What Seems to be the Problem?

You can’t “fundamentally” change a successful country’s business
infrastructure, core values and economic principles and expect
previous performance to continue or be enhanced. In order to change
the country not only is the prosperity of old promised but those who
may not have participated previously are promised a “fair share” of
the expected prosperity with no more effort on their part than loyalty
to the new regime. When citizens are encouraged to blame the system
for their own failure change is welcome and never scrutinized.

We have allowed our constitutional Republic to be transformed; a
process that took the better part of 100 years. Barak, ever willing
and eager to take credit for others’ accomplishments, or to take
credit where none is due, looks forward to the day when he can take
full credit for America’s transformation from democracy to autocracy.
To be sure he is the first leader to openly defy the Judea Christian
principles of self government but had not forces come before him to
implement changes incrementally and with stealth his candidacy would
have stalled in the back alleys of Chicago for consorting with known
subversive elements of society. His speeches would have condemned him
on a range of charges from heresy to treason. Instead he was chosen as
the face of transformation and radical liberal thinkers who have spent
years in the trenches of resentment and self righteous indignation
over the inequality of results in a capitalist country.

Obama has been in office for almost 5 years and we already forget the
radical, un-American initiatives he was able to implement claiming he
would stem the spiral of recession. He spearheaded government takeover
of the automobile industry and demonstrated a total disregard for
existing laws and moral obligations, rewarding unions with unearned
equity with property confiscated from investors. He invested heavily
with our money in failed and failing companies demonstrating his
intention to favor alternate energy and punish fossil fuel technology.
He bailed out banks and financial institutions, redistributed wealth
and ran up our deficits and debt with reckless abandon, all the while
telling us his actions would result in lower unemployment and a better
economy; in the face of expert contradiction and incontrovertible
evidence to the contrary.

Through all of this democrats and republicans alike predicted with
stunning fallibility that when banks loosened their purse strings
entrepreneurs would again lead the economy back to stability. You
don’t hear that fallacy lately because it has finally become crystal
clear that banks don’t loosen their purse strings they make sound
business decisions. Banks are not in the business of financing
start-up companies with no collateral or existing businesses without
proven receivables. Wishful thinking overcame common knowledge. Yet
start up companies and entrepreneurship are the foundation of enduring

Now we’ve become slaves to government statistics and economic
indicators desperately looking for a sign that our economy really does
follow a traditional and predictable pattern. Minuscule changes in
spending habits, housing statistics, manufacturing orders and
inventories bring out the optimists and pessimists in direct
opposition to each other, reading the same tea leaves. It is time to
look beyond statistics and political stimuli and begin to understand
what transformation has taken place and what total transformation
really forebodes.
I wrote a book called Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C. It
didn’t make the N.Y. Times best seller list or even Oprah’s
recommendations. But it tells the truth about how we have been
transformed from a Capitalist society to a redistributive society. Ask
anyone who would like to start a new business today how it’s working
out. Plain and simple it isn’t. The industry that introduced risk
capital to entrepreneurs has been surgically removed and in the
process the environment has been made hostile to would be
entrepreneurs. The E.P.A., F.D.A., S.B.A., IRS and other government
agencies have been equally prejudiced to that entire segment of
industry that created new wealth and regenerated a middle class
society. Why are we expecting a robust economy to sprout if wealth
creation is punished?

“Transformation and fundamental change” is the real culprit causing
our prolonged malaise. Not only is the economy affected, but every
cornerstone of a free society is being challenged and restructured;
and that is the intention of this administration. If you would argue
over my conclusion let me remind you that I am merely matching results
to statements made by Barak before and during his presidency. If the
Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical why would I not
attribute his attack on our rights to his stated point of view? Is he
not conducting a full court press against the right to bear arms,
privacy, freedom of speech and the media? Would you deny me my
patriotic duty to question his motives and reach logical conclusions?

I don’t expect America’s fortunes to change for the better as long as
we persist in giving the benefit of doubt where all doubt has been
removed by words, deeds, results and attitude. Who can deny that not
only Barak, but his closest confidants and appointees have assumed a
decidedly imperious attitude. More than that they have consistently
snubbed their noses at convention, decency and the voice of the people
and are rewarded rather than held accountable.

We can make this right if we simply follow the guidelines of our Judea
Christian heritage, our forefathers and the Constitution; when we see
evil route it out. Participate in government. We must consider our
options and know what they are. Barak must be removed for the good of
the country…for our own relationship with our Creator. We have been
blessed to live in the best of times this world had to offer in the
most ideal circumstances any country could provide. We are the only
self governed people on the face of the earth and it is made possible
because we believe that man’s basic rights are God given. We are
dealing with a regime that would deny us that core tenet. We are being
conditioned to give equal rights to an organization that offers us two
options; conversion to Islam or death. In contrast our traditional
religious institutions are under attack in the military, in our
schools and courts.

We have every right to speak out and object. We have an obligation to
respond in kind. It falls under our obligation to defend the
Constitution, uphold OUR laws and protect this nation from enemies
domestic and foreign.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. We cannot tolerate
or survive a president who has his own militia and protects his
identity at all costs.

God bless Americans; may we find the will to defend the Republic for all time.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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