarded, success is punished. Those who disagree with his policies or expose his motives are ridiculed, attacked and marginalized. Those who aid and abet him and are willing to sacrifice credibility, honor and the respect of the American people are elevated, rewarded, protected and cherished. The unwashed masses are dealt with collectively, usually put upon to make sacrifices for the common good and always promised that those responsible for their discontent will carry the bulk of the burden.  Citizen activists who defend our heritage and Constitution are the enemy and when opportunity presents itself Obama is quick to stomp his victims with a boot to the neck. 

Does it make sense to believe that an administration would come to power with the announced intention to transform the nation they will lead, does so for altruistic reasons? Is Obama instituting fundamental changes in every part of our society simply because he believes we will be better off as nation and our people will prosper or become morally and socially accepted internationally as he has intimated? Is he transforming us from a Constitutional Republic to a socialistic autocracy so that his successor can rule?

Barak is an enemy operative and as such every initiative to countermand our Constitution and Bill of Rights is accompanied by or preceded by a general denial or acclamation to the opposite. His most inspiring and patriotic utterances come when his policies are taking their hardest toll on our freedom.

The chilling reality is that Obama relentlessly pursues typical fascistic autocratic changes amid investigations (which he actually welcomes), accusations and turmoil. Democrats are slowly, very, very slowly, awaking to the fact that Barak is not a Democrat after all. The Democrat Party is merely a reservoir of useful idiots and when they have served their purpose Barak will not have the least compunction to send the least favored to the salt mines along with a long list of Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, so called Conservatives and anyone who dared to speak ill of Barak while he was setting the table for his ultimate goal…A one party nation does not discriminate by party affiliation; you are either useful or not, with him or not. In a totalitarian state there is no room for dissent, doubt or discussion. Barak is forced to accept a certain amount of confrontation but do take notice how he stiffens and his facial expression betrays him in the face of even mild opposition. 

I will not recount the many, almost countless changes we have undergone as a nation. As Americans I would hope you have duly noted at least the ones that offend you the most. I will ask you to recall and take note and see the many investigations and so called scandals for what they really are; the consequences intended or not, of changes imposed on a free people against their will. Then ask yourself if a democratically elected president who loves America could possibly be at the center of controversy over issues involving Constitutional matters, international protocol, defense and sovereignty, the economy, religion, education, morality and every major concern to freedom loving Americans. Can a duly elected president take the oath of office seriously; to protect the Constitution, uphold our laws and defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign, if he holds Islam in higher esteem than Christianity, gives equal standing to illegal immigrants, arms and finances our enemies, ignores fiscal responsibility, consistently rewards irresponsible behavior, defies court orders, offends and endangers our allies and denies our Judea Christian heritage? Would an enemy of the United States fit that description?

Demand that Barak aka Barry be removed for cause. We have many.  It is time to hold Barak accountable.

God bless Americans that we may be enlightened once more.



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