Yes I Got No Ammo Today

Why do so many Americans, like me, feel the need to stress the importance of the Second Amendment and repeatedly urge all Americans to join the battle to keep the Right to Bear Arms sacrosanct? After all it is already in the Constitution which clearly states the Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed upon, so what’s the problem?

The problem is we have too many public servants who think they are duty bound to jump on every freight train going by. It is politically expedient to chime in on the gun issue while it’s hot and expediency is a politician’s stock in trade. It might be easier to name the ones who didn’t feel the urge to chime in than those who did. Maybe there’s
a door prize for the Congressman, Senator, Mayor or Governor who comes up with a plan that astounds every one…like Solomon who said “let’s cut the baby in half”. These blowhards are waiting in the wings to take a bow and go down in history as the genius who found a way to stop guns from killing people. Even the ones who are dumb enough to offer their opinion in good faith and with the best intentions are just that; dumb enough.

It might be popular in Washington for politicians to compare notes on a hot issue and it might even get some face time on TV but the fact of the matter is that Americans are wary of politicians who think they can thread a needle by coming up with a solution that is at once Constitutional and still acceptable to all parties. It is true that the space between the pros and cons is vast on guns; some liberals would ban possession, ownership and manufacture, Conservatives demand that the Second Amendment be interpreted literally; there is no middle ground on the issue that does not infringe. With no middle ground and the word infringe there should be no compromise; not even Solomon can bridge that gap constitutionally and that is exactly how it was meant
to be.

States that pass strict gun laws put their citizens at risk. The politicians who get these laws passed have more blood on their hands than the criminals they don’t have any control over. More the pity, citizens who exercise their right to defend their person, family and property often end up on the wrong side of the law and even spend jail time, legal fees and fines for doing the right thing in the wrong place.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “There is nothing new under the sun” doesn’t occur to politicians who do more harm and sometimes irreparable harm with their hunger for fame and influence or ignorance of the laws of nature and criminal intent. Our founders said all that there needs to be said on the subject and no one has improved on their wisdom yet.

“A free people ought…to be armed”, George Washington.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” probably Thomas Jefferson and “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson for sure.

The reason we are up in arms over the effort to disarm us cannot be told more succinctly or with more finality.

If you think for one high caliber minute that the scandals now riding the crest of public awareness have slowed obama’s initiative to disarm us think again. The Second Amendment is a stick in his eye and nothing will deter him from finding a way to take our guns. For now he’s taking our ammunition and if that doesn’t convince even the most anti gun liberal in America that there is something rotten in Denmark I give up. The rotten something is the next best advice on the planet…no government that has honorable intentions has any interest in our Right to Bear Arms, unless it is to protect that right.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Obama be removed for cause…we have many. Disarm Barak; not me.


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